The Difference Between Mattress Vacuuming vs. Mattress Steam Cleaning

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Most people spend at least eight hours a day in bed, so dirt from the body and clothing is transferred to the bed. Though the bed sheet covering the mattress is washed regularly, some of the dirt on the bed sheet is transferred to the mattress. Due to the size of the mattress, it cannot be washed in a washing machine so mattress vacuuming is the easiest way to remove the dirt and debris on the mattress. Even if family members vacuum bed mattress, there are some stains and pests which will not be removed, and in this case, mattress steam cleaning is recommended for removing all the dirt and pests.


What Is Mattress Vacuuming?


Mattress vacuuming is the process of cleaning a mattress with a vacuum cleaner. One importance of mattress vacuuming is to remove all the dirt on the mattress.  While not all vacuums can do this, it is recommended that the homeowner should use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment for better cleaning of the mattress. The vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is recommended since it is more effective in removing the allergens. If you think of mattress vacuuming and how to properly do it yourself, it is important to note that mattresses have crevices and seams where the dust, debris and dirt will accumulate, and the crevice attachment should be used to dislodge the dirt. The area under and below the mattress, including the bed, should also be cleaned to remove dust and grime, which can spread to a clean mattress.


What Is Mattress Steam Cleaning?


One benefit of mattress steam cleaning is removing stains and dust mites that cannot be removed with a vacuum. A special appliance for steam cleaning is used so that steam is passed through the mattress at a high temperature to kill the dust mites, pests, bacteria and other harmful microbes. In addition, steam cleaning can also use the chemicals and odors on the mattress to remove any stains from the mattress, making it deodorized. As you might know,  Since the mattress may become moist after steam cleaning, the user should wait for the mattress to dry before using it. You have to be careful though as you might bump into the common mistakes homeowners make when performing mattress steam cleaning.


Which Is More Beneficial for Your Mattress?

The main benefit of regular mattress vacuuming is that it easily removes surface dirt and debris at the surface but not stubborn stains. In most cases, the microscopic dust mites, which are deep inside the mattress, cannot be removed using vacuum cleaning. Hence if you are faced with dirty mattresses which are infested with pests like dust mites and bed bugs, it is a sign you require professional mattress steam cleaning. Since steam at a very high temperature is passed through the mattress during steam cleaning, all the dust mites, bacteria, and other harmful living organisms in the mattress are killed, sanitizing it. Additionally, the chemicals added during the steam cleaning process can remove stains and odors from the mattress.


Hire DW Mattress Cleaning for Mattress Cleaning Services


Most households in Singapore do not have the time, skills and equipment to thoroughly clean their mattresses. Therefore, they should hire a professional as they are highly trained and skilled with the best cleaning equipment and provide steam and vacuum cleaning services for mattresses.



Homeowners spend a lot of time in their beds, so it is only right that the mattress is kept clean. Knowing which type of mattress cleaning service to avail is one way to maintain your mattress hygiene. Mattress vacuuming mostly deals with surface dirt, dust, food particles and other allergens that may cause harm to your health and your sleep. Mattress steam cleaning, however, uses the high temperatures of the steam to eliminate any pests like dust mites, and bed bugs. It effectively gets rid of stains and odors that are set in your mattress. If ever  you need mattress cleaning, it is highly recommended that you acquire the services of professional mattress cleaners such as the experts from DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore. They are well-equipped to handle any type of cleaning and maintenance your mattress needs, efficiently and effectively.


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