5 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make During DIY Mattress Stain Removal

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When alcohol spills, red wine drips, or coffee plaques, many homeowners find themselves looking for ways to do mattress stain removal at home. Here are five common mistakes homeowners make when trying to tackle these types of stains, and how they can avoid them.


Getting Your Mattress Very Wet


It is a bad idea to use water in removing different types of mattress stain, as it can be harmful to the mattress. If you use too much water and leave the stain in this state, it can cause mold to form on the mattress. It is best to work on the stain at its most dried state and then allow it to dry out before you turn it over. This will prevent the stain from dying and staining even more as you try to clean it.


Relying On Aggressive Chemical Cleaners


One way to maintain your mattress hygiene is to avoid using aggressive chemical cleaners, because it can be harmful to your mattress. Instead, you need to opt for milder cleaners that are gentle on the mattress and coat them with a protective layer so they don’t cause any further damage. It’s also possible that these chemicals can cause your mattress to shrink, which can make stains more noticeable to you.


Rubbing The Stains


Most stains are caused by too much moisture and not enough agitation to remove it. When you wipe the stain with a dry towel, you’re just adding more moisture to the mattress and not doing anything to help the removal process. This is a common mistake during DIY mattress stain removal for different mattress materials. It is best to find a slightly damp towel and gently work on the stain until it has been removed. You don’t want to wipe the stain because it will only cause more damage to the mattress.


Using The Wrong Water Temperature

Water temperatures play a big role in guides to removing sweat stains from your mattress. The problem with using the wrong water temperature is that it can cause more damage to the mattress. If you use lukewarm water as some people suggest, you won’t have enough time to let it cool down and reduce damage. If you use cooler water then you are going to be prolonging the drying process and not allowing the stain to fully absorb into the mattress.


Not Calling A Professional Mattress Stain Removal

The last mistake people make is waiting too long before treating their mattress stain. The longer the stain sit on the mattress the harder it will be to remove it. In this case, one reason why you should engage with a professional mattress cleaning service is because they are trained to treat any kind of mattress stain. Though results may vary due to factors such as the duration of the stain and mattress material. Which is why it is still best to call a professional as soon as stains are spotted.


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Step by step guides on DIY mattress deep cleaning or stain removal can be a big help for homeowners who are on a budget but they often commit mistakes that can further damage the mattress. This article helps homeowners avoid mistakes like using too much water in spot cleaning, using aggressive chemical cleaners, rubbing the stains as this further pushes stains deeply into the mattress, and using the wrong water temperature. The most common one is not calling a professional to handle the mattress stains.

In any case, faced with stubborn mattress stains in the future, it is best to call a professional mattress cleaning company like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore. Our staff are trained and reliable when it comes to cleaning your mattresses. We have the necessary tools and equipment to clean your mattress efficiently and effectively.


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