5 Factors Affecting the Price of Mattress Cleaning In Singapore


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Many homeowners in Singapore find their mattresses at home dirty and would like to hire a professional for mattress cleaning. Before contacting professional mattress cleaning services, they would like to find out the factors which affect the price of mattress cleaning so they can negotiate better with the service providers.

While there are many considerations that decide the price of mattress cleaning services, some of the main factors that determine how much the family will have to pay to get their mattress cleaned are discussed below.


Mattress Size


One of the main factors that determine the price of mattress cleaning is the size of the mattress. Usually, the larger the area of the mattress, the higher the cost of cleaning since more cleaning material and effort will be required. Bunk beds typically have a small-sized mattress so cleaning the mattress will cost approximately $100.

Similarly, a single mattress is smaller in size and the cleaning cost will be just the same. The mattress cleaning charge for a queen size mattress varies between $100 to $120 in Singapore while most businesses charge $120 to $140 for a king-size mattress. The charges will also depend on the extent of the mattress cleaning process – whether only the top surface of the mattress, the entire mattress, or the material of the mattress is to be cleaned.


Mattress Cleaning Methods


Different techniques can be used for cleaning the mattress such as mattress deep cleaning or steam cleaning. The cost of these cleaning techniques will also vary depending on the equipment and cleaning supplies used. 

Steam cleaning using hot water extraction is one of the most popular and effective methods for removing food and other stains. The benefit of mattress steam cleaning is that it is also the most affordable cleaning method. Although the mattress may be damp for some time. 

Alternatively, some mattress cleaning services use dry powder or foam that can be spread on the mattress to remove dirt and stain. After some time, the powder is removed from the mattress. Otherwise, dry foam can be spread on the mattress, allowing it to crystallize and then be extracted. Ultraviolet radiation is also used for sterilization in some cases. 


Extra Mattress Cleaning Services

For more delicate mattresses which may get damaged by the cleaning foam or powder, some mattress cleaning services use ultraviolet (UV) treatment. This is a way to maintain mattress hygiene and will destroy dust mites, bacteria, viruses, mold, and other harmful microbes. This ultraviolet treatment is more expensive compared to other mattress cleaning methods, but it is highly effective in destroying pests and microbes.

Additionally, the mattress cleaning company can also spray the mattress with a special agent to prevent the causes of yellow stains and remove them so that the mattress is less likely to become discolored. For mattress cleaning companies that do not use ultraviolet treatment, mattress deep cleaning and mattress steam cleaning are both effective alternative solutions.


Mattress Quantity


Some mattress cleaning companies may offer a discount if they are cleaning multiple mattresses within the same order. Thus, you may want to check if the mattress cleaning service provider offers a discount while requesting a quotation.


Skilled Mattress Cleaning Staff

The provision of appealing discounts for quantity can often come at the expense of service quality. This could come in the form of inexperience, shoddy handiwork, and more. That is why you should hire a professional to thoroughly clean your mattress. They know the best ways to clean your mattress, regardless of the material.

These skilled workers do tend to charge more. However, do note that choosing quality over price means less hassle, and helps save money in the long run.


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Homeowners are becoming more interested in hiring professional mattress cleaning services for their dirty mattresses. As expected, they would like to find out the aspects that determine the price of the mattress cleaning service before contacting the company. The mattress type, mattress cleaning method, and extra mattress cleaning service are some of the factors that affect the price of mattress cleaning services.

It is best to engage professionals from DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore since they offer reliable services such as mattress deep cleaning, mattress vacuuming, and mattress steam cleaning. Their group of professionals is well-equipped and you can ensure that they will do the mattress cleaning job effectively. 


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