DIY Mattress Cleaning vs. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

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Everybody enjoys going to bed each night in a bed that is fresh and free of smell and stains. However, it is challenging to clean a thick mattress compared to washing a bed sheet or pillowcase in the washing machine. The homeowner may want to perform DIY mattress cleaning to get rid of the dirt on top of the mattress, but some filth and odours will inevitably linger. As a result, the majority of households regularly hire companies that provide mattress cleaning services. Below is a comparison of DIY mattress cleaning and professional mattress cleaning services in Singapore so that homeowners can determine whether to engage experts.


How Does DIY Mattress Cleaning Work?

Various dirt and substances can penetrate the covers, so they frequently end up on the mattress. Therefore, even if you use a clean bed cover, the bed may still smell bad or be dusty. In this situation, DIY mattress cleaning is advised to get rid of the odour and dust using tools and materials that are typically found in most houses. Some of the tools needed are a vacuum, a spray bottle, a fan, and a blow dryer. You may also utilise baking soda, sodium peroxide, an essential oil, salt, water, soap, and a clean cloth. You can also utilise a step-by-step guide to cleaning your mattress at home for more detailed instructions.  

Strip the Mattress and Wash the Bedding 

The top of the mattress should be exposed by removing the bed sheet, pillows, and pillowcases. To get rid of grime, dangerous germs, and viruses, wash these bedding items in a washing machine with hot water. These items need to be dried after washing.

Vacuum Your Mattress 


The mattress should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner in order to get rid of all the dust and dirt. It is important to take extra care when cleaning the crevices because dirt tends to collect there.

Spot Clean The Stains

A paste made of baking soda, water, and salt may work to remove some stains from the mattress.  Cover the stain with the paste for at least 30 minutes. The baking soda will help with the removal of stains from the mattress. To do this, dab it with a cloth. Once the paste has dried, you can brush or wipe it away. 

Spread Baking Soda To The Entire Mattress

You should clean and deodorise your mattress regularly to remove moulds and odours. It is also often challenging to leave a damp mattress outside to dry it after removing mattress stains. In this case, baking soda can be used to absorb moisture and odours from the mattress. To completely eliminate all of the moisture and odours, the baking soda should be placed over the mattress for many hours, ideally overnight.

Repeat Vacuuming of the Mattress

When the moisture has been eliminated by the baking soda, vacuum the mattress to get rid of the baking soda and any leftover particles.You may refer to a guide to mattress vacuuming if you need instructions. 

Flip the Mattress and Repeat the Steps


After washing one side of the mattress, flip the mattress over and carry out the same procedures on the other side.


What Happens During a Professional Mattress Cleaning Service?

There are a lot of things that happen during a general mattress cleaning service. When a mattress is cleaned by a professional, all of the filth and grime are removed using the appropriate tools and cleaning agents. The cleaning specialists will show up at the house of the client at the agreed time, ready with the necessary supplies.

Deep Vacuum the Mattress 

The cleaners will thoroughly vacuum your mattress first to get rid of even the smallest dust and dirt particles that are not visible.

Perform Mattress Shampooing 

Cleaning mattresses with shampoo helps get rid of odours and grime. After the shampoo has been applied and washed away, the mattress must be dried.

Scrub The Mattress


If the mattress has stains, they will apply a cleaning solution and scrub the mattress to get rid of the stains.

Steam Clean the Mattress 


Steam cleaning is widely used since it is a quick cleaning method, and does not use chemicals. Hot Mattress steam cleaning is often used by professionals because it is a quick and chemical-free cleaning option. To get rid of bacteria and other dangerous microbes, hot steam is blown over the top of the mattress.

Conduct Mattress Hot Water Deep Extraction 

Hot water deep extraction is a good way to clean your mattress since it uses specialised equipment to remove dirt without wetting the top layers of the mattress. If the deep-seated dirt cannot be removed by steam cleaning, hot water deep extraction can be done instead. 


Why Should You Engage Professional Mattress Cleaning Services? 

There are numerous advantages of hiring professional mattress cleaners. Some of which are stated below.

Have the Right Products and Equipment 


Given that there are numerous factors that affect the price of mattress cleaning, it is essential to employ the proper cleaning tools and materials, which only experienced cleaners have.

They Are More Experienced

The experts will thoroughly clean the mattress because they have expertise cleaning many different types of mattresses.

They Offer Convenience and Fewer Hassles

Hiring specialists is quite practical because they will manage all the cleaning. This will allow homeowners to save their time. They simply need to schedule an appointment, and the cleaners will show up equipped with everything they need to finish the job promptly. When looking for the right company, just make sure to take note of the things to look out for before hiring a mattress cleaning company

They Provide Effective Disinfection 

All bacteria and dangerous microbes are eliminated from the mattress by using the proper cleaning supplies and techniques.

DIY Mattress Cleaning is Not Enough 

Most people lack the knowledge and experience necessary to properly perform mattress cleaning. Additionally, they lack the appropriate cleaning tools and supplies, making DIY cleaning ineffective in removing dirt and smells. As a result, expert cleaning is recommended.


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DIY cleaning and having your mattress cleaned by a professional each have their own benefits. If you are someone who has the time, knowledge, and tools to do mattress cleaning on your own, then DIY cleaning may be a better option for you. However, for many people who do not have time and extra money to buy all the necessary cleaning products and tools, it is best to engage a professional mattress cleaning service. Make sure to hire a reputable company that has gained many positive reviews as proof of their effective services. 


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