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How Does Mattress Steam Cleaning Remove Stains and Pests?

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Every one wishes to sleep well at night, and one of the major factors determining sleep quality is the type and condition of the mattress used. It is often difficult to sleep well if the mattress is dirty, stained, has a foul odor, or is infested with pests. While it is possible to clean periodically by mattress vacuum cleaning, most of the dirt will remain. Therefore, experts recommend mattress steam cleaning periodically. Many homeowners would like to find out how to remove different types of mattress stains and pests through mattress steam cleaning, so detailed information is provided below.


Sweat Stains 

sweat-mattress-stain-how does-mattress-steam-cleaning-remove-stains-and-pests-mattress-steam-cleaning-dw-mattress-cleaning-singapore

Since Singapore has a hot and humid tropical climate, people often sweat while sleeping or using mattresses. Some of this sweat is transferred to the mattress and can cause sweat stains – a reason why you should clean and deodorize your mattress. Initially, the sweat stains are not noticeable, but after a few months or years, the mattress may get discolored because of the stains, and also have a foul odor. Thus, making it difficult to sleep well.

Steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods for removing sweat stains from your mattress. This is because the steam at a high temperature will break down the stains and remove the odors caused by sweating. After the sweat stains are removed, the mattress should be properly dried before it is used.


Urine Stains 

urine-mattress-stain-how does-mattress-steam-cleaning-remove-stains-and-pests-mattress-steam-cleaning-dw-mattress-cleaning-singapore

Small children and senior citizens may urinate on their beds – making it one of the causes of yellow stains on your mattress. Additionally, pets may also urinate on the bed. Although most people will mop up the urine when it is wet, some of the urine may still remain on the mattress. When dried, this urine will be converted into ammonia, which has a very unpleasant smell. This will affect the ability to sleep well. Furthermore, ammonia can also cause allergies, irritation of the skin and eyes, asthma, and coughing. 

A guide to getting rid of urine from your mattress by using vinegar and baking soda.

In comparison, if you engage professional cleaners, they will first examine the stain to determine the type of stain. Afterward, they will recommend the most appropriate mattress cleaning method. For urine stains, since the ammonia has to be removed, the cleaning staff will use a specially formulated solution for removing the urine stains. After the solution has reacted with the stains, the steam cleaner will be applied, to break down the urine and remove the stains and associated debris and smells from the mattress.


Dust Mites 

mattress-dust-mite-cleaning-how does-mattress-steam-cleaning-remove-stains-and-pests-mattress-steam-cleaning-dw-mattress-cleaning-singapore

Dust mites are microscopic pests found in the dust of the house. They feed the dead skin cells that people shed on their mattresses while sleeping. While dust mites do not directly feed on humans, their excreta and other debris can cause allergies – especially respiratory and skin problems.

The dust mites will multiply rapidly, so it is advisable to use mattress dust mite cleaning or steam cleaning. This is because both are good ways to eliminate dust mites from your mattresses. During the cleaning process, the mattress is subjected to very hot steam for some time, and usually, all the dust mites will die at a high temperature. The steam cleaner has a vacuum cleaner that will remove all the dead dust mites from the mattress, making it safe to sleep on.


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Having a clean and pest-free sleeping environment is just one of the benefits of mattress steam cleaning. Factors like sweat, urine, and bed bugs can negatively impact sleep quality and even cause health problems. Steam cleaning can remove sweat stains and unpleasant odors caused by sweat, as well as urine stains and the associated ammonia smell. For dust mites, professional steam cleaning is recommended, as the high temperatures can penetrate deep into the mattress and kill the dust mites. An advantage of engaging in professional mattress steam cleaning services is that they can ensure that your mattress is thoroughly cleaned and free from pests, providing a healthier sleeping environment.


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