How To Maintain A Clean Bed?

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Homeowners often think cleaning the bed is not as important as cleaning other upholsteries. In reality, bed cleaning is just as vital as any other household task. Since most people spend at least a third of the day in bed, maintaining a clean bed is essential to give adequate comfort. 

The mattress can rapidly turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens if the owner fails to engage bed cleaning services on time. It can also cause unproductiveness the entire day and escalate stress levels which can deprive the homeowner of good sleep quality. Not being able to maintain the bed properly can also result in skin and respiratory problems such as eczema, rashes, asthma, and allergies. 

To avoid the issues stated above, it is important to take note of methods for mattress hygiene maintenance. The mattress will provide much more comfort and will surely be clear of any form of dirt once mattress deep cleaning is performed. 


Tip #1: Change and Wash The Bed Sheets On A Regular Basis


At times, bed sheets themselves can cause bacteria and dirt to build up. This is more common if they are being used by different people and it is not cleaned for a certain amount of time. Bed sheets are recommended to be washed every two weeks at a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius as a way to keep the bed clean and maintain mattress hygiene. It is also suggested to observe the step-by-step guide to cleaning the mattress at home to ensure a thoroughly clean bed. 


Tip #2: Make Sure The Bed Is Dry 

It is widely established that mildew and mold tend to thrive more on moist upholstery and other furnishings at home. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that the bed is always dry. A mattress topper or mattress pad can protect the bed from accidental spills or leaks and help maintain a clean bed

Placing the bed in a warm part of the room is another way to keep it dry. This way, the homeowner can ensure that any type of moisture on the bed is removed immediately before mold and mildew growth can occur. However, homeowners often opt to hire professional bed cleaning services instead because there are times when it can be difficult to dry the bed. 


Tip #3: Get Rid of Any Types of Stains 


Different types of mattress stains, yellow stains, and food stains can be harder to prevent in comparison to leaks. This is because mattresses are normally prone to touching, rubbing, or sweating. Though these are less likely to be the cause of bacterial growth, it is still best to have the bed cleaned to protect the appearance of the bed.

Using a mixed solution of water and white vinegar is a way to clean the mattress and remove bed stains. Simply spray this solution on the bed stains and use a clean cloth to dry them afterwards. Once this is done, sprinkle baking soda over the stains and wait an hour before removing the powder using a vacuum. Afterward, allow the bed to dry. 

Buying a cleaner spray can be a simpler way to get rid of bed stains if the bed cleaning methods mentioned above are ineffective. Engaging bed cleaning services regularly is another helpful way to ensure a clean bed.


Tip #4: Vacuum the Bed Regularly 


One of the simplest ways of cleaning the bed regularly is by vacuuming the mattress. A high-powered vacuum cleaner with a proper HEPA filter system can be used to get rid of dirt and dust. To avoid carrying attached dust particles onto the bed, it is important to ensure the vacuum brush is cleaned extensively. For a more thorough bed cleaning, engaging professional mattress cleaning services.   


Tip #5: Avoid Wet Cleaning the Bed

Wet cleaning is another bed cleaning procedure some homeowners use to remove dirt and dust from the bed. This usually consists of dry vacuuming the bed, brushing it with shampoo, and wet vacuuming it to eliminate all particles and stains. Another procedure involves the elimination of living organisms and bacteria through the use of very hot water. 

Several experts do not recommend wet cleaning even if it may seem to be an ideal technique to clean the bed. This is because it weakens the fire-resistant material of the bed. Instead, another way to maintain the durability of the bed is using a more standard cleaning method such as mattress vacuuming or mattress steam cleaning


Tip #6: Hire Professional Bed Cleaning Services 


For the bed to be fully cleaned, a proper method of DIY bed cleaning at home needs to be used. That said, some homeowners require assistance in identifying the best techniques to maintain their bed. An advantage to hiring professional bed cleaning services is they can help determine which cleaning methods and equipment are needed to properly clean the bed. Additionally, they make sure they do not cause any damage to the bed when performing bed cleaning to remove all dirt, dust, and bacteria. 



Many homeowners make the mistake of overlooking the cleaning of their bed in comparison to other upholsteries. Bear in mind that dirt and dust can gather in the bed which can lead to skin issues such as eczema and trigger allergy symptoms. This is one of the main reasons why mattress cleaning is important for health. Changing and washing the bed sheets, getting rid of stains, and vacuuming the bed regularly are some of the ways to maintain a clean bed. These are best done by a professional trained in bed cleaning.

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