DIY Bed Deep Cleaning- A Step by Step Guide

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Having enough sleep at night is important. This is why homeowners want to make sure their bed is clean and safe to use by having a deep cleaning. Due to their busy schedules, they wanted to try to do bed deep cleaning themselves. This is so they can clean whenever they want and also save money. This step-by-step bed deep cleaning guide will serve as a tool to assist families in deep cleaning their beds themselves. 


Check Your Bed Care Guide

Reading your bed’s care guide is the first thing to do in this step by step guide to cleaning your mattress at home. The majority of bed manufacturers give the owner a warranty card and user manual. The user manual will provide specific advice for cleaning your bed based on its design and material. Other mattresses may also be subject to limitations on cleaning solutions and techniques. These should be taken into account while buying cleaning supplies.


 Prepare Your Mattress Deep Cleaning Supplies

Most of the needed cleaning supplies are available in most homes. The basic requirement especially for mattress stain removal is to have a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment is preferred. Next is to prepare laundry detergent, liquid soap, or enzyme cleaner. For beds with foul odours, baking soda can be used. Also prepare a clean cloth for wiping and lukewarm water. 


Remove and Wash Bedding and Pillow Cases


One of the ways for you to maintain mattress hygiene is to remove the bedsheets and pillow covers. Then, run it in the washing machine at a high water temperature to kill bacteria or harmful microbes. Make sure to completely dry them before using them. There are pillows and mattress covers that are safe to wash in the washing machine. To make sure, check the cleaning guide from their manufacturers.


Vacuum the Mattress

One of the benefits of regular mattress vacuuming is to help get rid of all the dust or debris to make the bed safer to use. First, you should check for liquids and semi-solids spilling on the bed so you can scrape it before vacuuming. Then start off by vacuuming the entire bed surface with an upholstery attachment. Vacuum the top surface first. Once done, you may proceed to vacuum the sides using a circular motion. The bed should be now turned upside down to also clean the back surface. Remember to also vacuum along the seams as dirt tends to gather up there. 


Deodorise the Mattress with Baking Soda


The cause of yellow stains on your mattress is mostly because of fluids that have been absorbed by the bed. If left untreated, an unpleasant smell can develop and make sleeping uncomfortable. Accident bedwetting can happen, especially if there are children using the bed. If ever faced with this issue, just follow a guide to getting rid of urine from your mattress for proper cleaning.

There are a lot of commercial deodorizers available in the market. However, baking soda is still the most known ingredient in removing foul smells. It can also neutralise the acids present in the dirt and grime on the bed. If you prefer a better fragrance, you can mix essential oils with baking soda. Spread the baking soda evenly on the bed’s surface. It is best to leave it for some time, preferably for 24 hours to give it time to remove the bed’s odour. 

After letting the baking soda sit for hours, remove it using a vacuum cleaner. After this, you can leave your bed under the sun for a few hours to kill mould, bacteria, and other harmful microbes. If the odour still persists, it is recommended to ask for help from a professional bed cleaner. 


Flip the Mattress and Repeat the Process


Beds can be single-sided or double-sided. If unsure you can check your bed’s user manual. If it is double-sided, then both sides of the mattress should be deep cleaned. Once done with one side of the bed, flip it and proceed to repeat the whole process on the other side. In case the bed is single-sided, the back surface should be only cleaned to eliminate the dust along with the bed frame. It is advisable to deep clean your pillows too using the same method. If you feel the method for cleaning is not enough, it might be a sign that you require professional mattress steam cleaning or deep cleaning. 


Put Back Clean Bedding and Protect the Mattress 

After deep cleaning your bed, it is now safe for use again. Use a clean and dry bed sheet to cover your bed, and pillow covers for your pillows. A mattress protector can also be used to further protect your bed especially if children or senior citizens use it. This mattress protector is waterproof to ensure any fluid or spills will not get through the mattress. Using a mattress protector can also help lessen the frequency of cleaning your bed. 



Mattress cleaning is important for your health, which is why homeowners want to do this anytime they can. Before doing a bed deep cleaning at home, it is best to check the care guide to know the right approach. Next, you can now prepare all the materials needed and also start removing the bedsheets and pillowcases. Then you can proceed to vacuum the surfaces of the bed to eliminate dust and debris. Once vacuuming is done, apply baking soda to the surface of your bed. Leave it for 24 hours to help remove the stains and foul odours. After that, you can go ahead and vacuum the baking soda. You can repeat this process to the back surface of your bed. Once everything is done, you can now place a clean and dry bed sheet and pillowcase. 

One of the advantages of hiring professional bed cleaning services is the convenience it offers to the homeowner. The following steps mentioned above may take too much of your time, especially if you are going to do this alone. With that said, it is best to engage with a professional bed cleaner like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore. Our staff has the right equipment and expertise to conduct a bed deep cleaning for you. You won’t have to worry about anything anymore. Our staff knows how to deal with different types of mattresses and the right method for cleaning them. 

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