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Is your mattress starting to look dirty and starting to smell? These are signs that you need to schedule a mattress cleaning to remove all the dirt, dust, and odour from your mattress. DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore offers reliable and professional mattress cleaning services at affordable prices. We offer a comprehensive solution to all your mattress cleaning requirements.

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*Cleaning price above is for top surface and 4 corners only (shampooing).

Mattress Deep Cleaning Process

These steps will ensure that your mattress will be as clean as how you first got it!


Step 1: Deep vacuuming

– remove dirt/dust/dust mites, and other micro-particles


Step 2 : Shampooing

– remove germs that causes odours and smell


Step 3: Scrubbing*

– soft tip power brushing to break stains


Step 4: 170 °C steaming

– with sanitization to kill germs & bacteria


Step 5: Hot water deep extraction

– remove dead skin, micro-particles, & excess water

*Disclaimer: The process of scrubbing is performed only for areas with stains, so as to minimise the risk of accidental damage to the mattress’s surface. For our mattress cleaning services, please note that we cannot guarantee that all stains can be totally removed.


Most of the other mattress cleaning companies clean your mattress with just water extraction. Here at DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore, we make sure to follow the steps above. To further explain, here is more of what you can get if you decide to give the care of your mattresses to our hands:

  • 170 Degrees Celcius Steaming at 8 bar pressure to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  • Built in UV LED sterilizer; air exhaust from steam cleaner is thoroughly filtered and released as pure clean air back to the environment.
  • Environmental friendly, 93% less water usage compared to conventional cleaning.
  • Leaves no chemical residue, preventing skin irritation and is safe for sensitive skin, babies, children, and pets.
  • HACCP Certified, recommended for professional cleaning in the HACCP environment.

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DW Mattress Cleaning has years of experience and professional knowledge. Giving you the best and one of the most affordable mattress cleaning services in Singapore!

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Our team of technicians is trained and has years of experience in mattress cleaning. You can be sure to have efficient and satisfactory services when you engage us to clean your mattresses.

Reliable Mattress Deep Cleaning, Mattress Steam Cleaning & Sofa Cleaning

Most homeowners in Singapore give the least priority to taking care of their mattresses or sofas because of their busy day-to-day schedules. People nowadays do not have time to check whether there is stain build-up or their mattresses are in dire need of mattress deep cleaning services. However, our team of professional cleaning specialists can do it as hassle-free as possible for you.

DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore ensures that every solution and service we give is of the utmost standard. We make sure that our customers feel satisfied every step of the way. Our team of experienced specialists ensures that the mattress cleaning and sofa cleaning services will be done in the most precise and professional way.

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DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore offers you a one-stop solution for your mattress cleaning and sofa cleaning needs in Singapore. Our professional and reliable services include mattress deep cleaningmattress steam cleaningmattress vacuuming, as well as mattress stain removal. In addition, we also provide sofa cleaningupholstery cleaning, and couch cleaning. Our team of experienced cleaning specialists will ensure that the cleaning services will be done professionally.  Check out our articles to have a wider view of our services and cleaning hacks. Do not hesitate to call us or contact us via  Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032 to solve your mattress cleaning needs!

*Disclaimer: For our mattress stain removal services, please note that we cannot guarantee that all stains can be totally removed. Mattress stain removal results may vary depending on the type of fabric, age of the stain, type of stain, etc.

What Our Customers Say:

Booking and enquiring was easy and prompt via WhatsApp where they addressed every question I had. The cleaning team Dhana and Seenu was detailed in cleaning and explained to me the process of each step. Also managed to remove the stain on my mattress.
Wendy Ong
Wendy Ong
03:58 09 Jan 24
We have two young kids who still wet the bed time to time so we like to get our mattesss cleaned every 9-12 months. Technician came on time and was very polite and professional. This is our second time engaging them and will definitely use them again. Mattress stains were removed and feels like a new one.
02:23 05 Dec 23
Dhanapal provide a very professional and friendly mattress cleaning . From cleaning to drying, we are all satisfied with the service. This is the second time using everyworks and all in all, enjoy engaging with everyworks.Big thumbs up and good experience !
patrick wt
patrick wt
03:29 29 Oct 23
I hired DW for my mattress cleaning.The service was Excellent. Das was very honest & extremely polite. I was very pleased with the mattress cleaning done by him. Will definitely recommend your services to my friends & relatives. Thanks to Daskeep up the good work Das.
Trans Avia
Trans Avia
13:15 12 Oct 23
Mattress was stained by my children and i had contacted DW Team for urgent cleaning. Managed to get appointment same day at 11am.Services was done by 2 professionals and it was completed in 30 mins. Payment was via PayNow.Easy peasy coordination.For the record, it was urine stain and a bit of food stain. Stain gone and bad smell gone. Splendid!
Zulyadi Salim
Zulyadi Salim
03:15 04 Aug 23
Das can't do everything, but Das will be honest about anything.My bed stain couldn't be removed, but he told us up front that he suspected it was an old stain (it's true), and that the stain had bonded with fabric. Impossible to remove. Indeed, couldn't be removed. But he did try.Our couch was stained a day ago by our baby's massive backside deluge. It was easily, almost effortlessly, removed by Das. He was thorough.Came on time, left on time. Professional.
Alfred Wan
Alfred Wan
03:40 02 Jun 23


It is important to do mattress cleaning regularly as it provides benefits such as:

  • Makes the Indoor Air Cleaner
  • Completely Removes Dust
  • Prevents Allergies
  • Prevents Skin Problems
  • Improves Comfort
  • Remove Sweat and Moisture
  • Remove Dust Mites

This help to protect your health over the long run.

If you do not clean your mattress regularly, you may face the following issues:

  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Poor Air Quality
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Presence of Dust Mites

You may experience discomfort or allergic reaction if your mattress is dirty and smelly. Therefore, keeping your mattress clean is important. There are 6 ways to clean your mattress:

  1. Steam Cleaning Method
  2. Use A Disinfectant Spray
  3. Use Vinegar
  4. Use Baking Soda
  5. Use Vodka
  6. Use Peroxide or Enzyme Cleaner

Although there are ways to clean your mattress by yourself, doing so can lead to unnecessary damage if you are not careful. Thus, this is why you should engage professional mattress cleaning services as they offer the following benefits:

  • Thorough Dust Removal
  • Convenient
  • Effectively Remove Stains
  • Prolonged Mattress Lifespan
  • Improves The Indoor Air Quality
  • Removes Moisture and Odour
  • Avoid Allergic Conditions
  • Improved Comfortability

Importance of Mattress Cleaning For Your Health

The importance of mattress cleaning for your health cannot be stressed enough. This is because if you leave your mattress loaded with different particles and contaminants, it can lead to various complications which can have an effect on your physical welfare.

Other health benefits of mattress cleaning include the following:

It Makes The Indoor Air Cleaner

If your mattress is left uncleaned, the air in your home can be contaminated. It gradually collects various airborne particles that usually come from filthy sources. If these particles are inhaled, it can result in several respiratory issues.

It Completely Eliminates Dust 



A mattress can also accumulate dust due to warm and dry temperatures aside from airborne particles previously mentioned. If it is left uncleaned and if you inhale it, it eventually builds up and causes different respiratory problems.

It Prevents Allergies

If you do not clean your mattress, it can eventually lead to more chronic health problems such as swelling, fatigue, and sleep apnea. Therefore, the more reasons why you should engage professional mattress cleaning services regularly.

It Prevents Skin Problems


If you fail to perform common ways to maintain your mattress hygiene, it can cause numerous skin conditions like hives, eczema, rashes, and severe itching. This is due to the fact that a dirty mattress can be a breeding ground for dangerous microorganisms.

It Enhances Comfort 


If your mattress is filled with dirt and dust, it can be uncomfortable to use which means getting enough rest can be unobtainable. Thus, it is recommended to engage professional mattress cleaning services to regularly clean and disinfect your mattress. 

It Removes Sweat and Moisture


The human body normally produces oil and sweat, which transfers to the mattress. After some time, it will gather and penetrate deeply on your mattress, which causes yellow stains on your mattress.

It Gets Rid of Dust Mites

Each person produces 1.5 grams of dead skin cells each day. With that said, dust mites eat dead skin cells which is why they often breed on your mattresses. In order to resolve this and remove the dust mites completely, mattress deep cleaning is needed.

Increases The Mattress’ Lifespan

One reason why you should clean and deodorize your mattress is to help it last for a long time. Mattress cleaning can avoid wear and tear between its linings and main cover. 

Now that we’ve covered the importance of mattress cleaning for your health, you should be aware of what will happen if you do not clean your mattress.


What Will Happen If You Do Not Clean Your Mattress?

If you are wondering what will happen if you do not clean your mattress, some problems that you may face are listed below:

Sleep Deprivation

Lack of sleep will result in a range of problems ranging from reduced productivity to higher stress levels and lowered immunity. People will often find that they get up in the middle of the night from sleep disturbances because their skin is itching, or they have rashes. Therefore, the importance of mattress cleaning for your health should be prioritized.

Poor Air Quality

The mattress is covered with microscopic dirt and dust particles. These particles will often get transferred to the inner layers of the mattress and multiply. When the mattress is moved or when anyone sits on the mattress, these particles are released into the air. This will negatively impact the air quality in the home and can affect anyone. 

Allergic Reactions


Exposure to harmful organisms may people to fall sick, start sneezing, have respiratory problems, experience rashes, and more. If the mattress is not cleaned, all these organisms and other allergens will accumulate in the mattress, resulting in allergic reactions for those who sleep or even sit on the bed. An allergic reaction is one of the signs you require professional mattress steam cleaning.

The Presence of Dust Mites


Every person will shed approximately 1.5g of dead skin cells daily while sleeping on a mattress. While dead skin is harmless, dust mites that feed on dead skin can cause allergies and other health problems. If the mattress is not cleaned for several years, dust mites will have plenty to feed on and their population will increase rapidly.

Besides knowing the effects of not cleaning a mattress, it’s also best to take note of a step-by-step guide to cleaning your mattress at home.


A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Your Mattress at Home

Mattress cleaning is critical in every home because if you do not clean your mattress, germs can have a negative impact on your health. Also, it prevents you from getting a good and relaxing sleep which may reduce your productivity. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to properly clean a mattress at home:

Step 1: Remove The Beddings

The first step in cleaning a mattress is to remove and wash the bedding before putting them in the washing machine. It is recommended to use hot water for washing to help remove all of the grime and dust – one of the ways to maintain your mattress hygiene

Step 2: Vacuum The Mattress


Next, start by vacuuming your mattress on the side that you want to clean first. Go over the upholstery attachment of your vacuum on all of the mattress’s surfaces. Remember to also vacuum the seams to make sure no dust remains on the mattress. 

Step 3: Mattress Spot Cleaning


You may be wondering what causes yellow stains on your mattress and how to remove it. Though it is not as dangerous as dust and dirt, it can surely ruin the appearance of the mattress and its fabric.  Simply choose the right stain remover for your mattress, spray on a clean cloth, and apply it to the stain on your mattress. 

Step 4: Put Baking Soda On The Mattress

After mattress stain removal from one side of your mattress, sprinkle baking soda over the patch and let it sit for an hour. The reason behind this is that baking soda can help to maintain your mattress’s hygiene because it breaks down acid. 

Step 5: Vacuum The Baking Soda

Vacuum the baking soda after an hour, then leave the mattress to dry. It is recommended to leave it under the hot sun so all remaining dust mites will be killed.

Step 6: Flip Over The Mattress and Repeat Steps

After cleaning one side of the mattress, flip it over and perform steps two through four to make sure all sides are clean.  It might be a lot of hard work but keep in mind that it is important to clean your mattress for your own health

Step 7: Cover The Mattress

Cover your mattress with a durable mattress protector once it is dry. This is a recommendation from a professional mattress cleaning service to keep the mattress safe from any forms of dirt and spillages that cause stains. After that, put back the bedding you washed earlier.

After learning the steps on how to clean your mattress at home, it is equally important to know the ways to maintain its hygiene as well.


6 Ways to Maintain Your Mattress Hygiene

If mattress maintenance is neglected, the mattress can quickly turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. Not regularly cleaning the mattress will leave it filled with grime, resulting in respiratory and skin issues such as rashes, eczema, allergies, and even asthma. Therefore it is vital to follow these 6 ways to maintain your mattress hygiene.

Tip 1: Regularly Wash and Change Your Bed Sheets  


The bedsheet itself can cause the mattress to accumulate bacteria and dirt. It is suggested to wash the bed sheets every two weeks at a 120-degree Celsius water temperature to keep the mattress clean. Also, it is recommended to follow a step-by-step guide to cleaning your mattress at home to maintain mattress hygiene. 

Tip 2: Ensure Your Mattress Is Dry 

Mould and mildew will develop on moist things. Hence, it is important to ensure that the mattress is kept dry at all times. A mattress topper or mattress pad can help or alternatively, placing it in a warm part of the room. All of these will ensure moisture on the mattress is removed quickly before mould and mildew could grow. 

Tip 3: Remove Any Types of Stains 

Remove both carpet stains and mattress stains by using a mixed solution of water and white vinegar. Spray this on the stains and then dry them with a clean cloth. Next, sprinkle baking soda on them and wait an hour before vacuuming the powder. After, allow your mattress to dry. If you prefer a simpler way you can buy a cleaner spray. 

Tip 4: Regularly Vacuum Your Mattress


Mattress vacuuming is one of the simplest ways of cleaning the mattress regularly. Using a high-powered vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter system can eliminate all the dust and dirt.

Tip 5: Do Not Wet Clean Your Mattress 

While wet cleaning may seem to be an ideal method to clean the mattress, a lot of experts do not recommend this since it weakens the mattress’s fire-resistant material. A more conventional cleaning method such as mattress deep cleaning or steam cleaning could be used instead to maintain the durability of the mattress. Additionally, a very hot steamer can effectively kill bacteria and other living organisms.

Tip 6: Engage Professional Mattress Cleaning Services 


Proper methods of mattress cleaning need to be utilized for a mattress to be totally cleaned. However, some homeowners need assistance to determine which methods are appropriate to maintain the mattress. Engaging a professional can help better identify what tools and solutions are required.

Maintaining your mattress’ hygiene by yourself is often not enough and professionals are needed. To make an informed decision, you need to know the advantages of hiring mattress cleaning services.



What Are The Advantages of Hiring Mattress Cleaning Services

People may be able to perform some surface mattress cleaning by brushing away dirt and vacuuming, but it is still preferable to hire professional mattress cleaning services. To assist homeowners in making the best choice, here are the advantages of hiring mattress cleaning services.

Provides Easier and More Efficient Subsequent Cleaning 

Convenience is one of the many reasons why you should engage in a professional mattress cleaning service. Professionals will effectively get rid of all the dirt, grime, stains, odours, and even dust mites from it. They will also coat the mattress with protection to prevent liquids and dust from being absorbed. 

No Need To Purchase Mattress Cleaning Equipment 


Manufacturers have created advanced mattress cleaning equipment to swiftly and thoroughly clean mattresses. However, it is best to hire trained cleaners since this equipment is costly. Fortunately, homeowners would not have to buy expensive equipment that will only be used a few times a year. 

Saves More Time and Gives Accessibility 


Despite having a step-by-step guide to cleaning mattresses that homeowners can follow, many of them cannot afford to spend time. In contrast, professional cleaners are experienced in cleaning mattresses and are complete with the right tools and equipment. This will allow them to finish cleaning promptly, saving time and energy.

Provides High-Quality Services

Professional cleaners are knowledgeable in cleaning mattresses and have access to the best and latest tools. They can clean the mattresses thoroughly, get rid of all the grime and odours, and sanitise them to kill bacteria. The life of the mattress may be extended by thoroughly cleaning it.

Professionals Are Knowledgeable and Skilled Experts 

Each type of mattress has varying cleaning procedures and materials. The type of filth and stains will also vary. The ideal mattress cleaning technique depends on the stain, design, and material of the mattress. Professionals are trained to correctly determine the right cleaning approach based on these factors.

There are numerous advantages to hiring mattress cleaning services. If you are still unsure about calling a professional, try to be familiar with some additional reasons for why you should engage mattress cleaning services.


Why Should You Engage Professional Mattress Cleaning Services?

Any mattress cleaning services might appear like a simple task. However, in order to do so, you will be needing certain tools, learn the correct techniques and set aside a great amount of time for this. Therefore, this is why you should engage a professional mattress cleaning service.

Thorough Dust Removal

Dust and dirt will result in a risk of asthma, eye irritation, coughing, sneezing, and even fever. For them to be thoroughly removed, you can contact a professional mattress cleaning service because they have the right tools to ensure complete removal from the mattress. 


People simply do not have the time to clean their mattresses because it is time-consuming and a hindrance to other tasks. It is therefore recommended to hire professional mattress cleaning services. Professionals can efficiently clean your mattress, removing all sorts of dirt and dust quickly. 

Effectively Remove Stains


Removing stains can be a bit hard as some of them are deeply embedded in the mattress. Professional mattress cleaners have the necessary tools and are experts in mattress stain removal. Once their services are availed, you do not have to worry about stains on your mattress.

Prolonged Mattress Lifespan

The lifespan of the mattress can be prolonged if it is cleaned regularly. Your mattress could also suffer serious wear and tear if cleaning isn’t handled carefully. This is why you should opt for a professional mattress vacuuming service, to ensure mattress cleaning is done properly and carefully. 

Improves The Indoor Air Quality

Mattresses absorb things making them a haven for dust, allergies, and pollen, lowering indoor air quality. Luckily, the air quality in your house can improve right away after having your mattress professionally cleaned. It eliminates biological impurities and bad odours that could make it difficult for you to sleep at night.

Removes Moisture and Odour


Mattresses accumulate moisture from sweat, oil, and other things. Professional services are equipped with the necessary tools and products to completely eliminate any moisture and odours from your mattress and restore its freshness. Professionals may use steam cleaning to remove moisture that has been trapped in your mattress and deodorise it to eliminate bad odours.

Avoid Allergic Conditions

Dust in your mattress could cause negative health effects, it can also trigger serious skin allergic conditions. Rhinitis, rashes, and eczema, among many others, are examples of these allergic conditions. These are usually due to a number of contaminants in your mattress. This is avoidable by hiring a professional mattress cleaner. 

Improved Comfortability


Aside from avoiding health risks, you can sleep better by following the ways to maintain your mattress hygiene. It is highly distracting having to lie down on an uncomfortable, dusty, and dirty mattress, which may make you restless and unproductive. 



Mattress cleaning may not be at the forefront of our minds when it comes to household chores, but it is crucial for maintaining good health and hygiene. Neglecting to clean your mattress can result in a range of negative consequences, including allergies, respiratory problems, and even bed bugs. Dust mites can thrive in mattresses, especially if they are not cleaned regularly, and can cause a host of health issues. Fortunately, there are ways to maintain the hygiene of your mattress, such as by following a step-by-step guide on DIY mattress deep cleaning. Some of the ways to do this include using a vacuum, baking soda, and a mild detergent. However, in most cases, professional mattress cleaning services are better in every scenario. These services use specialized equipment and techniques to clean your mattress thoroughly and efficiently. This can be especially beneficial for those with allergies or other health issues that require a more rigorous cleaning process. Engaging professional mattress cleaning services often not only saves your mattress, but your time and effort as well.

DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore offers you a one-stop solution for your mattress cleaning needs in Singapore. Our professional and reliable services include mattress deep cleaning, mattress vacuuming, mattress steam cleaning, as well as mattress stain removal. Our team of experienced cleaning specialists will ensure that the cleaning services will be done professionally.  Check out our articles to have a wider view of our services and cleaning hacks. Do not hesitate to call us or contact us via  Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032 to solve your mattress cleaning needs!


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