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If your bed is starting to look dirty and you have not cleaned it for some time, consider engaging DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore to do a Bed Deep Cleaning service. We will provide a one-stop solution for all your bed cleaning needs!

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*Cleaning price above is for top surface and 4 corners only (shampooing).

Mattress Deep Cleaning Process

These steps will ensure that your mattress will be as clean as how you first got it!


Step 1: Deep vacuuming

– remove dirt/dust/dust mites, and other micro-particles


Step 2 : Shampooing

– remove germs that causes odours and smell


Step 3: Scrubbing*

– soft tip power brushing to break stains


Step 4: 170 °C steaming

– with sanitization to kill germs & bacteria


Step 5: Hot water deep extraction

– remove dead skin, micro-particles, & excess water

*Disclaimer: The process of scrubbing is performed only for areas with stains, so as to minimise the risk of accidental damage to the mattress’s surface. For our mattress cleaning services, please note that we cannot guarantee that all stains can be totally removed.


Most of the other mattress cleaning companies clean your bed with just water extraction. Here at DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore, we make sure to follow the steps above. To further explain, here is more of what you can get if you decide to give the care of your mattresses to our hands:

  • 170 Degrees Celcius Steaming at 8 bar pressure to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  • Built in UV LED sterilizer; air exhaust from steam cleaner are thoroughly filtered and released as pure clean air back to the environment.
  • Environmental friendly, 93% less water usage compared to conventional cleaning.
  • Leaves no chemical residue, preventing skin irritation and safe for sensitive skin, babies, children, and pets.
  • HACCP Certified, recommended for professional cleaning in the HACCP environment.

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DW Mattress Cleaning has years of experience and professional knowledge. Giving you the best and one of the most affordable bed cleaning services in Singapore!

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Our team of technicians is trained and has years of experience in bed cleaning. You can be sure to have efficient and satisfactory services when you engage us to clean your mattresses.

Reliable Mattress Deep Cleaning, Mattress Steam Cleaning & Sofa Cleaning

Most homeowners in Singapore give the least priority to taking care of their mattresses or sofas because of their busy day-to-day schedules. People nowadays do not have time to check whether there is stain build-up or their mattresses are in dire need of mattress deep cleaning services. However, our team of professional cleaning specialists can do it as hassle-free as possible for you.

DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore ensures that every solution and service we give is of the utmost standard. We make sure that our customers feel satisfied every step of the way. Our team of experienced specialists ensures that the mattress cleaning and sofa cleaning services will be done in the most precise and professional way.

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DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore offers you a one-stop solution for your mattress cleaning and sofa cleaning needs in Singapore. Our professional and reliable services include mattress deep cleaningmattress steam cleaningmattress vacuuming, as well as mattress stain removal. In addition, we also provide sofa cleaningupholstery cleaning, and couch cleaning. Our team of experienced cleaning specialists will ensure that the cleaning services will be done professionally.  Check out our articles to have a wider view of our services and cleaning hacks. Do not hesitate to call us or contact us via  Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032 to solve your mattress cleaning needs!

*Disclaimer: For our mattress stain removal services, please note that we cannot guarantee that all stains can be totally removed. Mattress stain removal results may vary depending on the type of fabric, age of the stain, type of stain, etc.

What Our Customers Say:

Booking and enquiring was easy and prompt via WhatsApp where they addressed every question I had. The cleaning team Dhana and Seenu was detailed in cleaning and explained to me the process of each step. Also managed to remove the stain on my mattress.
Wendy Ong
Wendy Ong
03:58 09 Jan 24
We have two young kids who still wet the bed time to time so we like to get our mattesss cleaned every 9-12 months. Technician came on time and was very polite and professional. This is our second time engaging them and will definitely use them again. Mattress stains were removed and feels like a new one.
02:23 05 Dec 23
Dhanapal provide a very professional and friendly mattress cleaning . From cleaning to drying, we are all satisfied with the service. This is the second time using everyworks and all in all, enjoy engaging with everyworks.Big thumbs up and good experience !
patrick wt
patrick wt
03:29 29 Oct 23
I hired DW for my mattress cleaning.The service was Excellent. Das was very honest & extremely polite. I was very pleased with the mattress cleaning done by him. Will definitely recommend your services to my friends & relatives. Thanks to Daskeep up the good work Das.
Trans Avia
Trans Avia
13:15 12 Oct 23
Mattress was stained by my children and i had contacted DW Team for urgent cleaning. Managed to get appointment same day at 11am.Services was done by 2 professionals and it was completed in 30 mins. Payment was via PayNow.Easy peasy coordination.For the record, it was urine stain and a bit of food stain. Stain gone and bad smell gone. Splendid!
Zulyadi Salim
Zulyadi Salim
03:15 04 Aug 23
Das can't do everything, but Das will be honest about anything.My bed stain couldn't be removed, but he told us up front that he suspected it was an old stain (it's true), and that the stain had bonded with fabric. Impossible to remove. Indeed, couldn't be removed. But he did try.Our couch was stained a day ago by our baby's massive backside deluge. It was easily, almost effortlessly, removed by Das. He was thorough.Came on time, left on time. Professional.
Alfred Wan
Alfred Wan
03:40 02 Jun 23


While it may seem obvious to keep your bed clean, many people underestimate the importance of deep cleaning it regularly. Here are key reasons why you should prioritize deep cleaning your bed:

  • Eliminates bacteria and germs: Deep cleaning helps remove accumulated bacteria and germs that can cause odors, skin irritations, and potential infections.
  • Reduces dust mites: Deep cleaning removes dust mites and their waste, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and asthma symptoms.
  • Controls allergens: By removing allergens like pollen, pet dander, and dust, deep cleaning provides relief to allergy sufferers.
  • Improves sleep quality: Sleeping in a clean and fresh bed promotes better sleep, helping you relax and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Prolongs bedding lifespan: Regular deep cleaning prevents premature wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your mattress, pillows, and bedding.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic sleeping environment is crucial for your overall well-being and health. When it comes to deep cleaning your bed, it’s important to avoid the following mistakes to ensure effective cleaning and prevent potential damage:

  • Excessive Water Usage: Too much water can damage the bed and lead to mold and mildew growth.
  • Beating the Bed: Beating mattresses can release dust particles into the air and cause allergies.
  • Failing to Vacuum First: Vacuuming helps remove dirt and debris from the bed before deep cleaning.
  • Using the Right Vacuum Cleaner: Choosing a vacuum cleaner designed for removing microscopic particles ensures thorough cleaning.
  • Using the Right Cleaning Agents: Harsh chemicals in cleaning agents can damage the bed, so choose appropriate products or consider professional cleaning services.
  • Ensuring Complete Drying: Properly drying the bed after cleaning is important to prevent musty odors and mold growth.

When it comes to deep cleaning your bed, hiring a professional service is highly recommended. Here are key reasons why hiring a professional for bed deep cleaning is the ideal choice:

  • Professionals Are Equipped and Experienced: Professionals are equipped and experienced, ensuring proper cleaning without the risk of bed damage.
  • DIY Bed Deep Cleaning Is Not Sufficient: DIY bed deep cleaning is often insufficient and lacks the complexity required for thorough cleaning.
  • No More Allergy Triggers: Professional services effectively eliminate allergy triggers and avoid common cleaning mistakes.
  • Prevent Skin Irritation: Professional cleaning procedures minimize the risk of skin irritation by avoiding the use of chemicals.
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality: Professional bed deep cleaning improves indoor air quality by removing dust and microscopic particles.
  • Convenience: Hiring professionals offers convenience and saves you time and effort.

The price of bed deep cleaning is influenced by several factors, including the frequency of cleaning, the size of the bed, and the extent of cleaning required. The frequency of cleaning depends on the condition of the bed and individual needs, with more frequent cleaning recommended for visibly dirty or odorous beds. Different bed sizes incur varying costs for deep cleaning, with single or super single-sized mattresses typically costing around $100, queen-sized mattresses around $110, king-sized mattresses around $120, and super king-sized mattresses around $130.

Bed Deep Cleaning – Why Should You Do It?

Most families just dust off their beds to remove any visible dirt on the surface. They are not aware that dirt, sweat and grime can penetrate the bed resulting in a foul odour. To solve this issue, it is advised to engage with a bed deep cleaning service. Some of the key reasons why you should do bed deep cleaning are discussed below. 

Gets Rid of Accumulated Dirt


During bed deep cleaning, specialists deep vacuum your bed to remove dust mites and other debris. Next, they will shampoo and scrub to break down stubborn stains. Afterwards, they steam the bed at 170 degrees Celsius which sanitizes and kills germs and bacteria. Lastly, is hot water deep extraction. This process can help remove any dead skin and excess water.

Improves Air Quality Indoors

Dust particles are microscopic but they can still affect the quality of the air in the room. Once people inhale dust, it can lead to allergies and other respiratory problems. This is why it is beneficial to hire a professional bed deep cleaning in Singapore. They can effectively remove all the dust, dust mite, and dirt to improve the air quality inside the house. 

Eradicates Bed Bugs and Dust Mites


Dust mites feed on the dead skin shed by humans, the bed is a breeding ground for them. Having them in your bed can impact your sleep quality and cause health problems. Since dust mites are microscopic, a regular vacuum is not enough to eliminate them.  

Removes Stain 


Our bed often gets stained due to different reasons. Since these stains can affect the appearance and smell of your bed, bed deep cleaning is advised. A professional bed cleaner uses different cleaning approaches for different types of stains, which is important because we don’t want to damage our mattresses.

Makes the Bedroom Cleaner and Hygienic

Viruses can harm the lives of our loved ones, which is why we want our surroundings clean as much as possible. More so, if the bed is used by babies, children, or senior citizens. This can also prevent them from getting sick. There are different ways to maintain mattress hygiene such as regular bed deep cleaning. 

Prolongs Your Mattress’ Lifespan

Professional bed deep cleaning is a good way to prolong the life of the mattress. Unmaintained beds can be damaged if dirt, dust and other debris are not removed. This can also attract insects to live inside the mattress and eat its inner layers. 

After knowing the reasons why should you engage in a bed deep cleaning service, it’s equally important to know the signs that a bed cleaning may be necessary.


4 Signs That Bed Cleaning Is Necessary

If the bed is dirty or has a foul odour, it is often difficult for the user to fall asleep and can affect their productivity. Hence, it is necessary to schedule bed cleaning services regularly to deep clean your mattress and remove all buildup of dirt, dust, debris, and grime. Therefore, we will be detailing the key signs that you need to clean your bed.

Signs You Need Bed Cleaning

Some signs that bed cleaning is necessary are listed below: 

  • Foul Smell 

Ideally, the bed should not have any smell if it is clean. However, if food or other dirt accumulates on the bed, it may decompose and cause a foul odour. Thus, it is important to clean and deodorize the bed regularly. Mould on the bed is the most common cause of foul smell from the bed in Singapore.

  • Discoloration and Stains On The Bed


Mould may not be visible on a bed initially. After some time, however, the bed will incur black spots as the mould spreads. Though black is the most common colour, it can manifest as other colours too. Whatever the cause of the stain, bed cleaning is important to get rid of discolouration and stains. 

  • You’re Experiencing Health Problems


Moulds can cause several health problems such as difficulty breathing, headache, allergies, itching, rashes, and runny nose. If the bed owner cannot determine the reason for these health or respiratory problems, it is recommended to check whether the bed has mould. 

  • Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs will usually bite repeatedly and some signs of a bed bug infestation are bites on different parts of the body. Additionally, when the bed bugs are crushed, blood stains can form on the bed and wall. Bed bug droppings have an appearance similar to black flakes. In addition, rooms that are heavily infested with bed bugs have a strong pungent smell. 

If you see the signs that you need to clean the bed, thoroughly understanding step-by-step guides to DIY bed deep cleaning is essential to ensure proper and safe cleaning.


DIY Bed Deep Cleaning – A Step by Step Guide

Having enough sleep at night is important. This is why homeowners want to make sure their bed is clean and safe to use by having a deep cleaning. Due to their busy schedules, they wanted to try to do bed deep cleaning themselves. This is so they can clean whenever they want and also save money. This step-by-step DIY bed deep cleaning guide will serve as a tool to assist families in deep cleaning their beds themselves. 

Check Your Bed Care Guide

Reading your bed’s care guide is the first thing to do in this step by step guide to cleaning your mattress at home. The majority of bed manufacturers give the owner a warranty card and user manual. The user manual will provide specific advice for cleaning your bed based on its design and material. Other mattresses may also be subject to limitations on cleaning solutions and techniques.

Prepare Your Mattress Deep Cleaning Supplies

Most of the needed cleaning supplies are available in most homes. The basic requirement especially for mattress stain removal is to have a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment is preferred. Next is to prepare laundry detergent, liquid soap, or enzyme cleaner. For beds with foul odours, baking soda can be used. Also, prepare a clean cloth for wiping and lukewarm water. 

Remove and Wash Bedding and Pillow Cases


One of the ways for you to maintain mattress hygiene is to remove the bedsheets and pillow covers. Then, run it in the washing machine at a high water temperature to kill bacteria or harmful microbes. Make sure to completely dry them before using them. There are pillows and mattress covers that are safe to wash in the washing machine. 

Vacuum the Mattress

First, check for liquids and semi-solids spilling on the bed so you can scrape it before vacuuming. Then vacuum the entire bed surface with an upholstery attachment. Once done, you may proceed to vacuum the sides using a circular motion. The bed should be now turned upside down to also clean the back surface. Remember to also vacuum along the seams.

Deodorise the Mattress with Baking Soda


Baking soda is one of the most known ingredients for removing foul smells. It can also neutralise the acids present in the dirt and grime on the bed. Spread the baking soda evenly on the bed’s surface and leave it for some time, preferably for 24 hours. After letting it sit, remove it using a vacuum cleaner then let it dry under the sun.

Flip the Mattress and Repeat the Process


Beds can be single-sided or double-sided. If unsure you can check your bed’s user manual. If it is double-sided, then both sides of the mattress should be deep cleaned. Once done with one side of the bed, flip it and proceed to repeat the whole process on the other side. In case the bed is single-sided, the back surface should be only cleaned to eliminate the dust along with the bed frame.

Put Back Clean Bedding and Protect the Mattress 

Use a clean and dry bed sheet to cover your bed, and pillow covers for your pillows. A mattress protector can also be used to further protect your bed from dirt. This mattress protector is waterproof to ensure any fluid or spills will not get through the mattress. Using a mattress protector can also help lessen the frequency of cleaning your bed. 

When following this step-by-step guide, you should also be wary of the common mistakes homeowners make when deep cleaning their beds.


6 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Deep Cleaning Their Bed

Many homeowners who want to deep clean their mattresses by themselves might not have the proper experience, skills, and tools to do so properly. If they proceed to do DIY bed cleaning, it might lead to the mattress being damaged in some cases. To prevent this, take note of the following mistakes homeowners make when they try to do bed deep cleaning themselves:

Using Excessive Water To Deep Clean Their Bed 

While soap and some water are essential bed cleaning methods for removing visible stains and dirt, using too much water can damage the bed. Some of the water could even penetrate the top and inner layers of the mattress. Although you can just wipe off the additional water from the top layer and dry it using a fan or heater, it is far more difficult to remove the water inside the mattress. 

Using A Beater To Deep Clean The Bed 


Using a beater for mattress dust mite cleaning is not recommended especially if the bed is light in weight. This is because the dust particles released into the air can cause allergies for members of the household. Additionally, they may settle on other furniture and items in the room which makes your home even dustier. 

Failing To Vacuum Their Bed First

A mattress often contains a lot of dirt and debris like hair, skin cells, food particles, and dust mites. Fortunately, these can be easily removed using a vacuum cleaner. If the bed is deep cleaned without ensuring that these particles are dry before being vacuumed, it could lead to different types of mattress stains that are hard to eliminate. You should therefore ensure that the dirt is dry before vacuuming your bed. 

Using Any Type of Vacuum Cleaner To Deep Clean Their Bed


There are many vacuum cleaners available for maintaining a clean bed. Just remember that they vary in terms of design, cleaning technology, and the size of particles they can remove. Moreover, some vacuum cleaners that are designed for cleaning the floor, sofa, and furniture can’t remove microscopic dust particles and dust mites. 

Not Using The Right Bed Cleaning Agents

There are many cleaning agents for bed cleaning that are very effective in removing dirt, however, they may contain harsh chemicals that could damage the bed’s fabric as well as the mattress itself. Moreover, the damage which may not be immediately visible at first could eventually lead to big holes in the mattress. This is a major reason to hire a professional bed cleaning service instead of cleaning your bed yourself.

Not Drying The Bed Completely

When it comes to bed cleaning, some amount of water or other liquid is often used to clean the bed. Thus, it is important to ensure that the mattress is completely dry before it is used or else it will smell musty. You can do this by drying the mattress outdoors in the sun or keeping the windows open to improve air circulation. 

More often than not, these common mistakes that homeowners make when cleaning their beds still happen. This is a big downside of DIY bed deep cleaning when comparing it to professional bed deep cleaning.


The Difference Between DIY Bed Deep Cleaning vs Professional Bed Deep Cleaning

Bed deep cleaning is popular because it is effective. You can choose to deep clean yourself or hire a professional. However, it’s not always easy to choose the best option depending on your situation. With that, here are a few things you can keep in mind when determining the differences between DIY bed deep cleaning vs professional bed deep cleaning

Professional Cleaning


If you are unable to clean the bed yourself, a professional deep cleaning service can be an excellent option. All the work is handled by a professional, so you know it will be done effectively. Some providers may be unable to come to a compromise over the scheduling due to limited manpower. In this case, you may contact DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore to arrange a feasible schedule for the cleaning. 

DIY Cleaning

You can follow a guide to DIY bed cleaning at home instead if you want to save money. This option is ideal if you have the time to do the deep cleaning yourself. It is generally recommended to hire a professional once a year. Their efficient service can address the bacteria and viruses that cause allergies and asthma. 

Cleaning Your Bed

  • If you decide to clean your bed on your own, start by removing the bedding. Then, proceed as instructed in the step-by-step instructions on DIY bed deep cleaning.
  • Wash the bed cover if it is dirty. Otherwise, you can leave it on when cleaning.
  • Dampen a cloth with warm water. Then, squeeze the excess moisture out of it.
  • Wipe away any dirt on the surface of the bed with a damp cloth. Simply wipe the moist cloth over the areas you might have missed: behind, under, and above the borders of your bed. Avoid getting excessive water on the bed by frequently wringing out the cloth.
  • Wipe the stains with a cotton swab moistened with warm water. Warm water can dissolve more particles than cold water. Likewise, make sure the cotton swab is not too wet. 
  • One of the ways to maintain a clean bed is to make sure that the bed is dry. To do this, use a dry cloth to remove any excess water. Alternatively, you can use white vinegar in place of ordinary water. It can remove all the extra moisture without damaging your bed.
  • Air-dry the bed for one or two hours before putting the bedding back on. 

Advantages of DIY Cleaning

There are 6 different methods of bed cleaning that you can follow. If you decide to DIY, always make sure not to leave any moisture in the bed. This is one of the most important steps in cleaning a bed. Prop the bed to allow the moisture to evaporate. This will prevent the growth of mould or fungi that can cause respiratory issues among your family members.

Why You Should Use Professional Mattress Cleaning Services


Hiring a professional bed cleaning service is a great choice if you want to always keep your bed spotless. All the work is handled by a professional service, so you are guaranteed to have excellent results. 

Final Verdict

It is important to clean and deodorise your bed to get rid of the moulds that can cause rashes and allergies. Because of this, many Singaporeans now choose to have their bed professionally cleaned at least once a year. However, there are still plenty of ways to keep your bed clean through the DIY approach. 

Although DIY bed deep cleaning can be a viable alternative, it should only be treated as such. Due to the immense benefits of hiring professional bed deep cleaning services, it should always be the first choice.


6 Benefits of Hiring Professional Bed Deep Cleaning Services in Singapore

Our bed can get dirty and smelly because we use it every day for sleeping. Experts in bed deep cleaning are certified, trained, and knowledgeable in deciding what to use and do for your beds. They can also stay on top of the stains and odour issues that you won’t be able to address on your own. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of hiring a professional for your bed deep cleaning service.

Professionals Are Equipped And Experienced 


Bed deep cleaning requires skilled workers and the latest equipment to do the job right. Professional bed deep cleaning providers are all experienced, so you won’t have to worry about bed damage.  This is important because a damaged bed can let the dust and allergens become trapped in the fabric. Another advantage of hiring professional bed cleaning services is that they know the right product and equipment to use. Some of these apparatus may not be readily available at home.

DIY Bed Deep Cleaning Is Not Sufficient

Imagine having to do all the scrubbing and carrying of the bed yourself. That is not only tiring but often insufficient. This is because bed deep cleaning requires a much more complex procedure.  

No More Allergy Triggers


Allergic reactions are commonly caused by dust. Regular mattress vacuuming can help lessen it. However, engaging professional bed deep cleaning services would be more effective. The experienced cleaners can also help to avoid common mistakes homeowners make when deep cleaning their bed

Prevent Your Skin From Being Irritated


Our skin is the largest organ in the body that makes contact with everything we touch. When it is exposed to an irritant present in your bed, irritation or itchiness can happen. One way to avoid such issues is by hiring a professional bed deep cleaning provider because no chemicals are used in the cleaning procedure. 

Improve Indoor Air Quality

One reason why bed cleaning is important is the accumulation of dust and other microscopic particles. Lack of regular cleaning can result in you inhaling these irritants. This would then lead to health complications that are otherwise preventable. 


A guide to DIY bed cleaning at home can be very helpful for you. However, nothing compares to hiring a professional. They can do all the work for you while you go on with your daily routine. 



Engaging in bed deep cleaning offers numerous benefits. Not only does it help banish the accumulated dirt, but it also elevates the quality of indoor air, exterminates bothersome bed bugs and dust mites, eliminates stubborn stains, fosters a cleaner and more hygienic bedroom environment, and extends the lifespan of your beloved mattress. Moreover, there are telltale signs that serve as indicators that bed cleaning is necessary. These signs include a foul odour permeating from your bedding, unsightly discolouration and stubborn stains, experiencing health issues attributed to your bed, and the unfortunate presence of bed bugs.

While the option of DIY bed deep cleaning exists, it is crucial to use caution with this method to avoid common pitfalls, even though there are DIY bed cleaning guides available. It is equally important to recognize the distinction between DIY cleaning and enlisting the services of professional bed deep-cleaning experts. Opting for professional services guarantees efficient and effective results while embracing the DIY route can serve as a cost-effective alternative for regular maintenance. Ultimately, ensuring a pristine and refreshing bed.


Case Study

Bed Deep Cleaning in Singapore – HDB, Yishun

bed-deep-cleaning-long-form-project-dw-mattress-cleaning-singapore-hdb-yishun-1 bed-deep-cleaning-long-form-project-dw-mattress-cleaning-singapore-hdb-yishun-2


Bed Deep Cleaning in Singapore – Condo, River Valley

bed-deep-cleaning-long-form-project-dw-mattress-cleaning-singapore-condo-river-valley-1 bed-deep-cleaning-long-form-project-dw-mattress-cleaning-singapore-condo-river-valley-2


Bed Deep Cleaning in Singapore – HDB, Hougang

bed-deep-cleaning-long-form-project-dw-mattress-cleaning-singapore-hdb-hougang-1 bed-deep-cleaning-long-form-project-dw-mattress-cleaning-singapore-hdb-hougang-2


Bed Deep Cleaning in Singapore – Condo, Toa Payoh

bed-deep-cleaning-long-form-project-dw-mattress-cleaning-singapore-condo-toa-payoh-1 bed-deep-cleaning-long-form-project-dw-mattress-cleaning-singapore-condo-toa-payoh-2