6 Factors To Consider When Engaging a Professional Sofa Deep Cleaning Service

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The demand for professional sofa deep cleaning is increasing among Singaporean homeowners. Similar to mattress cleaning, this procedure will ensure that your sofa is free of dust and bacteria. However, there are some homeowners who are unsure of the proper procedure when deep cleaning their sofas. Other people simply don’t have the time to give their sofa a deep clean because they have more urgent matters to attend to. If either of these descriptions fits you, it would be best to hire a professional sofa cleaning service.

There are some considerations to make when selecting professional sofa deep cleaning services. You could end up breaking the bank and ruining your sofa if you don’t. To help you choose the best sofa cleaning service, we’ve listed some factors to consider below.




One factor to consider when choosing the right sofa and mattress cleaning professional is that the professional sofa deep cleaning company should be fully registered in order to be considered legal, similar to other businesses that offer mattress deep cleaning or couch cleaning. This will increase the reliability of their services and guarantee a certain level of trust in them. You may conduct a name search through the relevant databases online to find out if the business you wish to engage in to deep clean your sofa is legitimately registered. All the important information about the company such as Unique Entity Number (UEN), which verifies the given address as the official one for the company’s registration purposes should be available online.



Deep cleaning your sofa is just one example of a tip on how you can maintain your sofa. Therefore, it is important to hire a business you can trust completely. Checking the company’s willingness to share you with the breakdown of the sofa cleaning price is one thing you should consider doing. Furthermore, you should verify that the sofa cleaning service you’re considering has a physical location and a contact number published online. If the business you’re considering doesn’t meet these criteria, you should probably look for more options available. 

Quality of Equipment Used


 One way to effectively clean your sofa is to get your fabric sofa cleaned with the most up-to-date and durable tools. That way, the chances of damaging it while cleaning it is minimized. Appropriate cleaning equipment is necessary to avoid material damage and help reduce the potential for dirt to be left behind after cleaning.

One of the mistakes to avoid when choosing a mattress cleaning service is the failure to check with them regarding their cleaning equipment. It is advised to always clarify with the professional sofa cleaning company what cleaning equipment they use.  if the company does not have the relevant equipment, it is recommended to engage another sofa deep cleaning professional that uses reliable cleaning equipment. This is to prevent any damage or dirt on your sofa. 


Warranty / Guarantee

Just like upholstery cleaning, getting dirt and stains out of a sofa can always be done by following a step-by-step- guide to sofa cleaning in order to make sure there won’t be any damage. It is recommended that you look for a company that provides a guarantee on its work in case any damage is done to your sofa during the deep cleaning process. As a result, you’ll have enough money to replace your couch if needed or require any sofa restoration services in the future.


Length of Experience


The level of experience a sofa cleaning company has is another important consideration when making a decision of hiring one. In terms of professional sofa cleaning, a company with more years in the industry may be a better choice than one with less time in business. Having someone with experience in sofa deep cleaning ensures that your furniture will be thoroughly and properly cleaned. You can also check their sofa cleaning projects to verify their length of experience.


Customer Reviews

It is important that you check the customer reviews before hiring a professional sofa deep cleaning service. By doing so, you can assess their expertise and work ethics more accurately. If you have doubts about the validity of reviews, you could also try asking for personal recommendations instead.



One way to clean a fabric sofa or any other kind of sofa is to deep clean it on a regular basis. However, since most families are busy with work and household chores, they prefer to hire professionals to deep clean their sofas. Points that they should consider when engaging in such services include the length of experience, warranty, transparency, registration customer reviews, as well as the quality of the equipment they will be using.  It is recommended that you contact DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore if you want effective and high-quality sofa deep cleaning services. We have a team of experienced professionals with the right tools and cleaning equipment for sofa cleaning and more!


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