Why Should You Engage Professional Mattress Dust Mite Cleaning Services in Singapore?

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Many homeowners are realising that dust mites can adversely affect their sleep quality and cause health problems. Unfortunately, they are often unable to resolve this issue due to not having high quality vacuum cleaners suitable for mattress vacuuming and dust mite cleaning. Since dust mites are microscopic, specialised designed vacuum cleaners are required so they can be eliminated from the mattress. Some of the reasons why families should hire professional dust mite cleaning services are discussed in detail below. 


What Are Dust Mites and Where Do They Thrive?


Dust mites are microscopic insects that flourish in warm areas where the humidity level is above 70%. One such area is the mattress since these dust mites feed on the dead skin shed by the humans who are sleeping on it. 

One of the reasons why you should engage a professional sofa cleaning service regularly is that sofas are also a hotbed for dust mites. Other common dust mite infected areas include pillows and cushions.


Why Should You Call A Professional For Mattress Dust Mite Cleaning?

Better Indoor Air Quality 

One consequence that will happen if you do not clean your mattress is an infestation of dust mites. These pests adversely affect the air quality in the house. Ideally, indoor air should be pure and not be contaminated by dust and microscopic particles. Among the reasons why mattress cleaning is important for your health is that the otherwise poor air quality in the house can lead to sneezing, runny nose, asthma, and other respiratory problems. 

Allergy Management

People with sensitive skin or skin allergies can have their condition aggravated by dust mites. This results in them having difficulty focusing on their work, thereby resulting in low productivity. In some cases, they may even have to seek medical attention. To avoid experiencing this, you should have mattress deep cleaning performed every few months.

Peace of Mind


Oftentimes, people find it difficult to sleep on an odorous mattress filled with dust mites as it tends to cause extreme discomfort. A great advantage of hiring professional bed cleaning services is they can give you peace of mind by removing any dust mites that are present and sweat stains producing a foul odour. This way, you and other members of your household can sleep well. 


Engage DW Mattress Cleaning For Professional Dust Mite Cleaning 

Families in Singapore looking for ways to maintain a clean bed and remove dust mites should hire the services of DW Mattress Cleaning. Our professional cleaners are well-trained and use the latest mattress cleaning techniques and equipment. Similar to the steps for DIY mattress deep cleaning, our five stage mattress deep cleaning process includes deep vacuuming the mattress to remove dirt, shampooing to remove germs and odour, scrubbing for stain removal, steam cleaning to destroy harmful microorganisms like dust mites, and hot water extraction to remove dirt, dead skin, and excess water. 



Engaging professional mattress dust mite cleaning services can better provide you with clean indoor air quality. They will also ensure that you no longer experience any allergies due to the presence of dust mites on your mattress. Lastly, hiring a professional to deep clean your mattress can make it cleaner and more comfortable so that you have peace of mind. 


DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore offers you a one-stop solution for your mattress cleaning needs in Singapore. Our professional and reliable services include mattress deep cleaning, mattress vacuuming, mattress steam cleaning, as well as mattress stain removal. Our team of experienced cleaning specialists will ensure that the cleaning services will be done professionally.  Check out our articles to have a wider view of our services and cleaning hacks. Do not hesitate to call us or contact us via  Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032 to solve your mattress cleaning needs!