Bed Deep Cleaning – Why Should You Do it?

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Most families just dust off their beds to remove any visible dirt on the surface. They are not aware that dirt, sweat and grime can penetrate the bed resulting in a foul odour. To solve this issue, it is advised to engage with a bed deep cleaning service. Some of the reasons why you should do it are discussed below. 


Gets Rid of Accumulated Dirt


When people do not shower after a long day outside, they tend to transfer dirt and dust to the bed. With constant pressure due to sleeping, the dirt penetrates deeper into the bed. A DIY bed cleaning at home may not be enough because this requires more tools and expertise.

During the bed deep cleaning service, specialists deep vacuum your bed to remove dust mites and other debris. Next, they will shampoo and scrub your mattress. This helps to break down stubborn stains. The next process involves steaming at 170 degrees Celsius. This sanitizes and kills germs and bacteria. The last step of deep cleaning your bed is hot water deep extraction. This process can help remove any dead skin and excess water.


Improves Air Quality Indoors

Cleaning and deodorizing your bed is important to also avoid releasing dust into the air. Dust particles are microscopic but they can still affect the quality of the air in the room. Once people inhale dust, it can lead to allergies and other respiratory problems. This is why it is beneficial to hire a professional bed deep cleaning in Singapore. They can effectively remove all the dust, dust mite, and dirt to improve the air quality inside the house. 


Eradicates Bed Bugs and Dust Mites


Dust mites are microscopic insects that flourish in warm areas. Since these dust mites feed on the dead skin shed by humans, the bed is a breeding ground for them. Having them in your bed can impact your sleep quality and cause health problems. Since dust mites are microscopic, a regular vacuum is not enough to eliminate them. Through bed deep cleaning services, rashes and sleep disturbances can be prevented. 


Removes Stain 


Our bed often gets stained due to different reasons. Most people experience sweating while sleeping. They didn’t know it is one of the main causes of yellow stains on your mattress. Since these stains can affect the appearance and smell of your bed, bed deep cleaning is advised. A professional bed cleaner uses different cleaning approaches for different types of stains. This is important because we don’t want to damage our mattresses. Bed deep cleaning cannot guarantee the total removal of old stains. However, it can help lessen and deodorize your bed. 


Makes the Bedroom Cleaner and Hygienic

Viruses can harm the lives of our loved ones, which is why we want our surroundings clean as much as possible. Bed deep cleaning should be done regularly, especially if the bed is used by babies, children, or senior citizens. This can also prevent them from getting sick. There are different ways to maintain mattress hygiene such as bed deep cleaning. It can help sanitize your bed to make it safer to use. 


Prolongs Your Mattress’ Lifespan

Professional bed deep cleaning is a good way to prolong the life of the mattress. Given that mattresses are expensive, we want to take good care of them as much as possible. To also save money from buying a new one. Unmaintained beds can be damaged if dirt, dust and other debris are not removed. This can also attract insects to live inside the mattress and eat its inner layers. Engaging with a professional deep cleaning company can help you protect your bed and avoid damage. 


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We have mentioned that beds are expensive. Having said that, we want to avoid common mistakes homeowners make when deep cleaning their beds. This is so we can prevent unwanted damage and prolong our bed’s lifespan. Looking for a professional mattress cleaning company? Contact DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore! Our staff are all well-trained, experienced, and have the latest bed deep cleaning equipment to use. 



Accumulated dirt and dust mites can not be removed by a regular vacuum cleaner. It needs a much more extensive cleaning approach to effectively remove them. Bed cleaning is important because it can help eliminate all the microorganisms that can harm your family’s health. You can also improve indoor air quality to avoid triggering any allergies. It can also help lessen the appearance of stains, and make your bedroom clean and hygienic. 

Employing a professional bed deep cleaner like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore can help keep your bed in good condition. Through this, you can further increase your bed’s lifespan and avoid unwanted damage. 

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