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We often give our sofas the least attention when it comes to cleaning but after a long time, it becomes dirty and it might cause you to have allergies. Here at DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore, we take extra care of your sofas. We will provide a one-stop solution for all your sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning needs!

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Fabric Sofa Deep Cleaning Process

These steps will ensure that your sofas will be as clean as how you first got it!


Step 1: Deep vacuuming

– remove dirt/dust/dust mites, and other micro-particles


Step 2 : Shampooing

– remove germs that causes odours and smell


Step 3: Scrubbing*

– soft tip power brushing to break stains


Step 4: 170 °C steaming

– with sanitization to kill germs & bacteria


Step 5: Hot water deep extraction

– remove dead skin, micro-particles, & excess water

*Disclaimer: The process of scrubbing is performed only for areas with stains, so as to minimise the risk of accidental damage to the sofa’s surface. For our sofa cleaning services, please note that we cannot guarantee that all stains can be totally removed.


Most of the other mattress cleaning companies clean your mattress and sofa with just water extraction. Here at DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore, we make sure to follow the steps above. To further explain, here is more of what you can get if you decide to give the care of your mattresses and sofas to our hands:

  • 170 Degrees Celcius Steaming at 8 bar pressure to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  • Built in UV LED sterilizer; air exhaust from steam cleaner are thoroughly filtered and released as pure clean air back to the environment.
  • Environmental friendly, 93% less water usage compared to conventional cleaning.
  • Leaves no chemical residue, preventing skin irritation and safe for sensitive skin, babies, children, and pets.
  • HACCP Certified, recommended for professional cleaning in the HACCP environment.

One-stop Solution for Your Sofa Cleaning Needs

DW Mattress Cleaning has years of experience and professional knowledge. Giving you the best and one of the most affordable sofa cleaning services in Singapore!

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Easily contact us via WhatsApp for your sofa cleaning needs. We will provide you with a direct quote after our customer support team has assessed the situation.

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Our trained Customer Support team will be able to assist you via WhatsApp. We will suggest the best solutions so that you will be able to make the most informed decisions.

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Our team of technicians is trained and has years of experience in sofa cleaning. You can be sure to have efficient and satisfactory services when you engage us to clean your sofas.

Reliable Mattress Deep Cleaning, Mattress Steam Cleaning & Sofa Cleaning

Most homeowners in Singapore give the least priority to taking care of their mattresses or sofas because of their busy day-to-day schedules. People nowadays do not have time to check whether there is stain build-up or their mattresses are in dire need of mattress deep cleaning services. However, our team of professional cleaning specialists can do it as hassle-free as possible for you.

DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore ensures that every solution and service we give is of the utmost standard. We make sure that our customers feel satisfied every step of the way. Our team of experienced specialists ensures that the mattress cleaning and sofa cleaning services will be done in the most precise and professional way.

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DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore offers you a one-stop solution for your mattress cleaning and sofa cleaning needs in Singapore. Our professional and reliable services include mattress deep cleaningmattress steam cleaningmattress vacuuming, as well as mattress stain removal. In addition, we also provide sofa cleaningupholstery cleaning, and couch cleaning. Our team of experienced cleaning specialists will ensure that the cleaning services will be done professionally.  Check out our articles to have a wider view of our services and cleaning hacks. Do not hesitate to call us or contact us via  Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032 to solve your mattress cleaning needs!

*Disclaimer: For our sofa stain removal services, please note that we cannot guarantee that all stains can be totally removed. Sofa stain removal results may vary depending on the type of fabric, age of the stain, type of stain, etc.

What Our Customers Say:

Booking and enquiring was easy and prompt via WhatsApp where they addressed every question I had. The cleaning team Dhana and Seenu was detailed in cleaning and explained to me the process of each step. Also managed to remove the stain on my mattress.
Wendy Ong
Wendy Ong
03:58 09 Jan 24
We have two young kids who still wet the bed time to time so we like to get our mattesss cleaned every 9-12 months. Technician came on time and was very polite and professional. This is our second time engaging them and will definitely use them again. Mattress stains were removed and feels like a new one.
02:23 05 Dec 23
Dhanapal provide a very professional and friendly mattress cleaning . From cleaning to drying, we are all satisfied with the service. This is the second time using everyworks and all in all, enjoy engaging with everyworks.Big thumbs up and good experience !
patrick wt
patrick wt
03:29 29 Oct 23
I hired DW for my mattress cleaning.The service was Excellent. Das was very honest & extremely polite. I was very pleased with the mattress cleaning done by him. Will definitely recommend your services to my friends & relatives. Thanks to Daskeep up the good work Das.
Trans Avia
Trans Avia
13:15 12 Oct 23
Mattress was stained by my children and i had contacted DW Team for urgent cleaning. Managed to get appointment same day at 11am.Services was done by 2 professionals and it was completed in 30 mins. Payment was via PayNow.Easy peasy coordination.For the record, it was urine stain and a bit of food stain. Stain gone and bad smell gone. Splendid!
Zulyadi Salim
Zulyadi Salim
03:15 04 Aug 23
Das can't do everything, but Das will be honest about anything.My bed stain couldn't be removed, but he told us up front that he suspected it was an old stain (it's true), and that the stain had bonded with fabric. Impossible to remove. Indeed, couldn't be removed. But he did try.Our couch was stained a day ago by our baby's massive backside deluge. It was easily, almost effortlessly, removed by Das. He was thorough.Came on time, left on time. Professional.
Alfred Wan
Alfred Wan
03:40 02 Jun 23


A sofa is bound to get dirty and dusty over time. For this reason, it’s important to clean it as often as possible. If not, it could become extremely unhealthy and uncomfortable to use. Here are steps for cleaning your sofa yourself:

  1. Check The Sofa Care Label
  2. Test The Sofa Cleaning Product First
  3. Start By Vacuuming The Sofa
  4. Spot And Remove Stains
  5. Deodorize The Sofa
  6. Contact A Professional Sofa Cleaner

A sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture inside the home. As such, it should be maintained properly so you don’t have to spend time and money buying a new sofa. The following are tips for maintaining your sofa:

  • Plump And Rotate The Cushions
  • Do Not Sleep On It
  • Avoid Leaving It In A Sunny Spot
  • Do Not Let Stains Set
  • Blot Stains Instead of Scrubbing
  • Regular Sofa Cleaning
  • Contact A Sofa Cleaning Professional

Although you can clean your sofa yourself, this task might prove difficult if you do not use the proper cleaning tools and techniques. In this case, you should instead hire a professional for sofa cleaning as they provide the following benefits:

  • Timesaving
  • Remove Old Stains
  • Eliminate Odour
  • Extend Your Sofa’s Lifespan
  • Cost Effective
  • Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

A Step-By-Step Guide To DIY Sofa Cleaning At Home

Since you use your couch so often, it is only natural for it to get dirty and stinky. If you don’t follow the tips to maintain your sofa, it may end up becoming so dirty that it warrants investing in a new one. A step-by-step guide to DIY sofa cleaning at home can reap amazing results if you follow it. 

Check The Sofa Care Label

The best way to clean a sofa at home is to first start by reading the care label. Usually, most of the couches come along with a care label. Just follow the exact cleaning instructions provided on it.

Test The Sofa Cleaning Product First


There are many sofa cleaning services and products that you can find on the market. Before you use any such products to clean your couch, test it first. Their labels will usually indicate if the product is suitable for the kind of couch you have.

Start By Vacuuming The Sofa


You should vacuum your couch before using any sofa cleaning products. This is because if you do not remove the fine dust particles first, they will sink deeper into the couch during the cleaning process.

Spot And Remove Stains

You need to spot and get rid of any stains and spills on your sofa as soon as possible. While there are ways to clean stains on different sofa materials, the general steps are translatable.

Deodorize The Sofa

Odour arises when bacteria break down the protein molecules in sweat. Destroying the bacteria is just one of the reasons why you should clean and deodorize your mattress when it starts to smell. This applies to your sofa too. 

Contact A Professional Sofa Cleaner


Most homeowners are busy and find it hard to make time amidst their tight schedules to clean their sofas. You may not even get the desired results if you do it on your own. In that case, why not contact professional sofa cleaners from DW Mattress Cleaning to satisfy those needs?

Now that you know the step-by-step guide to DIY sofa cleaning at home, you should also be aware of the ways to clean stains on different sofa materials.


Ways To Clean Stains On Different Sofa Materials

With the sofa being the centerpiece of the living room, precautions should be taken to avoid similar common mistakes homeowners make during DIY mattress stain removal, as well as the ways to clean stains on different sofa materials.

Understand The Different Cleaning Codes

Just like how DIY methods are used to remove stains for different mattress materials, one should pay attention to the makeup of their upholstery when cleaning. Using the wrong cleaning material can damage the sofa.

How To Remove Sofa Stains

Most sofas have a fabric or leather cover, each with a specific method of cleaning.

Fabric Sofa


For fabric sofas, the combination of water and soap is typically enough to remove most kinds of fresh stains. However, if these stains have dried, professional upholstery cleaning services may be required.

Leather Sofa


Regular stains on leather sofas, when fresh, can also be cleaned with a soap solution. However, special stains will require specific handling.

Grease Stains

The grease stains are slimy to touch and can be removed by applying baking soda to the stain for a few hours to absorb the oil. The stain is then washed away.

Ink Stains

For ink stains, a solution of rubbing alcohol should be applied to the cotton ball and dabbed on the ink stain until the ink dissolves. After the ink is removed, dry the affected area.

Wax or Gum

Wax, gum, or any other sticky residue are easier to remove when hardened. Applying ice cubes to the affected area can help harden it, so you can scrape it off with your fingernail or with a spoon.

Seeking Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

If you are unable to remove the stains from your sofa on your own, it is recommended to acquire professional sofa cleaning services. DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore, for example, has a gallery of previous sofa cleaning work that you can check out before engaging.

Aside from knowing the ways to clean stains on different sofa materials, knowing the effective tips to remove dust mites on your sofa is also necessary. 


Effective Tips To Remove Dust Mites On Your Sofa

While having a sofa cleaning with a vacuum or duster helps to remove visible dust, it is not very effective in removing tiny dust mites. If any family member is suffering from itching, or other respiratory problems, it is best to know the effective tips to remove dust mites on your sofa.

Wash Sofa Covers 


According to the step-by-step guide to DIY sofa cleaning at home, it is recommended to wash the sofa covers regularly, at least once or twice a month. 

Steam Clean Cushions


Just like the benefits of mattress steam cleaning, sofa steam cleaning also has benefits like removing dirt.  While using high heat, you could kill dust mites, pests, and harmful microorganisms.

Allow Cushions To Dry

Since dust mites thrive when humidity is high, the mat should only be used after it has been properly dried. For this, they should be kept outside in sunlight, so that all the water will evaporate. 

Use Natural Essential Oils

Essential oils extracted from trees and plants are effective in repelling dust mites, and eucalyptus and tea tree oils are widely used.

Lower The Humidity Level

Even if the sofa is cleaned professionally, dust mites may still be found, if the humidity levels are high, so it is advisable to use a dehumidifier to lower the humidity levels. 

Keep Pets Off The Sofa

Pets may carry dust mites with them, and their dead skin and hair are food for dust mites. Therefore, one tip to help maintain your sofa is to keep pets away as much as possible. 

Place Air Purifier Near The Sofa 


Air purifiers are best with HEPA filters that are very effective at trapping airborne dust mites 

Use Baking Soda and Febreze 

While baking soda is an effective way to clean stains on different sofa materials, it can also help eliminate dust mites. Febreze can also help kill the dust mites once sprayed, and baking soda should be sprinkled on the area which is affected. 

Now that you know the effective tips to remove dust mites on your sofa, it is essential to recognize some tips to maintain your sofa.


6 Tips To Maintain Your Sofa

Most families spend a great deal to purchase the best sofa which they can afford. The sofa will often become dirty after it is used regularly, so most families are following the tips to maintain your sofa to remove the dirt and debris on the sofa surface.

Plump And Rotate The Cushions

The cushions on the sofa cover the sofa seat cushions to prevent soiling to a certain extent. Therefore, during sofa cleaning, it is recommended to remove the pad regularly to plump it up and keep it soft. 

Do Not Sleep On It


The sofa is designed for sitting, they are not able to withstand the entire weight of the body for longer periods of time. So while it is okay to take a nap on the sofa, it is best to use the bed at night.

Avoid Leaving It In A Sunny Spot 


When performing a step-by-step DIY sofa cleaning at home, it is important to know that the heat and ultraviolet rays in the sunlight can cause the sofa and cushions to fade and may cause damage. Therefore, after a few weeks or months, the sofa’s color can be lighter.

Do Not Let Stains Set

Once the stain sets, it forms a bond with the sofa material, and it is often difficult to remove the stains. This is why it is vital to know the different ways to clean stains on different sofa materials to have an idea of how to deal with this. 

Blot Stains Instead of Scrubbing


Just like one of the common mistakes homeowners make during DIY mattress stain removal is scrubbing the stain, and it is also the same for sofa stains. Avoid scrubbing or applying pressure since the blot stains will penetrate more on the fabric. 

Regular Sofa Cleaning

Even if the sofa does not look dirty, skin cells, dust, and other particles can accumulate on the sofa, and these particles can stick to the surface. This is why it is advisable to clean the sofa regularly and know effective tips to remove dust mites on your sofa.

Knowing the tips to maintain your sofa is truly important and it is also vital to know why you should engage a professional sofa cleaning service. 


Why You Should Engage A Professional Sofa Cleaning Service?

Viruses and other microorganisms can survive on surfaces for extended periods of time. While most families typically use a duster or vacuum cleaner, it is often insufficient to remove all the dirt, which is why you should engage a professional sofa cleaning service


Most people don’t practice tips to maintain their sofas, meaning they may spend too much time cleaning it. Sofa cleaning specialists have years of experience in this field, which is why they are fast, efficient, and reliable.

Remove Old Stains


The sofa stains that we want to clean are often old and worn into the sofa making it hard to remove. Engaging professional upholstery cleaning services ensure that you can get rid of those stubborn marks and leave the sofa looking virtually brand new.

Eliminate Odour

The microscopic food particles and dirt can penetrate the inner layers of the sofa, inviting mould growth and bacteria that induce unpleasant odours.  Engaging professional couch cleaning services solve this problem at the root.

Extend Your Sofa’s Lifespan

It can be hard to reach the deeper layers of the upholstery, which is why hiring a professional cleaner becomes necessary to help prevent lasting damage to the sofa and thereby extending its lifespan. 

Cost Effective


It can be very costly and time-consuming to replace a sofa. For a much lower cost, you can hire professional cleaners to clean the dirty sofa you were intending to dispose of and have it back nearly brand new.

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Just as it is important to do mattress cleaning for health purposes, these dirt particles and microbes can cause health problems for children, individuals with allergies, and respiratory problems like asthma when left unattended on the sofa.



Sofa plays a vital role in our living room, and purchasing one is not cheap. Which is why it is important to know the tips to maintain and keep those dust mites away. Like by regularly washing your sofa covers and steam cleaning your cushions. If you are unsure of how to do this at home, there is a step-by-step guide to DIY sofa cleaning available to help you with the cleaning, while also educating you on how blotting the stains instead of scrubbing is the best way to deal with any stains. This may not be an easy task for sure, and not everyone has the time to do this due to busy schedules. Therefore, hiring professionals like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore can be very beneficial since you won’t have to worry about your sofa because they are trained to eliminate your sofa’s odour while cleaning and extending your sofa’s lifespan.


DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore offers you a one-stop solution for your mattress cleaning needs in Singapore. Our professional and reliable services include mattress deep cleaning, mattress vacuuming, mattress steam cleaning, as well as mattress stain removal. Our team of experienced cleaning specialists will ensure that the cleaning services will be done professionally.  Check out our articles to have a wider view of our services and cleaning hacks. Do not hesitate to call us or contact us via  WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032 to solve your mattress cleaning needs!


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