4 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Performing Mattress Steam Cleaning

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At times, food or liquid will spill on the bed and family members will try to clean the mattress. Most people are aware that removing a fresh stain is easier, so they may try to do mattress steam cleaning by themselves. However, in most cases, the family members do not have any training or expertise to steam clean the mattress, and they may end up making mistakes and causing further damage to the mattress.

Some of the most common mistakes homeowners are likely to make when they attempt to do mattress steam cleaning by themselves are discussed below. 


Clean the Mattress with Water 


When a beverage, liquid, or semi-solid is accidentally spilled on the mattress, the first instinct of family members is to clean the mattress using water and detergent. While this cleaning method may remove the stain to some extent, they are often using too much water. Some of the water is absorbed by the mattress foam and inner layers. It will usually take a very long time for all the water in the inner mattress layer to evaporate and dry.

Additionally, mold, mildew, and fungi will flourish, causing respiratory and other problems to the user especially if they have allergies. There is an advantage to engaging professional mattress steam cleaning services as they know the importance of mattress cleaning for your health


Cleaning the Mattress with A Beater


Many people think that using a beater will remove the dirt embedded in the mattress. While some of the dust and dirt may be released from the mattress by beating it, it can spread to other furniture in the area. The insects hiding in the mattress may also shift to other areas of the house. In addition, beating the mattress may damage the mattress material especially if softer material is used. It can even reduce the life of the mattress.

Overall, homeowners should avoid using a beater to the best possible extent. There are benefits of mattress steam cleaning which is a better option than beating the mattress. It is also vital to follow the proper step by step guide to cleaning their mattress at home


Using A Multi-Purpose Cleaner


Most homes have a vacuum cleaner suitable for cleaning the floor and removing dust. It may be unsuitable for mattress cleaning though if it does not have an upholstery attachment and crevice attachment. Using the wrong vacuum cleaner may damage the fabric and foam on top of the mattress especially if more pressure is applied. When this happens, you might experience signs you require professional mattress steam cleaning.


Cleaning with A Low Capacity Cleaner

A wide range of steam cleaners are available in the market and vary in their cleaning capacity, rating, and price. For mattress steam cleaning, the cleaner should have enough capacity to reach the inner layers of the mattress and kill the dust mites, bacteria, and other harmful microbes. This is a way to maintain mattress hygiene.

Often, homeowners with a limited budget will purchase the cheapest steam cleaner available. They think it will perform just the same, but it is actually a common myth homeowners have about mattress steam cleaning. Later on, they will find that it is unsuitable for cleaning the mattress, and the dust mites remain despite using the cleaner. 


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There are times when homeowners attempt to do mattress steam cleaning by themselves, especially if they think they can solve a simple mess such as food or liquid spilled on the bed. However, they make more mistakes by cleaning the mattress with water, using a multi-purpose cleaner, and cleaning with a low-capacity cleaner.

There are many reasons why you should engage professional mattress cleaning services like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore. They acquire the right equipment, have enough experience, and are efficient. They also offer mattress deep cleaning services and mattress stain removal services


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