Factors Affecting The Price Of Bed Deep Cleaning In Singapore

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Your bed can be fully deep cleaned by professional bed cleaning services, such as bed deep cleaning, to remove any stains and filth. However, in order to correctly manage your budget, you must be informed of the factors that affect the cost of such services. Here are some pointers to help you comprehend what determines how much it costs to deep clean a bed in Singapore:


How Often Should Professional Bed Deep Cleaning Be Done?


If your bed is unclean or smells bad, it is preferable to have a professional conduct a thorough bed cleaning as soon as possible. Along with keeping your bed clean, doing this improves the likelihood that tough stains will be removed.  One of the importance of cleaning and deodorising your bed is it can remove the pungent smell from sweat and urine. If you have kids, elderly relatives, pets, or allergic family members, some experts advise having this service done twice a year.

An infestation of dust mites and other bugs on the bed is another reason you should routinely engage bed deep cleaning services. While you may wish to follow a guide to DIY bed cleaning at home, hiring a professional can result in better outcomes. 


Different Bed Sizes and How Much It Costs To Deep Clean Them


The size of the bed and the degree of the cleaning required are the two main determinants of the price for bed cleaning. The top of the mattress is often deep cleaned by professionals, and all of its corners are shampooed. The following are various mattress sizes and how much deep cleaning them typically costs:

  • A single or super single-sized mattress will normally cost $100 to deep clean.
  • Queen-sized mattresses will normally cost $110 to deep clean. 
  • King-sized mattresses will normally cost $120 to deep clean.
  • Super king-sized mattress will normally cost $130 to deep clean. 

Bed vacuuming and shampooing get rid of pollutants like dust, filth, and dust mites. These services are also covered in the overall cost of a bed deep cleaning service. Then, experts will do hot water extraction to get rid of any last impurities. Experience is one of the points to consider before engaging a professional bed cleaning service in Singapore. They are knowledgeable about effectively removing the blemishes and dirt of your bed. Ultimately, they can make your bed look and feel new. 


Engage DW Mattress Cleaning For Professional Bed Deep Cleaning


Many homeowners lack the knowledge and time necessary for effective bed deep cleaning. If this is the case, you may wish to work with a dependable bed cleaning company like DW Mattress Cleaning. You can count on our experts to offer you quick, dependable, and effective bed deep cleaning services. We use quality equipment for our services at an affordable price. Our services are also HACCP certified, chemical-free, and environmentally safe. 



The costs of bed deep cleaning services are not the same as it depends on several factors. Hence, it is important to be aware of these so you can plan your budget in advance. Your bed’s comfort can be restored by our specialists at DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore. Contact us to get the best bed deep cleaning service in Singapore for a very affordable price. 

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