4 Causes of Yellow Stain on Your Mattress and How to Remove It

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One indication that your mattresses are aging is that they are starting to appear yellowish. Yellow stains are mainly because of fluids like sweat, urine, oil, or simply because of aging. It is important to clean your mattresses as soon as yellow stains are seen because it will be harder to remove as time passes. For an easier and detailed removal of the stains, calling a mattress cleaning service (e.g. DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore) is a great option to perform mattress stain removal. However, some prefer to DIY by using cleaning supplies at home.

We will now discuss the causes of yellow stains on your mattresses, and what you can do to remove them yourself.


Different Causes Of Mattress Stains



One of the causes of yellow stains on mattresses is sweat and it often leaves bad odours too. Although it might be difficult to notice the stains during the initial phases, this is a common reason for yellow stains on mattresses.



Whenever there are kids or pets at home, bed wetting situations are commonly faced and this causes yellow stains on the mattress. Also, the odour from the urine is not easy to remove. For this, you might have to read some guide to getting rid of pee on your mattress and look for a good mattress stain remover. You can also opt to contact a professional to clean your mattress for you.



Oil may cause stains on your mattress if you accidentally drop food on your bed. Oil comes out of our bodies too which causes stains on the mattress as well. At first it might be unnoticeable until the stain starts to get yellow. When that happens, you will be needing professional mattress cleaning to help reduce the old stain on the mattress, that way you can maintain your mattress hygiene.


Excess moisture caused by the oil, urine or sweat on your mattress was seen to be a perfect place where mildew and mould grow. Mould can look like yellow spots and can appear on a particular area of the mattress. You can find ingredients at home that can help you when following a step by step guide in cleaning your mattress at home.


Steps To Get Rid Of Yellow Stains From Your Mattress


Mattress stains can be prevented so that you will not have to deal with the yellow stains. For that to be possible, simple precautions are needed like regularly changing your bed sheets and using a protective mattress cover. Through this, you can maintain the proper hygiene in your bedroom. Besides, mattress cleaning is important for your health because it lessens the risk of illness from the germs and bacteria present in your mattress. You can opt to hire a professional to perform a mattress cleaning service or you can resort to DIY cleaning where you will be needing ingredients found in your home like dishwashing liquid or hydrogen peroxide. You can also try to follow the steps we prepared for cleaning below:

Step 1

In making your stain remover, you will need to mix a fair amount of liquid soap with water. Mix until thick suds start to form.

Step 2

Using a damp, clean cloth, scoop the suds and make sure to take only the suds and as little water as you can. Rub it in a circular motion over the yellow stain on the mattress.

Step 3

Blot and absorb any excess moisture from the mattress using a dry clean cloth.

Step 4

The stains might not be removed immediately, so you will have to keep repeating the second and third step using the mattress stain remover you prepared.

Step 5

You can mist hydrogen peroxide over the stain if it is still visible. Let the hydrogen peroxide set for about five minutes before blotting. Repeat this process as needed.

Each result from these steps varies depending on what kind of stain you are trying to remove. For old stains, these home remedies might not entirely work as quickly as fresh stains, which is why it is best to treat any kind of stain as soon as possible. Dealing with tough, old stains requires much more effort – that is why you should engage professional mattress cleaning service so you would not have to deal with this problem.



There are different causes of the yellow stain on your mattress like sweat, urine, oil, or mould. This is important because knowing the cause of the yellow stain on your mattress is a big help to know how to eliminate them. You may make a stain removal solution to lessen the appearance of the stain but if it is an old stain, you might have to exert more effort to remove it. For this, you may opt to call a mattress cleaning professional like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore because they are equipped with the needed tools to clean your mattress. They are more than willing to do the job for you. You may also wish to read other articles like how often you should engage a professional for mattress cleaning to know more on how to maintain your mattress’ quality.



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