4 Ways to Clean Your Fabric Sofa in Singapore

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Frequent usage of the sofa wears it out. For example, bacteria and mould can grow on the sofa due to spillages, dirt, and general wear and tear. Unfortunately, sofa vacuuming is not guaranteed to completely eliminate the stains and smell. Thus, it is best to engage professionals like DW Mattress Cleaning to get excellent sofa cleaning services. You should first understand the different sofa cleaning methods available. This will help you identify the one that best fits your needs.


Fabric Sofa Vacuuming


Sofa vacuuming removes any visible dirt from the sofa. This is a crucial step before doing any deep cleaning methods. Additionally, vacuums usually have various attachments that can be used for corners. Then, the cushions should be removed to reveal the dust and crumbs underneath. After this, you can proceed with the steps to remove stains on your fabric sofa


Hot Water Extraction

Hot water under strong pressure is given to loosen the deep-seated dirt and oil on the sofa. The excess moisture will then be extracted after a few hours along with the grime contained by the sofa. This process usually takes a few hours to finish. Do remember to dry your fabric sofa afterwards to effectively clean your sofa


Steam Cleaning


Sofa steam cleaning sanitizes surfaces by removing germs. The heat from the steam penetrates deeper into the cushions. This breaks down stubborn dirt particles and dissolves them. The dirty water is then extracted from the sofa, allowing for better elimination of odour causing bacteria and stains.


Chemical Cleaning 

Chemical cleaning is a method that uses detergent-based cleaning fluids. The chemicals work by penetrating the fabric surface to break down the dirt particles. This will make it easier for the cleaner to rinse the grimes away with water. One of the tips in the steps to remove stains on your fabric sofa is to use high-quality cleaning products. That is crucial when using this method to avoid damaging the material of your sofa. 


Fabric Sofa Shampoo Cleaning 

This method uses a low-moisture shampoo to remove dirt and odours from the sofa. A disinfectant is also applied to kill dust mites and other harmful microbes. This method requires less time to dry the sofa. You can also consider using baking soda as an effective tip to remove dust mites on your sofa.


Which Fabric Sofa Cleaning Method to Engage? 

The right cleaning method typically depends on the sofa’s material and condition. Manufacturers indicate the recommended cleaning method for their sofas. It is best to follow these instructions to avoid damaging the sofa. You may also consider the cost of the cleaning methods to see which suits your preference and budget. You may start by looking into the sofa cleaning price of DW Mattress Cleaning


Contact A Fabric Sofa Cleaning Professional Like DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore


Many people attempt to use a step-by-step guide to DIY sofa cleaning to save time and money. However, this may cause more harm than good without the right tools and knowledge about proper fabric sofa cleaning. Hiring professionals is highly recommended if you want a hassle-free experience. 



Vacuuming is not the only way to clean your sofa. With the right help, you can achieve the best fabric sofa cleaning results. Expertise is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a sofa cleaning service provider. At DW Mattress Cleaning, we make sure that our clients are informed about the process done with their couches. Contact us now to avail the best sofa cleaning service in Singapore. Our service guarantees to leave your sofa fresh and looking new. 

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