5 Common Myths Homeowners Have About Mattress Steam Cleaning

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There are usually multiple mattresses in a house, and depending on how they are used, mattresses will become dirty after some time. Unlike bedsheets and other home furnishings, mattress stain removal or mattress deep cleaning cannot be done by a washing machine due to their bulky size. Hence, homeowners have to hire a professional for mattress steam cleaning and since they have to pay for the cleaning service, they will often postpone cleaning. Some of the common myths about when and who can steam clean mattress are discussed below, so that homeowners realize the importance of mattress cleaning and can schedule the cleaning at the right time.


Mattress Steam Cleaning Should Be Delayed Until Dust Gathers


Since arranging for mattress cleaning services will take time, some homeowners will postpone this to the latest extent possible. This is a mistake since it will be more difficult to remove dirt that is deeply embedded in the mattress. It will take additional time to clean an extra dirty mattress and the mattress cleaning company may also charge higher if deep cleaning of mattress is required. Additionally, dirt lodged in the mattress can cause infections, respiratory and other health problems for the person sleeping on it. An unhygienic mattress may potentially affect the quality of indoor air that you breathe, therefore mattress cleaning for your health is important. It is advisable to periodically clean your mattress once every 6 to 12 months to maintain a sanitary mattress.


Mattresses with A Cover Don’t Require Steam Cleaning


Often, families feel that if they have used a mattress cover, the mattress will remain clean and will not require steam cleaning or mattress vacuuming. However, the extent of mattress protection offered by the mattress cover varies, depending on the mattress design. If the mattress cover has a zip and covers the mattress completely, it will be less dirty. However, if the mattress cover only covers the top part of the mattress, dust mites and other dirt can still enter through the side. Hence, it is advisable to clean both the mattress cover and the mattress periodically depending on how it is used.


Anyone Can Do Mattress Steam Cleaning


Mattresses are designed for comfortable sleeping and consist of fabric, foam, and other material. Most families feel that they can steam mattresses themselves to save money. However, they do not know how to do mattress steam cleaning properly. Some common steam cleaning mistakes people make include using a multi-purpose cleaner, using water or even a beater to rid their mattress of dust. Using incorrect mattress cleaning methods, coupled with lack of mattress cleaning skills may cause people to unintentionally damage the fabric, foam, and other parts of the mattress.


New Mattresses Don’t Require Steam Cleaning

New mattresses will also become dirty over a period of time since the fabric and foam will attract dust particles. If a new mattress is not cleaned periodically, the accumulated dirt may damage mattress fabric and other parts of the mattress. Signs you require professional mattress steam cleaning present themselves in a few ways, such as through discovering bed bug infestation, dust mite accumulation and when you suffer heightened allergy symptoms. Hence, it is advisable to steam clean a new mattress after it has been used for a few weeks or months, applying a protective layer if necessary.


Professional Mattress Cleaning Isn’t Worth It

Though some people feel that hiring mattress cleaning professionals is a waste of money, professional mattress cleaning services can greatly extend the lifespan of a mattress through thorough cleaning. In contrast, most families do not have the right tools and can damage their expensive mattress by cleaning it incorrectly. One way in which people can look for a reliable and affordable mattress cleaning company is to check out the mattress cleaning reviews and balance this with the mattress cleaning price being offered, to determine if they get value for money. Knowing more advantages of engaging mattress cleaning professionals will also help in understanding why it is worth it.



Homeowners often hold misconceptions surrounding mattress cleaning such as not having to steam clean their mattresses so long as they use a mattress cover, that they can perform steam cleaning by themselves, and that they should postpone mattress cleaning until their mattress gathers as much dust as possible. However, these are untrue as the above-mentioned facts show that their mattresses can be damaged, their health can be affected, and they will potentially incur higher cost for restoring their mattresses. If you are looking for professional mattress steam cleaning services, engage DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore. An advantage to hiring mattress cleaning experts for your steam cleaning is that they have the proper skills and equipment to do a thorough cleaning. With years of training and experience, they will ensure that your mattress is in good hands.


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