Importance of Mattress Vacuuming

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Most people do not check their mattresses unless they do not sleep well at night, or they smell something bad from their bed. Quality mattresses can be expensive, housekeeping experts recommend mattress vacuuming regularly to extend their lifespan. If food or other objects are spilled on the mattress, it is recommended to vacuum immediately and let the family sleep on it at night. In addition, households should hire a professional to do a mattress deep cleaning on a regular basis. Some of the reasons why it is important to vacuum your mattress are listed below.


To Remove Dust Mites and Allergens


While dust mites are microscopic organisms, they can cause a host of allergies, respiratory and health problems. These dust mites feed on the dead skin and hair cells that are shed from the body and are found in carpets, mattresses, and elsewhere. If they are not removed, the dust mites will multiply rapidly and infect other areas. These dust mites can also appear in cracks and crannies of mattresses. One of the main benefits of regular mattress vacuuming is that it can remove these dust mites and prevent the problems that they cause.


To Get Rid of Fungal Spores


Mattress Cleaning is necessary since most people sweat when they are sleeping or resting on their bed. This perspiration can transfer to the mattress, increasing the moisture level, and harmful fungi may start to grow on the mattress. The spores of these fungi stay in the bed, causing breathing problems. Additionally, there may be mold and mildew, which will also grow if the mattress is wet or moist. Mattress cleaning professionals indicated that one of the importance of mattress cleaning for your health is that it can possibly remove the fungal spores, mold, and mildew thoroughly so that the fungus does not propagate further in the house or worse on your lungs.


To Maintain Mattress Quality

A mattress that is vacuumed clean periodically, can be in a better condition and can last for a longer period of time. Therefore if you are wondering how to properly vacuum your mattress yourself, start off with washing your sheets thoroughly with a washing machine. Most mattresses are larger in size, so dusting or brushing is usually the only way to clean the surface of the mattress. One of the steps to cleaning your mattress at home is to use a vacuum cleaner with an adequate rating that will remove dirt deep inside the mattress. Also, for some mattresses, the inner foam or filling will get compacted after some time. In some cases, a vacuum can be used to make the mattress fluffy and comfortable to use.


To Clean Food Particles

In tiny houses, the bed is also used as a sofa, and people may sit on the bed to snack or eat. In other cases, people may have snacks while sitting on their bed or have food particles sticking to their clothes. In these cases, food crumbs will fall on the bed and some are transferred to the mattress. It is important to opt for a professional mattress vacuuming services in Singapore to effectively remove any food particles on your mattress at the earliest because these food particles often attract large numbers of insects, especially cockroaches and ants, which can cause painful and irritating bites. Additionally, the food may decay making your bed smell bad.


Remove Pet Hairs


Many people in Singapore have one or more pets in their houses. Pets will often hang out around the house and spend time in comfy beds. In other cases, family members who play with pets may have some pet hair attached to their clothes and bodies. When they sit on the bed, this pet hair is transferred to the mattress, causing allergies and other problems. This is why, if you are thinking of ways to maintain your mattress hygiene, a mattress vacuum can help to remove pet hair and dander, making the mattress safer to use and preventing allergies.


Why Regular Vacuum Cleaning is Good for You?

Now, if you are wondering why you should engage in a professional mattress cleaning service like DW Mattress Cleaning, it is because it has more benefits to offer. The professional staff will clean the mattress thoroughly so that it will look cleaner and help improve your sleep quality. Removing food scraps, and grime ensures that harmful insects and other pests such as bed bugs do not grow in the mattress. Also, when dust and dust mites are removed, the air quality improves, which is great for everyone, especially those with breathing problems.



You might be wondering about the importance of mattress vacuuming and why it should be on a regular basis. Mattress vacuuming is important so that all the dust, dust mites, or any allergens will be eliminated on your mattress. It is good to have a good night’s sleep without any worries. Second, it is important that you can get rid of all the fungal spores that can cause breathing problems. Next, is to maintain your mattress quality and effectively remove all pet hairs.

If you are wondering how often you should engage a professional for mattress cleaning, the answer is it is more beneficial if it is done on a regular basis, especially if done by a professional like DW Mattress Cleaning. Our staff are well trained and experienced to do this for you. Besides that, we also have the latest and required tools to keep your mattress clean and safe for your family to use.


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