What Will Happen If You Do Not Clean Your Mattress?

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Bed sheets and mattress covers are usually cleaned regularly since it is easy to clean them by putting them in a washing machine. In contrast, cleaning a mattress is tedious since the mattress is bulky and cannot be easily moved from one place to another for mattress cleaning. Hence, many people, especially families with a hectic schedule tend to postpone mattress cleaning for months. However, they are not aware that they will face more problems by not cleaning the mattress periodically. Some problems that you may face if you are not cleaning your mattress regularly include sleep deprivation, poor air quality, allergic reactions, and the presence of dust mites. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to engage professional mattress cleaning services such as mattress steam cleaning, mattress deep cleaning, and mattress vacuuming to help you restore your mattress to a condition that is safe for use.


Sleep Deprivation


Extensive research has shown that good sleep without any kind of disturbance is essential for maintaining your health. People who do not sleep well will face a wide range of problems ranging from reduced productivity, higher stress levels lowering immunity, and obesity. Often, people of all ages find that they get up in the middle of the night from sleep disturbances because their skin is itching, or they have rashes. While most people do not know what caused these rashes, it is usually due to dirty mattresses with allergens, dust mites, and other dirt which causes skin irritation and itching. Breathing problems are another major reason why people experience disturbed sleep. Therefore, the importance of mattress cleaning for your health should be prioritized.

Every day when a person sleeps, most of the dirt from his/her body, as well as sweat is transferred to the bedsheet and a large part of this dirt is also transferred to the mattress. While the bed sheet is cleaned periodically, especially when it looks dirty, most people will not clean their mattress for several months or even years. They will then often find their skin itching at night, making it difficult to go to sleep or they wake up in the middle of the night. This is a good reason why you should engage bed cleaning services as the mattress will be cleaned thoroughly from dust mites and any other dirt. Mattress cleaning professionals will be able to help you do deep cleaning of the mattress that you may not be able to do by yourself. The effective removal of dirt, dust mites and grime is why it is important to do mattress deep cleaning periodically.


Poor Air Quality

In some cases, especially if food or beverages are spilled on the mattress, the dirt is visible. However, in most cases, the mattress is covered with microscopic dirt and dust particles. These particles will often get transferred to the inner layers of the mattress. If the mattress is not cleaned for a long time, these dirt particles will increase in number. When the mattress is moved or when anyone sits on the mattress, some of these dirt and dust particles are released into the air. This will adversely impact the air quality in the room and home and can affect any family member who already has a respiratory problem (e.g., asthma). It is therefore important to ensure that your mattress is cleaned periodically. Knowing how often to engage a mattress cleaning professional can help you maintain mattress hygiene for your good health and also that of your family members. Hiring these professionals is one of the best ways to maintain your mattress hygiene as they will ensure that not only will your mattress be cleaned thoroughly, but it will also be cleaned without getting damaged.


Allergic Reactions


Most people are allergic to different living and non-living organisms. Exposure to these substances may cause them to fall sick, start sneezing, have respiratory problems, and experience rashes or itching skin. The allergy is usually triggered when they inhale allergens or come in contact with them through their skin. If mattress cleaning is done regularly, there will be no allergens in the mattress and the possibility of allergic reactions is greatly reduced. In contrast, if the mattress is not cleaned for a very long time, all the dirt, dust, fungal spores, dust mites, dead and living insects, and other allergens will accumulate in the mattress, resulting in allergic reactions for those who sleep or even sit on the bed. An allergic reaction is one of the signs you require professional mattress steam cleaning.


The Presence of Dust Mites


Most people are not aware that every person will shed approximately 1.5g of dead skin cells daily while sleeping on a mattress. While dead skin is harmless, dust mites that feed on dead skin can cause allergies, respiratory and other health problems. If the mattress is cleaned regularly, both the dead skin and dust mites will be removed from the mattress. In contrast, if the mattress is not cleaned for several years, dust mites will have plenty of dead skin to feed on and their population will increase rapidly.

In some cases, mattresses may have up to two million dust mites, and these dust mites will spread to other furniture in the house like the sofa, chairs, and even clothes. Removing dust mites from all the furniture and clothes can be very time-consuming and expensive. This is why you should engage professional mattress cleaning services at the earliest to remove these dust mites from the mattress before they spread to other furniture. Regular mattress cleaning should be scheduled at least twice a year, to prevent this problem from recurring. Knowing about the things to look out for before hiring a mattress cleaning company will help you in selecting a reliable and trustworthy one for your mattress cleaning needs.



Regular mattress cleaning is important in order to avoid problems such as sleep deprivation, poor air quality, allergic reactions, and the presence of dust mites. If you are facing these problems, you may want to entrust your mattress cleaning task to a professional for thorough cleaning. As they are experienced and have the right equipment, they will clean your mattress in the most precise and professional way.


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