What Affects The Price Of Mattress Deep Cleaning In Singapore?

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Professional mattress cleaning services such as mattress deep cleaning can thoroughly deep clean your mattress so it is free of dirt and highly visible stains. That said, you need to be aware of how much they cost so that you can properly plan your budget. 

Keep in mind that the price of mattress deep cleaning depends on a number of factors. By taking note of them, you’ll have a better idea of which mattress deep cleaning services are reasonably priced and which ones are too costly. Here are some guidelines to help you understand the factors affecting the price of mattress deep cleaning in Singapore:


How Often Should Professional Mattress Deep Cleaning Be Done?


It’s best to have a professional perform mattress deep cleaning right away when your mattress is dirty or have an odour. Besides this being a way of maintaining your mattress hygiene, it increases the chances of stubborn stains being eliminated. It is also recommended to engage mattress deep cleaning services once a year. However, some experts recommend having this service done twice a year if you have children, elderly relatives, pets, or family members with allergies.

Another reason why you should engage mattress deep cleaning services regularly as there is the presence of dust mites and other bugs on the mattress. Some people who don’t know the importance of mattress cleaning for your health opt to use a mattress protector instead. Others apply their own cleaning solutions to their mattress. Although these are viable ways of maintaining a mattress, hiring a professional can still ensure better results.


Different Mattress Sizes and How Much It Costs To Deep Clean Them


The mattress’s size and the extent to which it needs to be cleaned are often the biggest factors affecting the price of mattress cleaning. Usually, professionals will deep clean the mattress’s top portion and shampoo all of its corners. The following are different mattress sizes and how much it generally costs to deep clean them:

  • A single or super single sized mattress will normally cost $100 to deep clean.
  • Queen sized mattresses will normally cost $110 to deep clean. 
  • King sized mattresses will normally cost $120 to deep clean.
  • Super king sized mattress will normally cost $130 to deep clean. 

The price of deep cleaning of mattress should already cover mattress vacuuming and shampooing. These are done to eliminate dust, dirt, dust mites, and other contaminants. In addition, mattress stain removal will need to be performed if there are stains which need to be cleaned so they aren’t as visible. Thereafter, the mattress will undergo steaming at 170 degrees Celsius to ensure that bacteria and other microbes are eliminated. Lastly, professionals will perform hot water extraction to remove any remaining contaminants. 


Engage DW Mattress Cleaning For Professional Mattress Deep Cleaning

Many homeowners lack the skills and time required to deep clean their mattress thoroughly. If you are among them, you can instead hire a reputable mattress cleaning service like DW Mattress Cleaning

Our professionals can provide you with fast, reliable, and efficient mattress deep cleaning services. Moreover, our deep cleaning services are reasonably priced and include the use of a built-in UV LED sterilizer and 170 Degrees Celsius steaming. They are also environmentally friendly, leave no chemical residue, and are HACCP certified. These are critical things to look out for before hiring a mattress cleaning company.



Before engaging mattress deep cleaning services, there are a number of things you should do so you can properly plan your budget ahead of time. First, be sure to have an idea of how often you should have mattress deep cleaning performed. It is equally vital to know how the size of your mattress affects the servicing cost as not all mattresses have the same price for cleaning. Lastly, ensure that the professional you plan to hire is skilled and experienced. 

At DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore, we have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who can make your mattress comfortable to use again. Moreover, our mattress cleaning prices are reasonable enough for you to ensure that all your mattress cleaning needs are fulfilled. 


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