8 Common Misconceptions About Mattress Cleaning Services

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Most families in Singapore have at least a few mattresses at home. In most cases, they are not aware of the health problems caused by sleeping on a dirty mattress. It is only when someone starts to fall ill that they start searching for suitable mattress cleaning services such as mattress vacuuming, mattress steam cleaning, and mattress deep cleaning. Besides that, many families have misconceptions regarding mattress cleaning in Singapore and frequently postpone their needed mattress cleaning. Listed below are some of the common misconceptions that families have when choosing a mattress cleaning professional.


Hire Mattress Cleaning Services only When the Mattress Looks Dirty


The mattress and the mattress cover are usually absorbent. Therefore, any dust, food, pollen, and other dirt particles will often penetrate deep inside the mattress over a period of time. On the surface, the mattress may appear clean. The truth, however, is that the dirt inside can cause allergies and respiratory problems. As such, mattress cleaning is important for your health and should be done periodically.

Any family should not wait until the top cover of their mattress looks dirty. Mattress cleaning is important to their health, which is why they should periodically schedule mattress cleaning at least once in six months. Additionally, it is usually difficult to remove all the dirt if a mattress is extremely dirty, whereas it is easier to properly clean a mattress when it is cleaned regularly. To help you schedule your mattress cleaning, it is useful to know how often you should engage a mattress cleaning professional.


New Mattresses Do Not Need Cleaning Services


Most people make the mistake of thinking that their new mattress does not require any cleaning and directly use it after unpacking. However, a new mattress often has chemicals used in the manufacturing process and some debris will accumulate after manufacturing. In addition, while the mattress is being packed and transported, some extra dirt may collect on the mattress, especially if it was used in a showroom.

It is better to find ways to clean the mattress thoroughly even if it is brand new. This is also a way to maintain mattress hygiene before using it at home for sleeping.


You Can Clean Your Own Mattress 

Some homeowners think that they may save money by following a step-by-step guide to cleaning their mattresses at home. Oftentimes, however, they do not have the cleaning tools, supplies, and skills to do mattress cleaning properly. Homeowners may even do some research online to get information on mattress cleaning but may not have researched well enough. This results in the mattress not getting cleaned effectively.

In some cases, the mattress may also get damaged during the cleaning and will have to be replaced after a short period of time. The homeowner will also have to spend more time cleaning the mattress since they do not have any prior experience. These are reasons why you should engage professional mattress cleaning services.


You Can Hire Any Mattress Cleaning Company 


Some families make the mistake of assuming they can hire any mattress cleaning service provider and do not realize that there is a significant difference in the quality of the mattress cleaning services available in Singapore.

Some cheaper cleaning companies may not have proper cleaning equipment for mattress vacuuming or mattress steam cleaning. In other cases, the staff may not be well-trained in cleaning the mattress using the cleaning equipment. As a result, the mattress is not properly cleaned or gets damaged. Hence, it is advisable to check mattress cleaning reviews and feedback. These are the things to look out for before hiring a mattress cleaning company and availing of their services.


Mattress Cleaning Not Required Since Mattresses Are Free of Dust Mites

When you purchase a mattress nowadays, it usually comes with a dust mite coating guarantee from the mattress manufacturer. You might think that because of this, your mattress is protected against dust mites. However, do you know that this coating can only last for a certain period of time and will eventually wear off? When this happens, your mattress will be exposed to dust mites and dust. Regular mattress cleaning is therefore important, to protect your mattress against dust mites, as well as allergens. Besides the accumulation of dust mites, sleep deprivation, poor air quality, and allergic reactions are what will happen if you do not clean your mattress.


Only Water And Shampoo Are Needed For Mattress Cleaning

Do you know that using only shampoo and water can cause damage to your mattress? Most homeowners are unaware and may make the mistake of using harsh cleaning agents such as carpet shampoos to do mattress cleaning. Mattress manufacturers certainly do not recommend this. It is advisable to remove mattress stains with a damp cloth and mild soap. After cleaning, ensure that your mattress is dried quickly, as delaying this can cause water marks to form on your mattress cover.

Apart from this, a more professional way of cleaning your mattress is not to use any form of fluid on your mattress material. Being aware of the common mistakes homeowners make during mattress stain removal, as well as how to do mattress stain removal for different mattress materials, can benefit you. However, due to the lack of skills and proper equipment, you may wish to entrust the task to a mattress cleaning professional, as you may unintentionally damage your mattress while cleaning.


Mattress Cleaning Is Not Needed If There Is a Mattress Cover


While mattress covers can protect your mattress from food and drink stains, there is no immunity against dust mites and other allergens. If you do not clean your mattress for an extended period of time, dust mites and allergens can penetrate your mattress. Your mattress can also accumulate other contaminants such as dead skin, sweat, and dust.

Doing regular bed cleaning, such as mattress steam cleaning, can help you rid your mattress of any trapped contaminants, allergens, and dust mites. Knowing more about the benefits of mattress steam cleaning will help you appreciate its importance, as one of the common myths that homeowners have about mattress steam cleaning is that mattress covers are enough for mattress protection.


Weekly or Monthly Mattress Vacuuming Is Sufficient


Did you know that even if you vacuum your mattress weekly or monthly, it is not sufficient to ensure that your mattress is clean? To ensure that your mattresses are cleaned properly, it is advisable to engage professional mattress cleaning services. As these professionals are experienced and have specialized equipment, they will be able to remove all dust, fungi, pollen, as well as other harmful organisms. They will also clean your mattresses thoroughly, without causing damage. Learning more about how often you should do mattress vacuuming can help you schedule an appointment with a mattress cleaning company on time. It is also advisable to view the previous works of mattress cleaning professionals, before selecting one. This way, you can be assured that they will vacuum your mattresses in the most professional manner.



Most families in Singapore often think that it is not necessary to clean their mattresses regularly, so long as they use mattress covers. Only when they experience an inconvenience, do they search for mattress cleaning services. Furthermore, they often have common misconceptions about mattress cleaning services, such as mattress vacuuming, and only hire mattress cleaning services when the mattress looks dirty. Others believe that a new mattress does not need cleaning. A number also attempt to clean their mattress on their own with harsh cleaning agents, only to achieve undesired results.

It is still best to engage mattress cleaning services from a reputable cleaning company. With a well-trained team of professionals and proper equipment, these companies will provide you with optimum results. You can trust that your mattresses will be cleaned thoroughly in no time!


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