4 Signs That Bed Cleaning Is Necessary

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If the bed is dirty or has a foul odor, it is often difficult for the user to fall asleep and can affect their productivity. Hence, it is necessary to schedule bed cleaning services regularly to deep clean your mattress and remove all buildup of dirt, dust, debris, and grime. In case of a major problem like spilled liquid which causes stains or mold, it is advisable to arrange bed cleaning services in Singapore immediately. This is because it is easier to remove fresh stains completely. 


Signs You Need Bed Cleaning

Some signs that bed cleaning is necessary are listed below: 

  • Foul Smell 

Ideally, the bed should not have any smell if it is clean. However, if food or other dirt accumulates on the bed, it may decompose and cause a foul odor. Thus, it is important to clean and deodorize the bed regularly. 

Mold on the bed is the most common cause of foul smell from the bed in Singapore. Due to high humidity levels in Singapore, mold can grow fast on the bed especially if it is not well-ventilated. For some people, changing the bed sheets regularly if they have a foul smell may still prevent their mattress from being infested with mold. This is one such event when they should hire professional bed cleaning services right away. 

  • Discoloration and Stains On The Bed


Mold may not be visible on a bed initially. After some time however, the bed will incur black spots as the mold spreads. Though black is the most common color of mold spores, it can manifest as other colors too. 

In some cases, family members may accidentally spill liquid on the bed, causing a different type of mattress stain. Pests can also cause stains or discoloration on the bed. Whatever the cause, bed cleaning is important to get rid of discoloration and stains. 

  • You’re Experiencing Health Problems


Molds can cause several health problems such as difficulty breathing, headache, allergies, itching, rashes, and runny nose. Oftentimes, a person sleeping on a bed with molds finds it difficult to sleep well at night due to such health problems.

If the bed owner cannot determine the reason for these health or respiratory problems, it is recommended to check whether the bed has mold. An advantage to hiring professional bed cleaning services is they can properly determine if a bed has mold. They are also aware of the importance of mattress cleaning for your health

  • Bed Bugs 

Clothes and luggage can get infected with bed bugs when you are traveling or staying at a hotel. Bed bugs will usually bite repeatedly and some signs of a bed bug infestation are bites on different parts of the body. Additionally, when the bed bugs are crushed, blood stains can form on the bed and wall. 

Bed bug droppings have an appearance similar to black flakes. In addition, rooms that are heavily infested with bed bugs have a strong pungent smell. Moreover, cast skins of bed bugs are usually visible. Opting for bed cleaning eliminates bed bugs and maintains a clean bed


How To Do Bed Cleaning by Yourself 


Observing the guide to DIY bed cleaning at home is essential to cleaning the bed. Start by vacuuming the bed and applying isopropyl alcohol to the bed. Afterward, allow the bed to dry under the sun. 


Engage DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore For Bed Cleaning Services 

It is recommended to hire services from DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore for bed cleaning. They have a well-trained staff who are knowledgeable and skilled in performing thorough and efficient bed cleaning. Appropriate tools and equipment are also used when they conduct mattress vacuuming and mattress steam cleaning. These methods are performed well to kill all pests as well as bed bugs and dust mites. Also, it effectively removes all mold, dust, and dirt from the bed. 



A bed that has accumulated dirt and dust can cause several health issues. It can also release a foul odor which results in the homeowner having difficulty sleeping. When these problems occur, it is a sign that bed cleaning is necessary and should be done immediately. Homeowners could either follow the step-by-step guide to cleaning their mattress at home or hire a professional.

It is still best to engage a professional from DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore as they are well-trained and skilled to perform any bed cleaning job effectively. They also offer other reliable mattress cleaning services such as mattress deep cleaning and mattress stain removal


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