Why Is Sofa And Mattress Cleaning Important?

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Singaporean households typically have a sofa in the living room and, depending on family size, one or more mattresses in the bedroom. While most would enjoy a clean sofa and/or mattress, it takes regular maintenance and professional cleaning to make sure these linen products remain safe, sanitary, and enjoyable to use. Some of the reasons why mattress and sofa cleaning singapore is important and why families should arrange for regular cleaning are discussed below in detail.


Risks Of Not Cleaning Your Sofa And Mattress

Knowing the importance of mattress cleaning for your health is critical because most homeowners do not clean their mattresses, or even their sofas, due to lack of time, equipment, and expertise. It can lead to multiple health problems because dust mites and other harmful microbes will flourish in the mattress and sofa. Also, sleeping in a dirty mattress can give homeowners discomforts that may affect their sleep and productivity the next day. 


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Some may think that regular changing of the bedsheets is sufficient to keep their mattress clean. However, this could not be further from the truth. Unlike the actual ways to clean your mattress, bedsheet changing doesn’t get rid of the dirt, grime, sweat, and bacteria that can penetrate through the bedsheet and into the mattress below. Nor does bedsheet changing get rid of the allergy inducing dust mites that have settled into your mattress(es). These are just some of the reasons why you should clean and deodorize your mattress.


  • Sofas 

Sofas are the perfect host for welcoming visitors, or a family member after a long and tiring day outside. The dirt and microbes from their clothes can transfer onto the sofa, then onto anyone that rests on the sofa next. If you do not engage with a professional sofa cleaning service, these dirt and grime can build up over time and lead to various health hazards.


How Often Should I Engage with Mattress and Sofa Cleaning Services?


Most families hire professional sofa and mattress cleaning only after it is visibly dirty. However, if the mattress or sofa is not cleaned often, removing the stains and dirt will become more difficult. It is therefore recommended that homeowners get their sofa and mattresses professionally cleaned at least once every six months. If there are young children in your household, it is recommended to get it cleaned once every three months.


Why Should You Engage Professional Sofa and Mattress Cleaning Services?


Most people are not experienced enough to properly clean their sofas or mattresses. Some may either lack the right equipment or find it too expensive to invest in one. Furthermore, a typical DIY vacuum session is unable to eliminate all types of dirt, microbes, and dust mites inside the sofas and mattresses. Therefore, it is advisable to engage with a professional mattress cleaning company to conduct mattress deep cleaning. They have the right equipment and expertise to safely remove all the irritants.


Is it Costly to Engage with Mattress and Sofa Cleaning Services?

The cost of acquiring professional mattress and sofa cleaning services pales in comparison to buying a new product. Other reasons why the cost of professional mattress cleaning is worth it is that regular cleaning can help increase the lifespan of the mattresses or sofa, leading to more savings over time.



Mattresses and sofas are essential parts of homes in Singapore. Therefore, it is important to have it cleaned regularly to prolong its life and to avoid any discomfort when using them. If you are wondering what will happen if you do not clean your mattress or sofa, the answer is that it can cause discomfort and even health risks to homeowners due to the microbes, dirt, and other particles. That is why it is wise to acquire the services of professional mattress and sofa cleaners. Aside from being cost-friendly, it is also very efficient since the experts like the ones from DW Mattress Singapore are well-trained, well-equipped, and highly skilled to address your mattress and sofa cleaning needs effectively. 


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