What Happens During a General Mattress Cleaning Service?

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A general mattress cleaning service is a type of mattress cleaning service that provides thorough and deep cleaning to mattresses to give them the best condition possible. Whether it be an all-natural or chemical-based process, this service can guarantee that you get the results you require for your mattress. 

If you think your mattress is beginning to look a little dull or you see signs of wear and tear on the fabric, it is time for general mattress deep cleaning. A mattress is one of the most important and expensive items in your home so it is best to keep them clean at all times. 


General Mattress Cleaning Process

The process involved in general mattress cleaning will vary from company to company. Normally, however, it includes some bed cleaning methods that are more common than others. In this article, we will take a look at a few of these methods.

1. Deep Vacuuming 


Mattress vacuuming is one of the very first steps involved in a general mattress cleaning service. The purpose of this is to remove as much loose dirt and dust as possible. Mattress vacuuming is important as this will prepare the mattress for further cleaning. 

  • Remove The Linen

You should ensure that the sheets and pillowcases are removed from the mattress before you begin. This will make the mattress cleaning process easier. 

  • Mop Up

After removing the linen, you should mop up any causes of yellow stains on the mattress itself. This will remove any dirt or spills that might have been missed by your mattress vacuuming process, giving it a much fresher look. 

  • Vacuuming

After you mop up, you should vacuum the mattress. This will ensure that it is completely clean, remove as many living organisms as possible, and maintain mattress hygiene

  • Deodorize 

This is a process that some companies go through and normally involves sanitizing the mattress with a solvent such as alcohol. A reason why you should clean and deodorize your mattress is that it will kill all bacteria and any other unwanted organisms. 

2. Shampooing 

One of the most common methods of general mattress cleaning is shampooing. This will involve the use of either all-natural or chemical-based detergent as a way to clean the mattress

  • Inspect and Remove Surface Dirt 

You should inspect the surface of your mattress and ensure that no dirt has been missed during your mattress vacuuming process. You can remove this with a damp rag or other cleaning tools. 

  • Apply Cleaning Solution


Following the step-by-step guide to cleaning your mattress at home, you can choose to apply a cleaning solution of your choice. This may include a liquid, foam, or gel. You should put the solution on the mattress and then use the applicator to apply the detergent. If you have chosen a chemical-based product, then use something such as a scrubbing brush to rub it into the mattress. 

  • Wash 

Once you have applied your detergent and let it sit for some time, you should wash it with water. This will distribute the detergent throughout the mattress and remove different types of mattress stains remaining or dirt. 

3. Scrubbing 


This is one of the more common types of general mattress cleaning. It involves the use of a scrubbing pad as well as an all-natural or chemical-based detergent. 

  • Apply Detergent to Pad 

You should apply the detergent to either an all-natural or chemical-based scrubbing pad which will be placed on the mattress. Afterward, you should scrub down any stains such as sweat stains from your mattress that you have found with this traditional method. 

  • Rinse Pad 

After you have finished removing the mattress stain by scrubbing it away, you should rinse off the pad with water to remove any remaining soap residue. Once this is done, place the pad over a clean sheet and then dry it in the sun or at a very low temperature.

  • Blot Pad to Remove Remaining Stains

Repeat the process of DIY mattress stain removal for any remaining stains that you have not removed until you have fully cleaned your mattress. Thereafter, blot it with a clean cloth and allow it to completely dry. 

4. Steam Cleaning 


This is one of the most common methods related to general mattress cleaning as it can effectively clean any stains from the mattress. The benefit of mattress steam cleaning is that it will clean the mattress thoroughly without any harsh chemicals which makes it a very safe method. 

  • Prevent Mattress From Stretching 

Place your mattress on top of some type of covering. Take note that this may vary depending on the mattress cleaning company chooses to use. Hence, be sure to consider this as a thing you should look out for before hiring a mattress cleaning company. You should then ensure that the mattress cannot be pulled or stretched at all during this process. 

  • Place Pad on Mattress

Now place your pad on the mattress and then use a clean cloth to moisten the pad with water. After this, you can begin cleaning the stains or areas that you moistened. 

  • Add Water to the Pad 

After you have finished cleaning, add more water to the pad and continue cleaning until all stains have been removed. Lastly, blot it with a clean cloth and allow it to completely dry. This process helps to maintain a clean bed

5. Hot Water Deep Extraction


This is another method of general mattress cleaning that can be completed quickly and effectively. It gives the mattress a thorough clean. 

  • Remove Linen 

Remove all the beddings from your mattress and ensure that it is completely dry before you begin this process. This is an important step to follow to avoid common mistakes homeowners make when performing mattress steam cleaning. Afterward, place the wetted pad over the top of the mattress and put some weights on top to fully saturate it. Allow the mattress to air dry for approximately 12 hours for the water to evaporate. 

  • Apply Solvent 

After the mattress has been completely dried, apply solvent to the mattress using either a spray or a liquid. Let it sit for 24 hours. After some time, remove the pad, take a dry cloth, and wipe your mattress dry. If there are any stains left, repeat the process. If you are not satisfied, consider it a reason you should engage professional mattress cleaning services

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A mattress is one of the essential items at home and is used regularly. After a while, signs of wear and tear may appear. Therefore, mattress cleaning should be done to clean the mattress thoroughly. The general mattress cleaning process includes deep vacuuming, shampooing, scrubbing, steam cleaning, and deep hot water extraction. Each of these has its procedures, from removing the linen, applying cleaning solutions, and ensuring the mattress is dry once each method is done.

It is best to have a professional from DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore do the general mattress cleaning service. The advantage of hiring a professional bed cleaning service is they offer various reliable services such as mattress steam cleaning, mattress vacuuming, and mattress stain removal. Their team of professionals are skilled and have enough experience to perform a general mattress cleaning service efficiently.  


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