How Much Does Mattress Cleaning Cost in Singapore?

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One of the factors that can affect sleep quality is the cleanliness level of the mattress. While most people in Singapore change their bed sheets regularly, they may not realize that the mattress can become dirty after some time. Only when they find that their bed is smelling or they have health problems do they become interested in finding out the cost of mattress cleaning services

While there are many factors affecting the cost of mattress cleaning in Singapore, the main ones are usually the size and material of the mattress. More information on bed cleaning or mattress cleaning and its cost is provided below:


How Often Should You Have Professional Mattress Cleaning Done?


Mattress cleaning should be done immediately if any liquid like water or coffee is spilled on the mattress. This is because it is easier to remove the stains completely when they are fresh. Experts also recommend that the mattress should be cleaned once a year. However, if there are children, pets, senior citizens, and other household members with allergies, it is advisable to clean the mattress at least twice a year instead.

Besides mattress cleaning is important for your health, the reason why it is advisable to schedule regular mattress cleaning is that it is easy for dust mites and other pests to return to the mattress. In the meantime, using a mattress protector can reduce the stains on the mattress to some extent. Families can also use a mixture of baking soda and essential oils to clean the mattress themselves. Although engaging a professional will guarantee better results. 


Different Mattress Sizes and Their Cleaning Costs


The main factors affecting the price of mattress cleaning in Singapore are normally the size of the mattress and the scope of the cleaning services. Oftentimes, professional cleaners will deep clean the top of the mattress and shampoo all four corners.

  • The single or super single-sized mattress is considered the smallest size of any mattress used in Singapore and cleaning it will cost $100.
  • Queen-sized mattresses are larger in size and their cleaning cost is priced higher at $110.
  • King-sized mattresses have a larger area. Hence, cleaning each one will cost $120. 
  • Super king-sized mattresses are the largest mattresses available in Singapore and their cleaning cost is set at $130. 

The cleaning cost includes deep vacuuming to remove the dust, dirt, dust mites, and other debris and shampooing to remove foul odors. If the mattress has stains, mattress stain removal will be done to make them less visible. Thereafter, the mattress will be steamed at a temperature of 170 degrees to kill the bacteria and other harmful microbes. Hot water extraction is the last step in mattress cleaning and is meant to remove dead skin, debris, and other contaminants.


Engage DW Mattress Cleaning for Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Most Singapore families do not have the time, expertise, and equipment to clean their mattresses properly. This is a reason why you should engage professional mattress cleaning services instead like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore for quick, efficient, and thorough mattress cleaning at affordable rates. Our well-trained staff use the best cleaning equipment like high-pressure steam cleaners and avoid harmful chemicals for cleaning.



In order to plan your budget properly, it is important to find out the cost of mattress cleaning. Keep in mind that one way to maintain your mattress hygiene is to have mattress cleaning done regularly so as to prevent dirt and dust mites from gathering on the mattress. 

If you have a single or super single-sized mattress, expect to spend around $100. For queen-sized and king-sized mattresses, a thorough cleaning will cost $120 and $110 respectively. As for a super king-sized mattress, proper cleaning is normally priced at $130. Take note that mattress cleaning normally consists of deep vacuuming, mattress steaming, as well as hot water extraction. The importance of mattress vacuuming and other such steps is for as much dirt and stains to be removed. 

For the best results for your mattress, contact DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore. Our team of professionals can help explain the importance of regular mattress cleaning and perform it at an efficient pace. 


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