7 Things To Look Out For Before Hiring A Mattress Cleaning Company

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Most families in Singapore do not have the time and skills for cleaning their mattresses properly since they are busy with their job and household chores. Hence, they prefer to hire a well-known company for mattress cleaning.

Since the demand for mattress cleaning has increased significantly in the last few years, there are many businesses offering mattress cleaning services. These businesses use different methods for mattress cleaning such as mattress deep cleaning and their rates vary from other service providers.

Some factors which should be considered before hiring a mattress cleaning service are discussed below. 


Years in The Business 

One of the main factors a family should consider while hiring a mattress cleaning company is how well-established the business is. Some newly established businesses may offer lower prices but do not offer quality mattress cleaning services.

In contrast, businesses that are more than 5 years old will usually have regular customers who are satisfied with their services. This is a reason why you should engage professional mattress cleaning services that have been in service for a long time. Not only that, they are well equipped and have experienced staff to clean mattresses properly. 


Workmanship Guarantee 

It is also advisable to check the workmanship guarantee offered by the cleaning company. They should ensure that the mattresses are not damaged during cleaning as a result of improper handling of chemicals or using the wrong chemicals. An advantage of engaging professional mattress steaming services that are licensed and insured is that the homeowner gets compensation for any damage or problem that arises during mattress deep cleaning or steam cleaning.


Online Reviews 


Most well-established businesses in Singapore, including cleaning companies, are listed online on directories and review websites. It is advisable therefore to check the online reviews of any mattress cleaning companies you shortlist before selecting a specific one. Mattress cleaners who have a large number of satisfied customers will have many positive mattress cleaning reviews compared to companies whose cleaning services are not good. 


Mattress Cleaning Charges

When the mattress cleaning methods and reviews of different cleaning companies are similar, the homeowner should compare the mattress cleaning price for different mattress cleaning services, mattress sizes, and other factors.

Most people would like to pay the least amount for mattress cleaning while ensuring that the mattress is cleaned properly. However, they should be aware that cleaning companies that charge very low rates may be using poor quality chemicals for cleaning. This could result in great damage to the mattress. 

  • Mattress Size


There are usually mattresses of different sizes in a home with each family member having their own mattress. It is advisable to ask the mattress cleaner the rates for each size of the mattress as it is a factor that affects the price of mattress cleaning. Afterward, compare the offers from different cleaning service providers. Most mattress cleaners will charge their client based on the size of the mattress since the cleaning time will be longer. 

  • Cleaning Methods


How the mattress will be cleaned depends on the design and material of the mattress with the mattress manufacturer usually specifying the materials to be used for cleaning. Some mattresses should not be cleaned with water and can only be dry cleaned. 

Mattress steam cleaning or hot water extraction of dirt from the mattress is comparatively inexpensive, although take note that the mattress will remain damp for a while. Meanwhile, some cleaning companies use ultraviolet radiation to kill harmful microbes which is usually costlier. Whatever mattress cleaning solution you want to opt for like getting rid of urine from the mattress, it is advisable to check the cleaning method and ensure it is suitable for your mattress. 


Tools and Mattress Cleaning Products 


The tools and cleaning supplies used by the mattress cleaner determine the time taken for cleaning and how thoroughly the mattress is cleaned. Cleaning companies that use the latest cleaning equipment in doing the step by step guide to cleaning the mattress are likely to charge more for mattress cleaning. The homeowner should ask the cleaning company to provide details of the tools and cleaning supplies that will be used along with pricing so that they can make a better decision. 


Customized Mattress Cleaning Services 

This is a crucial factor to think about. The cleaners you choose should be able to provide specialized cleaning tasks based on your needs. You could need to schedule cleanings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or you might need to vacuum your floors at night. The experts should also be able to modify their procedure depending on the materials of your mattress and the extent of cleaning needed based on the current condition of your floor. 

Planning with a company that does not communicate well with your needs is a mistake that you should avoid when choosing a mattress cleaning service provider. If they communicate with you about your preferences, then they are likely a reliable service provider. 


Mattress Cleaning Preparations

An advantage of hiring mattress cleaning services is that there is little preparation required because they handle most things. Nevertheless, a good mattress cleaning company will also guide you on how to prepare for mattress cleaning. For instance, you may help to remove the beddings and cover of the mattresses. They will also be providing their own cleaning supplies for your mattresses so you do not have to buy any additional products. Additionally, you can discuss with them before your appointment if you are concerned about some products to be used in your home in relation to allergies or any preference for eco-friendly products.


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It is important to do mattress deep cleaning as it is a way to maintain mattress hygiene. That said, most homeowners opt to hire a mattress cleaning company to clean their mattresses since they are busy with their jobs and household chores. There are things to look out for before hiring a mattress cleaning company such as their workmanship guarantee, online reviews, tools, and cleaning products they use.

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