Bed Cleaning Services – What Are Some Common Misconceptions?

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In most households, you will find several mattresses used by different family members. Most of the time, homeowners are unaware that sleeping on a dirty mattress can cause health issues. It is only when a family member starts to fall sick that they start sourcing for professional bed cleaning services such as mattress vacuuming, mattress steam cleaning, and mattress deep cleaning. Apart from this, most homeowners hold misconceptions about bed cleaning and as such, will often tend to delay arranging for bed cleaning services. Some common misconceptions that homeowners have about bed cleaning services are discussed below.


Engage Bed Cleaning Services Only When Mattress is Dirty


We often use bed covers to protect our mattresses. However, since both the bed cover and mattress are usually absorbent, dust and debris such as food, pollen, and other dirt particles can accumulate in the deep layers of the mattress after some time. Although the mattress may look clean on the outside, the dirt trapped inside is what can cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues. This is why bed cleaning is important.

It is not wise for homeowners to wait until their bed cover is dirty. To maintain good health, it is important to arrange for bed cleaning services for a minimum of once in six months. At the same time, when regular bed cleaning is done, the mattress cleaning process becomes easier, as compared to having to remove excessive dirt from an extremely dirty mattress. It is also recommended to read more on when you should hire professional bed cleaning services so that you can take charge of your bed cleaning needs.


New Mattresses Do Not Require Bed Cleaning Services


Most people hold the misconception that if they purchase a new mattress, no bed cleaning service is needed. However, they are unaware that during the manufacturing process, chemicals that are used can cause the accumulation of some debris in the mattress. Apart from this, during the packing and transportation process, a new mattress can absorb dirt, especially if it is put on display in a showroom. As such, it is wise to look for methods to clean your bed, inclusive of your mattress. Even if it is newly purchased, doing so is how you can maintain a clean bed.


You Can Clean Your Mattress By Yourself

Some homeowners feel that they can cut costs by saving on bed cleaning services, so long as they follow a guide to bed cleaning at home. However, most of the time, they lack the proper cleaning tools and supplies, as well as the skills that are required to do bed cleaning in an effective way. They may also find out more about bed cleaning on the internet, but their research done might not be thorough. Due to this, their beds are not cleaned properly. Homeowners may also need more time to do bed cleaning as they are not skilled. There will also be a chance that the mattress can get damaged if they do it by themselves, requiring them to purchase another one within just a short time.


You Can Engage Any Bed Cleaning Company

Some homeowners may engage just any bed cleaning company, thinking that their mattress will be cleaned properly. However, what they do not realise is that the quality of bed cleaning services may vary across different cleaning companies in Singapore.

Bed cleaning companies that charge cheaper rates may not own proper cleaning equipment to carry out bed cleaning services such as mattress steam cleaning or mattress vacuuming. In other instances, their staff may not have adequate experience in carrying out bed cleaning services properly with the cleaning equipment. Due to this, your mattress may not be cleaned thoroughly, or it can get potentially damaged. To avoid engaging the wrong cleaning company, it is advisable to look through the bed cleaning reviews, as well as to find out more on the points to consider before engaging in bed cleaning services.


Bed Cleaning Not Necessary Since Beds Are Free of Dust Mites

Nowadays, most mattress manufacturers include a guarantee for dust mite coating for their mattresses. However, the guarantee is only valid for a certain amount of time, as the coating will wear off with time and expose your mattress to dust and dust mites. To keep your mattress free of dust mites and allergens, bed cleaning is necessary. Consequences that homeowners may face if bed cleaning is not done include loss of sleep, compromised air quality, and allergy symptoms.


Only Require Water and Shampoo for Bed Cleaning

Most homeowners also hold the misconception that they will be able to maintain a clean mattress just by using water and shampoo. However, most mattress manufacturers do not recommend using water with harsh cleaning agents – this includes carpet cleaning shampoos. Doing so, it can make the mattress damp and cause irreversible damage to the mattress material.

If there are any stains on your mattress, you should clean using a damp cloth and mild soap. After which, make sure to dry your mattress immediately to avoid watermark retention on your mattress cover. Additionally, to clean your beds in a more professional way, do not apply any liquids to your mattress material. It is also advisable to read more about mattress stain removal for different mattress materials. However, if you are not confident in cleaning your bed by yourself, you may wish to reap the advantages of hiring professional bed cleaning services. One such advantage is that your mattress will not be damaged from the bed cleaning procedure, as a professional is skilled and have the proper equipment to do the cleaning.


Bed Cleaning Is Not Required If There Is a Bed Cover


Although a bed cover can protect your mattress from stains such as food and drinks that may spill on your bed, it will not be the case for dust mites and other allergens. After a period of time, dust mites and allergens can become embedded in your mattress. Various other contaminants such as dead skin, sweat, and dust can also accumulate in your mattress. To remove trapped contaminants, dust mites, and other allergens, it is important to do bed cleaning such as mattress steam cleaning. It is time to banish one of the common myths that homeowners have about mattress steam cleaning, as they tend to think that bed covers are sufficient for mattress protection.


Bed Vacuuming Should Be Done Weekly or Monthly


While it is good practice to vacuum your beds on a weekly or monthly basis, it is still not sufficient. It is important to consider engaging professional bed cleaning services, as your beds will be cleaned thoroughly from any pollen, dust, fungi, and other harmful microbes. At the same time, bed cleaning professionals are skilled and have the proper equipment to ensure that your mattresses are cleaned in a safe manner, without causing damage. It is also recommended to know more about how often you should do bed vacuuming to make sure you keep your mattresses clean.



Most homeowners in Singapore do not have the mindset of having their beds cleaned periodically. They tend to look for bed cleaning services only when they start to experience an issue. In addition, due to the common misconceptions that they have surrounding bed cleaning services, they tend to engage such services only when they detect dirt on their mattress surface. Others think that new mattresses do not require bed cleaning services. Another group believes that they are capable of cleaning their mattresses by themselves, only to achieve unsatisfactory results.

To achieve optimum mattress cleaning results, it is best to engage professional bed cleaning services from a company like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore. With an experienced team of professionals and proper equipment, your mattress will be cleaned in the most efficient and effective way.


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