4 Consequences Homeowners Face If Bed Cleaning Is Not Done

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When it comes to bed cleaning, you usually wash your mattress covers and bed sheets regularly in a washing machine However, did you know that bed cleaning also includes cleaning your mattress? Cleaning your mattress, as compared to cleaning bed sheets or mattress covers, is much more difficult as it is not easy to move your bulky mattress around for cleaning. Due to inconvenience and the busy schedule that most families also have, they are likely to delay bed cleaning for at least a few months. However, sleeping on a dirty mattress can cause various problems such as loss of sleep, compromised air quality, allergy symptoms, and the accumulation of dust mites. One way to solve these issues is to engage professional bed cleaning services as bed cleaning experts will be able to carry out mattress steam cleaning, mattress deep cleaning, and mattress vacuuming in an effective and efficient manner with the tools and skills that they possess.


Loss Of Sleep


Did you know that if you do not have quality sleep at night, it might lead to your health being affected? People who lack sleep tend to get stressed more easily, impacting their immune system. They also become less productive and are likely to put on excess weight. In addition, the most common cause of sleep disturbances in the middle of the night experienced by most people is due to itchy skin or rashes. This is due to their mattresses having trapped dust mites, as well as other forms of dirt. Another major issue that causes people to have sleep disruptions, is breathing difficulty. As such, this is why bed cleaning is important for your health, as getting quality sleep can contribute to your overall well-being.

We sleep on our beds daily, causing dirt and sweat from our bodies to be transferred to both our bed sheets and mattress. Though we clean our bed sheets regularly, especially once we spot dirt, we mostly neglect cleaning our mattresses. Some people may not have cleaned their beds, specifically their mattresses for months or even years. They then tend to experience sleep difficulty or sleep disruptions throughout the night due to skin itching. Professional bed cleaning services are thus recommended as your bed will be effectively cleared of dust mites and any other dirt. You may not know how to do deep cleaning of your mattress by yourself to achieve the best results but bed cleaning professionals will be able to do proper cleaning of your mattress. The reason why it is important to perform mattress deep cleaning regularly is so that dirt, grime, and dust mites can be properly removed from your mattress, restoring it to a condition that is safe for use.


Compromised Air Quality

It is common for us to spill drinks and food on our beds and this dirt is immediately visible. When it comes to our mattresses, however, we are unable to detect dust particles and dirt with our naked eyes. If bed cleaning is not done periodically, excessive dust particles can accumulate. Just imagine, what will happen if someone sits on your mattress or when you shift it? The trapped dirt and dust will start to diffuse into the air.

With compromised air quality in the room, family members who have respiratory conditions such as asthma can be badly affected. Cleaning your beds regularly is therefore critical and finding out more about how often to hire mattress cleaning professionals is the first step to taking charge of your mattress hygiene. These bed cleaning professionals will help make sure your mattresses are cleaned with care, without any damage being caused, as well as ensure thorough bed cleaning is done. As such, hiring these experts is one of the best ways to maintain mattress hygiene.


Allergy Symptoms


Most people experience allergy symptoms such as sneezing, respiratory issues, rashes, and itchy skin when they are exposed to different organisms – both living and non-living. Their allergies usually happen when they inhale these organisms or when their skin gets exposed to them. If you do bed cleaning regularly, your mattress will be free of allergens that are likely to cause you allergies.

However, if bed cleaning is not done periodically, your mattress can accumulate dust mites, fungal spores, dirt, insects, and also other allergens that could cause allergies upon coming in contact with the mattress. Once you start experiencing allergy symptoms, it is often one of the signs you require professional mattress steam cleaning.


Accumulation Of Dust Mites


Do you know that each person will shed an estimated 1.5g of dead skin cells on their mattress each day? Dead skin will then attract harmful dust mites that can cause allergies. In severe cases, you may even suffer from breathing and other health issues. If bed cleaning is done periodically, your mattress will be rid of dead skin and dust mites that feed on them. However, not cleaning your bed for years will increase the supply of dead skin left on the mattress for dust mites to feed on. They will then reproduce at a high rate.

Mattresses that have not been cleaned for a long time may have as many as two million dust mites accumulated. Not only will your mattress be affected, but these dust mites can also travel to home furniture such as your sofa, chairs, and even the clothes in your wardrobe!  It will be more costly and time-consuming to rid your furniture and clothes of these dust mites. Therefore, it is important to know when to hire professional bed cleaning services, as delaying this will cause the dust mites from your mattress to spread to other furniture. If you want to avoid this, it is advisable to arrange for bed cleaning services – a minimum of twice per year. Out of the many bed cleaning companies in the market, your ability to find a reliable and trustworthy one to manage your bed cleaning needs will depend on whether you know about the points to consider before engaging professional bed cleaning services.



It is important to do regular bed cleaning as you and your family members sleep on the bed daily. Not maintaining good mattress hygiene can cause various issues such as loss of sleep, compromised air quality, allergy symptoms, and the accumulation of dust mites. If you want to put an end to these issues, you can leave your bed cleaning needs to a professional company. With specialised equipment and years of experience, these bed cleaning professionals can help you achieve a hygienic mattress that is fit for use. You will no longer have to experience the health issues mentioned above due to lack of sleep.


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