5 Points To Consider Before Engaging A Professional Bed Cleaning Service In Singapore

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Most of the time, our household chores and jobs keep us busy. Due to a hectic schedule, most families in Singapore do not have the time to clean their beds properly. In addition, they also lack the skills, compared to hiring bed cleaning services to get the task done. Hence, they prefer to source a reliable company to meet their bed cleaning needs.

Since the upward trend in the demand for bed cleaning services in recent years, many companies are providing these services. These cleaning companies utilise various methods to clean beds such as – mattress deep cleaning, mattress steam cleaning, mattress vacuuming, and mattress stain removal; and their rates may vary. To help you make the best decision when it comes to engaging professional bed cleaning services, it is useful to consider the points discussed below.


Years Of Experience

One important factor that all families should note when it comes to hiring bed cleaning companies, is the number of years that the company has been in the industry. Although newly established companies may charge lower for their bed cleaning works, well-established companies are able to provide quality bed cleaning services that these newer companies are not able to provide.

Bed cleaning companies that have been around for more than 5 years will have a large base of satisfied customers. This is why you should engage professional bed cleaning services from companies that have been operating for a long time. In addition, these companies have well-trained staff with years of experience and are well-equipped to handle your bed cleaning needs.


Internet Reviews


Bed cleaning companies in Singapore, like many other well-established companies, are listed on online directories and review sites. Therefore, it is wise to look through internet reviews before deciding on which company to choose. Companies with a large number of positive bed cleaning reviews are those who have a large base of satisfied clients, as opposed to companies whose cleaning services do not meet expectations.


Bed Cleaning Prices

If homeowners find that reviews and bed cleaning methods are similar among various bed cleaning companies, this is when they should look at the bed cleaning price list. From this list, homeowners will be able to do a comparison the prices for the various types of bed cleaning services, mattress sizes, as well as other aspects.

It is common for most people to want to pay the lowest amount for their bed cleaning services while expecting their mattresses to be cleaned to the highest standards. What they are unaware of is that some of these bed cleaning companies are able to offer low prices as they use inferior quality chemicals to clean mattresses. Their mattresses are then exposed to the high possibility of being damaged.

  • Size Of Mattress


One factor that affects the price of bed cleaning is mattress size. There are often multiple mattresses of different sizes in each home, being used by various family members. As such, it is advisable to check with the bed cleaning company on the prices for each mattress size. After which, compare these prices against those of other bed cleaning companies. It is a usual practice for bed cleaning professionals to charge their customers based on mattress size since additional time will be needed for cleaning.

  • Ways Of Cleaning


Mattress material and design will influence the way in which your mattress will be cleaned. It is important to read the cleaning instructions indicated by the mattress manufacturer, as the specific materials that can be used for cleaning will be mentioned. Some mattresses are only suitable for dry cleaning and are not to be cleaned with water.

Some common and more affordable ways of cleaning mattresses include mattress steam cleaning or using hot water extraction for mattress dirt. Whilst these ways of cleaning are relatively cheaper, it is important to know that your mattress will stay damp for some time. Another way in which companies do bed cleaning would be by using ultraviolet rays to destroy harmful micro-organisms in the mattress. This is comparatively more expensive than mattress steam cleaning or the hot water extraction method. It is advisable to check on the suitability of the cleaning method first, regardless of which bed cleaning method you choose to get rid of mattress urine for instance.


Cleaning Equipment And Supplies


How well a mattress is cleaned depends on the equipment and cleaning supplies used by the bed cleaning company. Companies that use equipment with the latest technology while following a guide to cleaning beds, will probably charge higher for the cleaning services. It is recommended that homeowners check with cleaning companies on the types of equipment and cleaning supplies they will use, together with the price list, to make the best decision when selecting a bed cleaning company.


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It is important to clean and deodorize your bed periodically as this is how you can maintain a clean bed. However, as most families have a hectic schedule with work and household chores, they prefer to engage in professional bed cleaning services. Points that they should consider when engaging in such services include years of experience, workmanship warranty, bed cleaning prices, internet reviews, as well as equipment and cleaning supplies that bed cleaning companies use.

It is recommended to engage bed cleaning services from a company like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore, as the company is a professional and reliable one. With an experienced team of staff and professional bed cleaning equipment, they are not only able to fulfill your bed cleaning needs, but they do it to the highest standards possible by ensuring proper cleaning is done without causing damage.


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