Mattress Vacuuming: How to Properly Do It Yourself?

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The condition of any mattress depends to a large extent on how it is used. Mattresses are more likely to get dirty quickly if small children play and eat on the mattress, or if the area has a high level of contamination. In these cases, the family would like to do mattress vacuuming themselves since they can do it whenever they wish and to save some money. The mattress must be vacuumed using the correct method to remove all dirt and grime while ensuring that the mattress is not damaged. For your reference, step-by-step instructions on how to properly vacuum your mattress are provided below.


Steps On How To Vacuum Your Mattress Properly

Typically used for vacuum cleaning mattresses, although there may be some differences depending on the type of mattress used and available vacuums The following steps should be followed:


Step 1: Check Vacuum Cleaner

Before following the step-by-step guide to cleaning your mattress at home, make sure to use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration for cleaning the mattress since it will be able to capture the dust mites and other allergens better, improving air quality. Vacuum cleaner filters, hoses, and other parts should be clean and dust-free for more thorough dirt removal. To clean the top of the mattress, the upholstery attachment of the vacuum cleaner will be used. Since dust can also accumulate in the crevices and seams of the mattress, a crevice attachment should be used.


Step 2: Remove and Clean Bedding


Typically, in most homes, one or two bed sheets are placed over the mattress along with pillows in a pillow cover. The mattress is covered with a mattress cover, and an additional mattress can be placed under the sheets to absorb sweat. One way to maintain your mattress hygiene is to remove all the bedding and clean thoroughly, using a washing machine. It is recommended to use a high temperature setting in the washing machine to kill dust mites, harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.


Step 3: Vacuum Entire Mattress

The next step in cleaning your mattress is where you will see the importance of mattress vacuuming, which is to remove dirt and debris from the surface of the mattress to avoid any breathing problems. A cleaning staff usually starts at the top of the mattress and works their way to the bottom. Since a large amount of dirt tends to accumulate in crevices and joints, the crevice attachment of the vacuum cleaner should be used. If possible a vacuum cleaner with a Ultra Violet attachment is recommended, since it will destroy the bacteria and harmful microbes.


Step 4: Vacuum the Bed Frame

Since dust and dirt can easily spread from the bed to the mattress, the cleaning staff should also use a vacuum to remove any dirt from the bed frame of the bed where the mattress is placed.


Step 5: Vacuum Under The Bed


One reason why you should opt for a professional mattress vacuuming service in Singapore is that a professional will make sure to get rid of all the dust not only on the mattress, but also below the bed. Dust and dirt from under the bed is also likely to spread to the mattress, so before cleaning the mattress, it is also advisable to clean the surrounding areas properly. The area under the bed should be thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.


Step 6: Get Rid of Dust Properly

Most vacuums can only hold a limited amount of dust and dirt, so you should regularly empty the vacuum cleaner bag. The dirt can be emptied in a plastic bag which is then disposed of. The plastic container is then washed to remove any dirt or dust that remains.


Step 7: Flip Your Mattress


To ensure that the mattress does not get distorted, it is advisable to flip the mattress periodically. Some mattresses are not symmetrical because they have a pillow top, designated head, or foot, in these cases it is advisable to check the mattress manufacturer’s instructions.


Benefits of Opting for a Professional Mattress Vacuuming Services

While households can do some mattress cleaning on their own, hiring a professional cleaner is recommended for a number of reasons:


Qualified Technicians

One reason why you should engage professional mattress cleaning services is that the technicians are well trained, and experienced in cleaning the different types of mattresses used in Singapore. Hence, they will use the right tools and techniques for cleaning the mattress based on the type of mattress, how dirty or stained it is, the type of dirt, and other factors, so the mattress will be cleaned better, and the life of the mattress is also extended. Because they know the correct cleaning techniques, they will clean quickly and thoroughly.


Equipped With the Right Tools

Professional cleaning companies typically clean thousands of mattresses each year for residential and commercial clients, especially hotels. Therefore, they can afford to invest in the best cleaning tools, equipment and supplies available. Certainly, step by step guide on DIY mattress deep cleaning or any other mattress cleaning may appear to be easy but many of these needed cleaning devices, especially vacuums with UV sanitizers, are quite expensive, so it is not worth investing a lot of money in an expensive vacuum for a household that is rarely used. In contrast, most professional cleaners are willing to invest in the best cleaning tools available for services like mattress vacuuming, mattress deep cleaning or etc., since the productivity of their employees will be boosted.


Quality Service

Professional cleaning companies use the latest cleaning technology to perfect the best cleaning methods for mattresses of different fabrics, foams and designs. As a result, they are able to guarantee the quality of their cleaning work and they will be able to remove almost all dirt and harmful dust mites through their mattress vacuum service. In some cases, they also offer a warranty on the mattress cleaning services they provide.


Hire DW Mattress Cleaning For Mattress Vacuuming Services

Many households in Singapore do not have the proper cleaning tools to properly clean their mattresses. In other cases, households don’t have the time and energy to regularly clean the mattress due to the hectic routine. In these cases, it is advisable to hire DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore for cleaning all the mattresses in the household. This is to avoid the common mistakes homeowners make when performing mattress steam cleaning, or any other mattress cleaning service. Our experienced and skilled staff have cleaned thousands of mattresses of various designs and sizes, saving time and extending mattress life for both home and business customers.



Our mattress tends to get dirty often, especially if we have kids or pets in our home. This is why it is important to vacuum your mattress every once in a while. For homeowners who are into doing this themselves, you must first have the required vacuum with a HEPA filter that can capture the dust mites and other allergens. Next, you should remove and clean the bedding, then you can proceed to vacuum the entire mattress along with the bed frame and around the bed area. Note that you have to flip your mattress then you should get rid of the dust from the vacuum properly to avoid it going to other areas of your home.

While this might look like an easy task, it is still recommended to hire a mattress cleaning professional like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore to do this for you. They have the proper training and experience to do this job. Not only that, they have the latest and required tools for any mattress cleaning services.


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