4 Signs You Require Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning

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You have invested in the best quality mattress, vacuum it once in a while, and feel that your mattress is perfectly clean and safe and shall stay that way for a long time. 

The fact though is that your mattress will go through a lot over time. As you sleep on it each night, shed skin and hair particles accumulate on it. Your kids may also stain it and your pets may cause an accident. All of this gets your mattress dirtier than you can imagine. Minor vacuuming or cleaning at home will not help. Instead, you need professional mattress steam cleaning if you want your mattress to last you for a longer time in great condition. 

You may be wondering if it is already time for you to opt for professional mattress cleaning services such as mattress steam cleaning. Here are four signs that you require professional mattress steam cleaning:




Bed bugs are a common problem in Singapore. These pesky little creatures can creep up just about anywhere and it can be very difficult to eliminate them. They also love thriving in areas where they can get a supply of blood to always feed on. 

As bed bugs are so little, they easily manage to dig into the pillows, box springs, and even into the center of your mattress. From there, they begin to lay eggs. If you do not stop them, they will infest your furniture and can even leave bites on your skin. 

If you are already noticing signs of a bed bug infestation, then you should engage professional mattress cleaning services particularly mattress steam cleaning. Not only is steam cleaning a way to clean your mattress, but it kills the adult bugs and their eggs before they can hatch. 


Dust Mites


You will generally find dust mites living in dusty households. In addition, much of this dust is a result of dead flakes from your skin – also called dander. Your skin renews itself every day, and during the process, you shed dander. One of the places where you are sure to find a collection of dander is your mattress. 

Eventually, thousands of dust mites can collect on your mattress and even the sheets. Although these bugs do not bite, they can pave the way for mild, moderate, and even severe allergies. You might then experience watery eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose. 

If you are experiencing such signs as a result of dust mites, you must opt for professional mattress cleaning services such as mattress steam cleaning. Just like bed bugs, dust mites cannot thrive in high temperatures. Therefore, the benefit of mattress steam cleaning is that once it is done, you are free of dust mites and other microorganisms. Additionally, mattress steam cleaning is a way to maintain your mattress hygiene.


Presence of Odor


Bacteria, mites, and dust present on your mattress can result in bad odor. Imagine having to come back home after a tiring day, have freshened up, and now waiting to get some nice sleep. As soon as you hit the bed however, you are welcomed by some strange odor. Not only will you find it difficult to sleep, you will also get irritated. 

Rather than bearing this issue, it will be wise to hire a professional and get mattress steam cleaning done. There are certain advantages in engaging professional mattress steam cleaning services. They will follow a step by step guide to cleaning your mattress, and as soon as it is finished, you will see that not only your mattress looks super clean, but it is deodorized and smells great. 


Heightened Allergy Symptoms


If you or your partner has been experiencing a lot of allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or having itchy eyes, and washing the sheets regularly does not help, then your mattress is the reason behind it. You will have to do mattress steam cleaning or deep cleaning to get rid of these allergies. This is why mattress cleaning is important for your health


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Homeowners expect their high-quality purchased mattress to last for a long time as long as they vacuum and clean it once in a while. In reality, due to regular usage, accidents may happen and some shed skin or hair particles build up. As a result, bed bugs, dust mites, the presence of odor, and heightened allergy symptoms can occur. These are signs that you require a professional mattress steam cleaning service like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore.

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