5 Signs That You Require Professional Mattress Dust Mite Cleaning

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Most people like to sleep on clean mattresses and will change their bed sheets regularly. Although the bed sheets are changed regularly, microscopic dust particles and pests like dust mites can still be found in the mattresses. They are not visible but can cause numerous health problems. If mattress cleaning is not done regularly, the number of dust mites may increase rapidly which can worsen respiratory symptoms. 

For mattress dust mite cleaning, it is advisable to hire the services of professionals who have the best equipment and supplies to do the job. In case you are unsure whether you should call a professional, signs that you require professional mattress dust mite cleaning are listed below.


What are Dust Mites and Where Do They Come From?


Dust mites are microscopic pests that are usually found in most homes, especially on the mattress and sofa. They tend to flourish when humidity levels are high and usually feed on dead skin that people shed when they sleep. One of the effects of not cleaning your mattress is that the dust mites and dirt can trigger allergic reactions.


Signs You Need Professional Mattress Dust Mite Cleaning

You Experience Asthmatic Reactions

One of the reasons why mattress cleaning is important for your health is that it completely eliminates dust. If the mattress is not cleaned, it might have a dust mite infection which can cause you or your family members to have asthmatic reactions. These include sneezing, runny nose, difficulty breathing, and a burning sensation in the eyes. If these symptoms continue for a longer period of time, they can lead to health issues. Fortunately, they can be resolved right away by hiring professionals who can perform different ways to eliminate dust mites from your mattress

You Experience Nasal Complications

The spread of dust mites can also lead to nasal complications like nasal discharge, congestion, and postnasal drip. This group of symptoms can increase pressure causing physical imbalance and dizziness. Moreover, it could result in chronic coughing. Thus, you should consider it as a reason to engage professional dust mite cleaning services

Your Skin and Eyes Are Irritated


Allergies caused by dust mites will also irritate the eyes and skin. Irritated skin could lead to frequent scratching which in turn is a high risk for bacterial infections. Your eyes can also become extremely watery and swollen if it continues to be irritated. A great advantage of hiring professional bed cleaning services is they can protect your skin and eyes by eliminating dust mites on your mattress. 

You Have Difficulty Sleeping

Due to the effects that dust mites can have on your eyes, skin, and respiratory system, they can make it extremely difficult to sleep. This issue could lower productivity levels and increase stress levels. Fortunately, professional dust mite cleaning acts as a way of maintaining mattress hygiene so that you can sleep easily and work more efficiently.

You Have Rashes On Your Skin


When dust mites infiltrate your mattress, rashes may develop on your skin which could be extremely uncomfortable and even painful. For these rashes to be eliminated, it’s best to engage professional dust mite cleaning services so they can perform mattress deep cleaning.  


Call DW Mattress Cleaning For Professional Dust Mite Cleaning

To thoroughly remove all the dust mites present on your mattress, it is advisable to contact DW Mattress Cleaning. DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore’s five stage cleaning process for mattress dust mite removal includes the following:

  1. Mattress Vacuuming to remove dirt, dust mites and other micro-particles
  2. Shampooing the mattress to remove any germs that cause odours and smell
  3. Mattress Stain Removal by scrubbing to break the stains 
  4. Mattress Steam Cleaning to kill harmful microbes and dust mites deep inside the mattress 
  5. Hot water deep extraction to remove any remaining dead skin, micro-particles, and excess water.

These mattress cleaning steps that all the dust mites are removed so that the mattress can be safely used.



One of the signs that you require professional mattress dust mite cleaning is if you experience asthmatic reactions and nasal complications. A mattress cleaning may also be necessary if your skin and eyes are irritated and you have rashes on your skin. You can also have it performed in case you have difficulty sleeping due to the symptoms mentioned previously. If you experience any of these signs, engage a professional mattress dust mite cleaning service like DW Mattress Cleaning.


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