Factors That Affect The Price Of Mattress Steam Cleaning In Singapore

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A clean mattress improves your sleep. While most Singaporeans change their bed sheets regularly, they tend to ignore the fact that a mattress can also become dirty. They only realize that their mattress is dirty when it is smelly or when they start to develop health issues. This leads them to seek out mattress steam cleaning services.

There are various factors that affect the price of mattress steam cleaning, which we will discuss in detail below.


Various Mattress Sizes and Their Cleaning Costs


Many homeowners are wondering how much does mattress cleaning cost in Singapore, particularly mattress steam cleaning. The process typically involves vacuuming and blotting before steaming the mattress to break down stubborn stains and eliminate bacteria and other harmful microbes.

One of the advantages of engaging professional mattress steam cleaning services is that they will thoroughly steam clean your mattress. This will include the subsequent hot water extraction to remove the dirty water from the sofa.

The main factors that can affect the pricing of such a service are the size of the mattress(es) and the number of mattresses being cleaned. A sample breakdown is provided below:

  • Single or Super single-size mattress: $100
  • Queen-sized mattresses: $110
  • King-sized mattresses: $120
  • Super king-sized mattresses: $130

Do take note that the steam cleaning price is per mattress size. 

Some companies even offer discounts if they are cleaning multiple mattresses or other linen products within the same order.


How Often Should You Have Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning Done?


The complete removal of stains, sanitization, and disinfecting of your mattress are some of the benefits of mattress steam cleaning. Mattress professionals advise that mattress steam cleaning be conducted once every 5 to 6 months. This will help remove dirt, dust mites, pests, and other allergens, leaving behind a germ-free bed for better sleep.

Families may have their own ways to steam cleaning a mattress, however, they might commit common mistakes when performing mattress steam cleaning. That is why if you want excellent results, it is ideal to engage with professional mattress steam cleaning services.

For a better experience, we advise you to learn why you should not hire cheap mattress cleaning services. This will help to ensure that you are satisfied at the end of the mattress steam cleaning.



If you are uncomfortable when sleeping due to itching or sneezing, it is then a sign you require professional mattress steam cleaning. Before hiring a professional, you should investigate the rates of the company’s mattress steam cleaning and understand the components of their cleaning cost. Keep in mind that the price will vary depending on the mattress size and scope of work.


Engage DW Mattress Cleaning for Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning Services


Many families in Singapore are busy with their own schedules, and they do not have the knowledge and tools to do mattress steam cleaning. Therefore, it is ideal to engage with professional mattress steam cleaning services like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore. Our mattress cleaning professionals are highly-trained and equipped with the latest technology to thoroughly steam clean your mattress at an affordable price.

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