DIY Sofa Cleaning vs. Professional Sofa Deep Cleaning in Singapore

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In the majority of Singaporean homes, the sofa is located in the living room where family members and guests spend considerable time. In addition to dust and dirt, the sofa also absorbs sweat and other liquids. While some dirt and dust can be wiped or swept away, the most effective way to remove odors and stains from a sofa and make it smell fresh is to do a sofa deep cleaning. Families that need sofa deep cleaning in Singapore want to know if a step-by-step guide to DIY sofa cleaning at home can be an alternative.

Thus, we have outlined the numerous facets of professional versus do-it-yourself deep cleaning below.




A professional cleaner has the latest cleaning equipment and supplies that he can use to perform the sofa deep cleaning. He also has knowledge of the different ways to clean stains on different sofa materials. Thus, allowing him to eliminate any odors, stains, and dirt from deep within the sofa – making it look almost brand new. Since the professional is well-trained, he will ensure that the sofa is not damaged during the cleaning process. 


The success of DIY sofa cleaning depends heavily on the equipment and supplies available, as well as the knowledge of the individual. Since the majority of individuals are not expert cleaners, they might be making some mistakes just like the common mistakes that homeowners make when deep cleaning their beds. Therefore, it is recommended to contact professionals to help with your sofa deep cleaning needs.



Since professional cleaners will be paid for their services, employing them will certainly be costlier than performing the cleaning yourself. However, the homeowner must also consider the time and effort necessary for the cleaning.  DIY cleaning is also physically demanding, therefore, the person performing the cleaning will feel tired. Before deciding, the homeowner should do some research about cleaning companies and their sofa cleaning prices and weigh the opportunity costs. 




Most people have never done a deep clean before, so they will need to spend a lot of time researching about ways to effectively clean their fabric sofas or other types of sofas. They will also have to spend some time getting the right tools and supplies, learning how to use the tools, and then actually cleaning the sofa themselves. 

On the other hand, professional deep cleaners, are skilled, have a lot of experience, and have cleaned all kinds of sofas. As such, they can usually finish cleaning efficiently, usually in a few hours or less depending on how dirty the sofa is. The homeowner only needs to find a suitable cleaner, set up an appointment, and be home when the cleaner comes. Thus, hiring a cleaning service takes a lot less time than following a DIY step-by-step sofa and mattress cleaning guide


Increases Your Sofa’s Life Span 

Removing the dirt, dust, and smells from your sofa through deep cleaning might increase the sofa’s lifespan. This is one reason why you should engage in professional sofa cleaning services. Since experts have access to more advanced cleaning tools, such as hot water extraction cleaners, they are able to extend the life of your sofa by thoroughly eliminating all traces of dirt, stains, and odors. Thus, it is important to choose professionals who know about the steps to remove stains on your fabric sofa or other types of sofa. 


Stain Removal 


Stains can be caused by a wide variety of solids and liquids, and each of these has a unique chemical composition. Therefore, it requires a specific method of removal. When following ways to clean your fabric sofa, it’s not always possible to get rid of every stain because most people don’t know what products work best for which stains. 

Since professional cleaning services are tasked with spot-free results, they train their staff on the various substances that can leave a stain, the various sofa fabrics, and the best cleaning process that will leave no trace of the stain behind. Thus, if the sofa is stained heavily, it is recommended that you hire a specialist who is knowledgeable about sofa stain removal


Contact DW Mattress Cleaning For Your Sofa Deep Cleaning Needs

Individuals who want their sofas deep cleaned well should contact DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore. Our well-trained staff has the latest equipment for deep cleaning sofas and has a 5-step sofa deep cleaning process which includes deep vacuuming, shampooing, scrubbing, steaming, and hot water deep extraction.  We have completed numerous sofa deep cleaning projects in Singapore. 



If you want to perform a deep cleaning yourself, you will definitely save money and there are online resources available to assist you. However, engaging a professional for your sofa deep cleaning is a great option if you want it done correctly to ensure avoiding errors and damage to your sofa. You can consider professional sofa cleaners like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore to help with your sofa cleaning needs. 


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