6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing A Mattress Cleaning Service Provider

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In many homes, mattresses will become dirty quickly especially if there are small children or senior citizens at home. The family will require mattress cleaning services to remove all the dirt from the mattress so it will be safe to use. 

Since there are many service providers for mattress cleaning in Singapore, some families who have not hired a cleaning company before try to save money by hiring the cheapest service provider. However, it is observed that many families are making the same mistakes while hiring a mattress cleaning service provider for bed cleaning. In order to avoid them, these mistakes are discussed below:


Hiring The Cheapest Mattress Cleaning Company 

Many families will hire the company offering the lowest rates for mattress cleaning, thinking they are saving a large amount of money. However, some cleaning companies may offer low rates just as a promotional gimmick to get more orders. In other cases, the cleaning company offers low rates because they use cheaper cleaning equipment and supplies. Staff of the cleaning company may not even be well-trained or experienced in different ways to clean the mattress. This is why you should engage professional mattress cleaning services that offers fair prices. 


Asking For a Price Without Checking Their Work 

Many homeowners are extremely busy and ask the cleaning company to give a quote over the phone without enough information about the mattress cleaning services. They may also fail to ensure that the staff follow the step by step guide to cleaning the mattress. Take note that in certain cases, the cleaning company will only charge the amount quoted but will not clean the mattress thoroughly. They could even charge a higher amount for mattress cleaning after they visit the home and look at the condition of the mattress. 


Failing To Talk About Their Scope of Work 


People do not often realize that cleaning a mattress is a very specialized task. In fact, it is different from other cleaning services for carpets and home furnishings. Hence, you should ask the cleaning company for an itemized breakdown of the services provided together with cleaning equipment and technique. A good company will be about whether mattress vacuuming or mattress steam cleaning is the technique used to prevent disputes at a later date. 


Failing To Check Tools/Equipment


Another mistake some families make is not confirming the tools and equipment used by the service provider for cleaning the mattress. If the mattress has pests like dust mites, bed bugs, or stains, it is better to use a more expensive steam cleaner to clean the mattress. This will remove the microbes and causes of yellow stains. If the cleaning equipment is not confirmed in advance, the cleaning company may use cheaper equipment for mattress vacuuming which may not get rid of pests. 


Failing to Check Company’s Background


In some cases, the homeowner is in a hurry to get their mattress cleaned. As a result, they do not bother to check the reviews including those which indicate poor quality of service. Keep in mind that most reviews are usually a fairly good indication of how reliable a company’s service is.

Making a decision after checking reviews will ensure that the mattress cleaning service provider hired is reputable. Additionally, looking at previous mattress cleaning projects will help create a better-informed decision. These are important things to look out for before hiring a mattress cleaning company


Planning To Hire Companies with Poor Communication

Most well-known cleaning companies value the relationship with their clients. They will reply quickly to any query or request for a quote on the mattress cleaning price. If it is difficult to get any kind of response from the cleaning company by email or phone, there is a communication problem. It is important to have a smooth communication and transaction with the client since it is the client’s right to know the factors that affect the price of mattress cleaning




After some time, the mattress will accumulate dirt and the homeowner must find a way to maintain mattress hygiene by searching for a mattress cleaning service provider. However, they often make mistakes when choosing one. These include failing to check the tools or equipment as well as doing a background check on the company. 

Many also think that hiring the cheapest mattress cleaning company will help save money when in fact choosing a reputable company such as DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore will be a better option. 

Our group of professionals use the right tools and equipment to do mattress deep cleaning or mattress stain removal. We have also garnered positive reviews from their customers. In addition, we provide fair and transparent quotations for our mattress cleaning services.  


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