6 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Deep Cleaning Their Bed

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As beds are frequently used for sleeping and resting, many of them would like to ensure that it is clean. That said, many of them will only clean their bed sheets regularly without realizing that dirt, sweat and grime can penetrate deep into the mattress. Moreover, many homeowners who want to deep clean their mattress by themselves might not have the proper experience, skills, and cleaning tools to do so properly. If they proceed to deep clean their mattress by themselves, it might lead to the mattress being damaged in some cases. 

To prevent this, take note of the following mistakes homeowners make when they try to do bed deep cleaning themselves:


Using Excessive Water To Deep Clean Their Bed 

While soap and some water is an essential bed cleaning method for removing visible stains and dirt, using too much water can damage the bed. Some of the water could even penetrate the top and inner layers of the mattress. Although you can just wipe off the additional water from the top layer and dry it using a fan or heater, it is far more difficult to remove the water inside the mattress. 

In addition, trapped moisture can cause mold and mildew growth leading to allergies and respiratory problems. Hence, it is advisable to use as little water as possible when cleaning your bed


Using A Beater To Deep Clean The Bed 


Beating mattresses and other beddings with a stick or other hard items has become a common way to eliminate mattress dust mites. After this process, the mattress is usually kept outdoors in the sun to kill any remaining micro-organisms such as bacteria and germs. However, using a beater for mattress dust mite cleaning is not recommended especially if the bed is light in weight. This is because the dust particles released into the air can cause allergies for members of the household. Additionally, they may settle on other furniture and items in the room which makes your home even dustier. 


Failing To Vacuum Their Bed First

One of the reasons why mattress cleaning is important for your health is it helps to completely removes dust. A mattress often contains a lot of dirt and debris like hair, skin cells, food particles, and dust mites. Fortunately, these can be easily removed using a vacuum cleaner. If the bed is deep cleaned without ensuring that these particles are dry before being vacuumed, it could lead to different types of mattress stains that are hard to eliminate. You should therefore ensure that the dirt is dry before vacuuming your bed. 


Using Any Type of Vacuum Cleaner To Deep Clean Their Bed


There are many vacuum cleaners available for maintaining a clean bed. Just remember that they vary in terms of design, cleaning technology, and the size of particles they can remove. Moreover, some vacuum cleaners that are designed for cleaning the floor, sofa, and furniture can’t remove microscopic dust particles and dust mites. To reap the benefits of mattress vacuuming, it’s best to use a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for removing the tiniest of particles so your bed is thoroughly clean.


Not Using The Right Bed Cleaning Agents


Besides vacuum cleaners, there are also many cleaning agents for DIY sofa cleaning at home and bed cleaning that greatly differ in their chemical composition. Although some of these cleaning agents are very effective in removing dirt, they may contain harsh chemicals that could damage the bed’s fabric as well as the mattress itself. Moreover, the damage which may not be immediately visible at first could eventually lead to big holes in the mattress. This is a major reason to hire a professional bed cleaning service instead of cleaning your bed yourself.


Not Drying The Bed Completely

When it comes to bed cleaning, some amount of water or other liquid is often used to clean the bed. Thus, it is important to ensure that the mattress is completely dry before it is used or else it will smell musty. You can do this by drying the mattress outdoors in the sun or keeping the windows open to improve air circulation. Fans can also be used to dry the bed. 


Call DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore For Professional Bed Deep Cleaning 

Singaporean homeowners who do not have the proper skills and tools for bed deep cleaning can consider to contact DW Mattress Cleaning. Our experienced staff uses the best tools for bed deep cleaning process which include the following processes:

  1. Deep vacuuming to remove dirt and dust
  2. Shampooing to remove foul odors
  3. Scrubbing for stain removal
  4. Steaming to kill dust mites, bacteria
  5. Hot water extraction to remove the excess water



Besides the importance of mattress deep cleaning, it’s vital to remember the common mistakes homeowners make when deep cleaning their bed. Using too much water can be harmful for your bed as it leads to mold and mildew growth. Additionally, you should avoid using a beater as it releases harmful particles into the air which could lead to health issues. Refrain also from using the wrong bed cleaning agents as some products contain chemicals which can damage your bed’s fabric. It’s also best to vacuum your mattress first before cleaning and make use of a vacuum cleaner that’s built to remove tiny particles. Lastly, be sure to dry your bed completely after deep cleaning it so it doesn’t smell musty.

It is recommended that you engage professional mattress cleaning services if you are unsure on the process of deep cleaning your bed. For quality mattress cleaning services, contact DW Cleaning Singapore.


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