Why is it Important to Do Mattress Deep Cleaning?

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While most families in Singapore change their bed sheets regularly and brush off any dirt on the mattress, this will usually not remove all the dirt. Most of the small dust and dirt particles will pass through the bedsheet and are deposited on the mattress. Hence, it is necessary to get a mattress deep cleaning service to remove all the dirt, grime, and harmful microbes in the mattress. Some of the benefits of mattress deep cleaning are described below so that homeowners understand why it is necessary and hire a competent mattress cleaning service provider for deep cleaning.


Why You Should Deep Clean Your Mattress


One of the main reasons why families should get their mattress deep cleaned is to remove all the dirt, dust, and grime which is deposited on the mattress. Deep cleaning services also help you improve ways to maintain mattress hygiene. Additionally, fungi spores, dust mites, mold and mildew, skin, hair, sweat, and other debris may build up on the mattress over time. In some cases, the mattress may be stained and emit a foul odor. Mattress deep cleaning helps to remove the dirt and stains, as well as extend the lifespan of the mattress. Additionally, a clean mattress will not release dust into the air, so the air quality in the house will improve – that is why mattress cleaning is important for your health. The quality of sleep of the mattress user will also improve after deep cleaning as he/she will not suffer from itching and rashes which dust mites and other allergens may cause.


How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Mattress

Usually, it is advisable to clean the surface of the mattress at least once a month. If you are wondering how often you should engage a professional for mattress cleaning, it depends on your lifestyle. For deep cleaning, the frequency depends on how often the mattress is used, and also how dirty it is. In the case where babies or small children or senior citizens are spending many hours resting daily on the mattress, it is advisable to clean it at least once every three months or six months. If the mattress is used only for sleeping, cleaning it once a year is adequate. However, if some fluid or food is spilled on the mattress, professional mattress deep cleaning or mattress steam cleaning is recommended at the earliest, so that the mattress is not damaged.


Why You Should Have a Professional to Deep Clean Your Mattress


Most families only have a vacuum cleaner which is not suitable for cleaning mattresses. So it is advisable to hire professional mattress vacuuming services since they have the right tools to clean the mattress thoroughly and make it look like new. There are different types of mattresses available, and the right cleaning technique for each mattress will vary. There are times that you might require professional mattress steam cleaning. The professionals will check the type of mattress and use the best cleaning equipment and supplies to remove all the dirt, dust mites, stains, and odors from the mattress while ensuring that the mattress is not damaged.


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Even while most Singaporean households frequently wash their sheets and brush off any dirt from their mattresses, this seldom removes all of the grime. It is important to do mattress deep cleaning to eliminate all dirt, filth, and potentially hazardous microorganisms from your mattress. At the very least, you should clean the surface of the mattress once a month. Mattresses cannot be cleaned with a conventional vacuum cleaner since most homes only have one. Hiring mattress deep cleaning specialists from DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore can greatly help you since they have the necessary equipment to fully clean mattresses and restore them to their original state.


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