Importance of Cleaning and Deodorizing Your Bed

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Most homeowners in Singapore do their research as they decide to invest in a bed. Since they are aware that it is a long-term investment, they are prepared to spend a good amount on purchasing a bed. Often, the homeowner’s mistake is not taking care of it. It is essential to engage in bed cleaning services to take good care of the bed and deodorize it regularly. Here is why cleaning and deodorizing a bed is important:


It Eliminates Body Odor 

It is a given that all people sweat. However, some people have a specific medical condition and sweat more than others especially during nighttime. The smell of sweat can remain on the bed and it can happen more likely if the homeowner has a medical condition that makes them sweat excessively. It may also occur if they often experience hot weather. 

Any homeowner should hire a professional bed cleaning service and get the bed deodorized if they do not want their bed to keep smelling like sweat. Keep in mind that this is also a way to maintain mattress hygiene


It Gets Rid of Urine Odor


A common issue that makes a bed smell and leaves behind a stain is urine. If children and pets are present at home, they can accidentally urinate on the bed. An advantage to hiring professional bed cleaning services is they will deodorize the bed and clean it thoroughly. This also helps if the homeowner wants to effectively get rid of urine from the mattress. Additionally, it keeps the bed clean and healthy. 


It Removes Molds


One of the common causes of the bed having an unpleasant smell is mattress molds. This usually occurs if the bed remains wet for over 48 hours. The homeowner must therefore try to keep the bed protected from water as even spills and stains can result in mattress molds. 

The bed has likely developed different types of stains and molds if a few spills have already taken place. In this case, engaging a professional bed cleaning service is needed. Professionals know how to maintain a clean bed and deodorize it. 


It Clears Pet Odors 


A lot of people care deeply about their pets, most of which can produce a smell that can be hard to endure. Dogs and cats can easily make the bed smell especially if they have not bathed for a while. This can be the cause of a bad odor. 

Another possible reason for a smelly bed is proteus bacteria whose smell is similar to a corn tortilla. When the dog sleeps, this smell can grow stronger. Hence, bed cleaning is important and it is best to engage professional mattress cleaning services if the pet has made the bed smell unpleasant for whatever reason. 


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Homeowners face consequences if bed cleaning is not done. However, bear in mind that it is best for this to be done by an expert. Professional bed cleaning is important for the homeowner’s health. 

If you are in need of bed cleaning services, DW Mattress Cleaning shall be there at your doorstep. They ensure that once they finish the service, the bed will look thoroughly clean and smell like it is brand new. 



Many homeowners research good quality beds and spend a lot of money buying one. However, they often forget to take good care of it after some time. The bed can develop odors from pets and the human body. Failure to clean can also cause molds to grow on the bed. Thus, it is important to find a way to clean the mattress and deodorize it regularly. 

It is recommended to engage professional bed cleaning services from DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore. They have knowledgeable and skilled experts that can do mattress deep cleaning and mattress steam cleaning and can be trusted to do the work efficiently in no time.


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