8 Common Myths About Sofa and Mattress Cleaning

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Mattresses and sofas are one of the most common furniture that you can find in one’s home. Due to this, regular sofa cleaning and mattress deep cleaning are a must. Failure to ensure this can bring about numerous problems caused by dirt and dust buildup. These can make you less productive than you need to be and cause health issues.

Unfortunately, some homeowners remain hesitant to engage professional mattress cleaning and sofa cleaning services because of a number of misconceptions. These include the following:


Sofas and Mattresses Only Need To Be Cleaned When They Look Dirty

Most mattresses and sofas are made of soft and highly absorbent material. This means that over time, any dust, food, and other particles can easily get embedded in them. If your furniture is left uncleaned, these particles can become more difficult to remove and cause you to experience allergies and other respiratory problems. Since sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning is important for your health, you shouldn’t wait until your furniture shows visible signs of dirt before cleaning them.

Having sofa and mattress cleaning performed may help to prevent a number of health issues. Take note however that failing to schedule these services regularly can make it more difficult to remove particles in your furniture. You should therefore know how often you should engage a professional for mattress cleaning and sofa cleaning. Most experts recommend engaging a mattress and sofa cleaning professional every six months.


DIY Sofa And Mattress Cleaning Is Advisable


Some homeowners who follow a step-by-step guide to DIY sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning make use of commercially available cleaning agents. However, this often results in unnecessary damage to the furniture and the presence of more streaks and stains. Another common cause of damage to sofas and mattresses is lack of research on the proper cleaning techniques to employ. 

If the cleaning agents and methods you use to cause damage to your sofa and mattress, you may need to replace them. This will lead you to spend additional money just to purchase new furniture. Thus, consider it a reason to engage professional mattress cleaning services instead. They will have more skills and the relevant cleaning products to thoroughly clean your sofa and mattress.


You Can Hire Any Sofa and Mattress Cleaning Company Services 


Among the biggest mistakes you should avoid when choosing a mattress cleaning service provider is hiring just any company in Singapore. Take note that not all cleaning companies can produce optimal results for your sofa and mattress. Some of them lack the proper equipment for procedures like sofa and mattress vacuuming as well as bed cleaning. In addition, they may also lack trained and skilled professionals who can perform cleaning services efficiently and without causing any costly damage.

One of the ways to check whether a sofa and mattress cleaning company is legitimate is by checking their review page. If a company has mostly positive reviews written by actual customers, they are more likely to be reputable.


New Sofas And Mattresses Do Not Require Cleaning 

Another way of maintaining a clean bed and sofa is by cleaning them after they’ve been purchased. Remember that just because your sofa and mattress are new doesn’t mean they’re not in need of cleaning. Furniture which has just been unwrapped can have dirt incurred during the manufacturing process and while being transported. If you fail to clean your mattress and sofa, they can collect too much dirt which can damage their fabric and warrant their replacement. 


Sofas and Mattresses Don’t Need Cleaning Since They Are Free of Dust Mites

When you purchase a mattress nowadays, it usually comes with a dust mite coating guarantee 

Most mattress and sofa manufacturers nowadays provide a dust mite coating guarantee with their furniture. However, this doesn’t mean that it can prevent dust mites. In fact, the coating applied to them tends to last for a short period of time before wearing off. By that time, they are exposed to dust which can attract dust mites. 

Among the reasons why sofa and mattress cleaning is important is it prevents dust mites from gathering on your furniture. This in turn will prevent symptoms such as allergies and wheezing. It is recommended that you engage professional mattress dust mite cleaning services to ensure that your mattresses and sofas are protected from dust mites.


You Only Need Water And Shampoo For Sofa And Mattress Cleaning 


Some homeowners also hold the misconception that using shampoo and water is a sufficient sofa cleaning and bed cleaning method. Sofa and mattress cleaning can’t simply be done using shampoo and water. Not only will this fail to effectively clean your furniture, but some shampoos can cause unnecessary damage. Merely using water is also not a viable way to clean your mattress and sofa as it will only make them wet and extremely uncomfortable to use. If you want to know what cleaning agents and techniques are appropriate for your furniture, be sure to check their cleaning tags.

Rather than trying to experiment with different cleaning methods on your mattress and sofa, it’s best if you engage a professional instead. They will know what techniques are appropriate to employ when cleaning sofas and mattresses.


Sofas and Mattresses With Coverings Don’t Need To Be Cleaned


There are homeowners who fail to consider the importance of mattress deep cleaning and sofa cleaning and think they’re not necessary as long as you cover your furniture. Although sofa and mattress coverings can protect your furniture for a long time, they’ll eventually have to undergo cleaning. Take note that one of the tips for maintaining your sofa and mattress is having them cleaned regularly to protect them against dust mites and debris. Moreover, they can still accumulate other contaminants like mould and bed bugs.  

When your sofa and mattress undergo cleaning, their coverings should also be washed. If they go unwashed, they can collect lots of bacteria and sweat. These can affect the furniture they’re meant to protect.


Weekly or Monthly Sofa and Mattress Vacuuming Is Enough

Although there are benefits to regularly vacuuming your mattress and sofa, it is not enough to protect them from dust, fungi, pollen, and allergens. This will only remove particles and dirt that have gathered on your furniture. Furthermore, there are numerous procedures that your sofa and mattress need to undergo to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned. Among them are sofa and mattress steam cleaning, shampooing, scrubbing, and hot deep water extraction. If these procedures are not done, your furniture will need to be cleaned again after a short period of time.

To ensure that your sofa and mattress are cleaned with the best methods, you should engage a professional. They have specialized equipment and will be able to eliminate any allergens and irritants on your sofa and mattress through the proper steps. 


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Always keep in mind that it is important to clean and deodorize your bed and sofa even when they are new and don’t look dirty. It is also not advisable to rely on DIY sofa and mattress cleaning as there are special cleaning agents and techniques that need to be used. Using shampoo and water will not be enough. You should also take note that sofas and mattresses that are usually covered will still require cleaning and that weekly or monthly vacuuming is not sufficient to remove allergens and irritants. Lastly, regular mattress and sofa cleaning is extremely important as they are not immune to dust mites.  


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