How Often Should You Get Your Fabric Sofa Cleaned?

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One of the most often utilised pieces of furniture in every home is a sofa set. Yet, it’s also a haven for dead skin and grimes which we tend to overlook. Unfortunately, most of the dirt cannot be cleaned by only using a vacuum. As a result, regular sofa cleaning is necessary to maintain optimum hygiene.


Why Cleaning Your Fabric Sofa At Home Is A Must

Sweat and filth from the skin can easily be transferred to fabric sofas. This causes discoloration and odour. Oftentimes, vacuuming cannot resolve this issue. One of the tips to maintain your sofa is to have regular professional cleaning done. They can eliminate the deep-seated bacteria to remove stains and odour.


How Often Should You Get Your Fabric Sofa Cleaned? 

The frequency of sofa cleaning depends on how often the sofa is used. If you have children and pets, they are likely to make the sofa dirty faster. Hence, you may need to hire professional cleaning at least three or four times a year. There is also a step-by-step guide to sofa cleaning at home if you plan to clean it on your own. Cleaning frequency may be decreased to once or twice a year if the sofa is not frequently used. This article discusses how often should have your sofa cleaned: 


If You Have Kids And Pets At Home


Playgrounds, floors, and public parks are common sites where kids and pets play. If they use the sofa, the dirt they accumulated during outdoor playtime will transfer to it. This would cause the sofa to get dirty and smelly over time. One of the common myths about sofa and mattress cleaning is that it does not need to be cleaned if it has coverings. Germs will still accumulate if the sofa is not regularly cleaned professionally. This could affect the health of your children and pets because of the microbes from the sofa. It roams around affecting the air quality in your house. 


Presence of Bacteria and Viruses


Viruses and bacteria can easily be transferred to the sofa. Therefore, it is advisable to hire professional cleaners to remove these harmful microbes. You may also opt for sofa deep cleaning to address the germs on your couch.


Contact A Fabric Sofa Cleaning Professional Like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore


Sofa vacuuming can still leave bacteria and bad odours behind. Therefore, it is advised to engage expert sofa cleaners at least once or twice a year. Singaporeans should get in touch with DW Mattress Cleaning for excellent fabric sofa cleaning. As the top-rated sofa cleaner in Singapore, we can guarantee you a foolproof service. Contact DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore now and see how we can revitalize your sofa.



So how frequently should your sofas be professionally cleaned? We advise having your couch professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. Your couch will be durable, clean, and fresh with this cleaning interval. Regular cleanings are an excellent way to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your sofa. It will also extend the life of your couch. Learn more about DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore and the services we offer for your sofa cleaning needs.

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