DIY Step-By-Step Sofa And Mattress Cleaning Guide

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Your sofa and mattress are among the pieces of furniture that are used daily. Since we use our sofa and mattress so often, it’s only natural for them to become dirty and smelly. However, if you don’t clean your sofa and mattress regularly, they may end up becoming so dirty that you have to buy new ones. Fortunately, this won’t be necessary as hassle-free sofa cleaning services and mattress cleaning services are readily available in Singapore.

In case you want to first try cleaning your sofa and mattress by yourself, you can follow the step-by-step guide below.


Check The Care Label 

Normally, the first step to cleaning your mattress and sofa at home is reading the care label. This will give you an idea of how they should be cleaned and what cleaning agents you should avoid.


Remove Sofa And Mattress Coverings


One way to maintain your mattress hygiene and your sofa’s hygiene is by washing the coverings. For your mattress, remember to remove the pillow covers as well as the bed sheet. Likewise, take off the covers from your sofa cushions and remove any items (e.g., pens, coins, etc.) that might have fallen in.

After removing your sofa and mattress coverings, wash them in relation to their care labels. If the coverings can be washed with water, one of the tips to maintain your sofa and mattress is to use hot water when washing the covers. This is ideal as it ensures the removal of all dust and grime.


Open Up Sofa and Mattress

In case you have a sofa bed, be sure to unfold it fully before you start vacuuming. Likewise, see to it that no part of your mattress is rolled up so you can clean it thoroughly.


Vacuum Sofa and Mattress


An effective tip to remove dust mites on your sofa and mattress is to vacuum them first before applying any sofa cleaning products. This will ensure that any fine dust particles are removed. Failing to remove the fine dust particles first can cause them to be embedded deeper into the sofa or mattress.

Next, vacuum your mattress at the sides and then run the upholstery attachment of your vacuum all surfaces of the mattress. Also eliminate any signs of dust by vacuuming the seams. Remember to also vacuum underneath as well as around the box spring and the mattress itself.


Spot Clean Your Sofa and Mattress


At this stage, you can start to spot any stubborn stains and spills on your sofa or mattress in order to remove them immediately. While there are different ways to clean stains on different sofa materials and mattress types, there are a number of general steps you can follow. 

To remove stains from mattress or sofa, start by taking a washcloth or paper towel to blot the liquid stains before it seeps into the fabric of the sofa or mattress. Next, use water and mild detergent to clean the stained areas. For solid stains, you may need to mix baking soda and white vinegar to remove them.

If a steam cleaner is unavailable, avoid wetting your fabric sofa and mattress. Too much water can cause the fabric to shrink or retain stains. In addition, it will make it difficult for your sofa and mattress to dry afterwards.

You can make your own stain remover by mixing baking soda, liquid soap, and hydrogen peroxide. One reason why you should engage with a professional mattress cleaning service to help you with stain removal is that they can efficiently clean your sofa and mattress as they have the knowledge and relevant products available.


Deodorize Your Sofa and Mattress


Among the reasons why you should clean and deodorize your mattress and sofa is to eliminate any odour that they produce. This tends to happen when the protein molecules present in sweat are broken down by bacteria. A simple way to remove the odour is to make use of basic household cleaning agents such as vinegar, baking soda, and dishwashing soap. If you wish, you can also add a few drops of vodka, essential oil, or coffee grounds so your mattress and sofa smell absolutely fragrant.

After performing mattress stain removal on one area of your mattress and sofa, apply baking soda over the patch and allow it to remain for an hour. Sprinkling baking soda helps to break down any remaining acid so that any remaining odour and moisture are removed. Once you have deodorized your sofa and mattress, allow them to dry completely.


Clean Non Upholstered Parts

When your mattress and sofa have dried, take a damp cloth and wipe it over the non-upholstered areas (e.g., the bedframe or legs). It’s vital that all signs of dirt from these parts are removed. After doing this, dry the cleaned areas using a dry cloth.


Contact DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore For Your Sofa And Mattress Cleaning Services Needs

It can be hard for most people to find time amidst their busy schedules to clean their sofas and mattresses. You may not even get the desired results if you do it on your own. In this case, consider contacting DW Mattress Cleaning for your mattress and sofa cleaning needs. They are skilled and experienced enough to carefully clean your mattress and sofa so they are comfortable to use once again which can be seen in their mattress and sofa cleaning projects.



To ensure thorough mattress and sofa cleaning, check the care label so you have an idea of how your furniture should be cleaned. Start the cleaning process by removing and loading your mattress and sofa coverings into the washing machine and opening up the sofa and mattress. Once these are done, vacuum and spot clean your sofa and mattress to remove any fine dust particles and lessen stubborn stains. You can then deodorize your sofa and mattress and clean any non-upholstered parts. Remember that you can experience many negative effects if you do not clean your mattress or sofa. If you are unable to do mattress and sofa cleaning by yourself, it is recommended that you engage a professional to help you with your mattress and sofa cleaning needs.


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